Someone captured footage of this electrical storm and it's, well... electric

This rare sight was captured on video over northwest Australia. Read more...More about Australia, Mashable Video, Lightning, Electricity, and Mashable Video

'The Crimes of Grindelwald' makes a major Harry Potter canon blunder

Critics everywhere have slammed the latest Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, as there's an absurd amount of confounding plot crammed into the 134-minute film. Yet, the film carries a problematic canonical oversight, too:

Netflex tweeted an answer to the question on every 'Dogs' fan's mind

Dogs is the smartest six-hour Netflix binge anyone can commit to. It's also, notably, a safe watch for all dog-lovers.If you, like anyone who has ever owned and/or loved a dog, saw the Dogs announcement and immediately wondered if any of the documentary's sweet good boys and girls die,

Hear the Star Wars music John Williams composed for Disney's theme park

What is Star Wars without the iconic theme music from John Williams?The legendary composer who's been so essential to the life of space fantasy series has added his name to yet another big project: Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park attraction.

California cities now have the worst air pollution on Earth as smoke blows into town

Oakland, a Northern California city with a population of over 425,000, had the worst air quality in the world Saturday morning.

Elon Musk celebrates The Boring Company's L.A. tunnel completion with a video

There's light at both ends of The Boring Company's first tunnel.Elon Musk celebrated his tunneling company's success on Friday night as a key phase in one of two ongoing Los Angeles projects came to an end. Just before 8:00 p.m. PT,

6 tech gifts for the filthy rich

Oh, hello! I didn't see you there, amongst my many possessions.You're looking for some guidance, you say, for this year's holiday season? Just a little, trinket? I see...Well, for the well-to-do lady or gentleman, nothing expresses love like a thoughtful gift. Cashmere, say.

Here’s how to better support people who are suicidal

I remember whispers, silence, and shame. When I was growing up in the 1960s and 70s, an older cousin violently ended his life. It was never openly discussed, leaving questions and grief surrounding his death to reverberate for years.Decades later,

Learn from Bobbi Brown how to let go of your success and start over

Read more...{"player":{"description":""The easiest thing to do as an entrepreneur is step away from the business you helped grow from the ground up," said no one ever.","image":"

The Most Popular Emoji on iOS

Read more...More about Ios, Emoji, Mashable Reels, Tech, and Iphone

Ford will roll out a new self-driving car design and strategy next year

Ford is changing the focus its self-driving car platform as early as next year. The company says it now plans to focus on features beyond just enabling a computer system to drive from point A to B.SEE ALSO:

After 687 Days on Mars, What's Next for Curiosity?

It takes Mars almost twice as long as Earth to rotate around the SunTuesday marks 687 days — one full Martian year — since NASA's Curiosity rover touched down on the Red Planet's surfacePlenty has happened over the 1.88 Earth years since the rover landed on Mars on Aug. 6, 2012. However,

NSA Says Snowden Emails Exempt From Public Disclosure

AHuxley (892839) writes "The Desk reports on a FOIA request covering "...all e-mails sent by Edward Snowden" and the NSA's refusal to release all documents.

JQuery实现动态表格 - 最重要的小事

功能实现:点击添加按钮,表格增加一行并给其name属性赋予的值,方便获取点击删除,自动删除这一行JQuery中定义一个count变量 1 var count = 1; 2 function add() { 3 var tbl =; 4 ...




我将为大家概括性地介绍5种流行移动应用中常见的界面设计模式以供大家在自己的项目中参考。这些设计模 […]

How to transfer your notes from an iPhone to a Windows PC free

We all use notes on our phones these days, but how can you transfer your notes from your iPhone to a Windows PC for free? Luckily there are two main ways, .Read more:

Nexus 9新批次已修复按键、漏光和背板问题

对于Nexus 9的用户来说,可能会遇到如下几个问题,比如按键键程、漏光、以及“黏糊糊”的后盖。如果运气够好,那你可能不会同时遇到这三件让你抓狂的事情,但是Google+上已经有不少倒霉的人在抱怨。

央视曝光中移动乱扣费 私自给用户开业务


扫地机器人到底好不好用?iRobot Roomba 880 小评测




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