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How to help victims of the Southern California wildfires

The fires consuming parts of Southern California have moved rapidly since breaking out a few days ago. The Thomas Fire, a blaze in Ventura County, has already claimed 90,000 acres. The fires have collectively led to the evacuation of more than 200,000 residents, according to news reports.

We tried avocado chocolate toast, the new 'it' food according to at least one pop star

Like any good millennial, there are a few things I enjoy: #catsofInstagram, '90s nostalgia, and the overwhelming sense of entitlement that comes with contributing to the demise of entire industries, like soap. But if there's a stereotypical millennial trait I identify with most,

'Truth isn't truth': Giuliani coins perfect phrase for the internet nightmare that is 2018

Another day, another Trump aide gaslighting the American public.The latest: Rudy Giuliani's declaration Sunday that "truth isn't truth," which is mind-numbingly WTF and yet somehow perfect for our post-"fake news" era.SEE ALSO:

No, you can't just text your last will and testament to someone, court rules

Dear friends and family: If you've ever gotten a drunken text from me about one day owning my prized possessions when I'm outta here, unfortunately, that's all null and void. According to a recent ruling from a French court,

'Crazy Rich Asians' absolutely dominated its first week at the box office

There's yet another reason to celebrate the historic release of Crazy Rich Asians. Not only is it the first studio film in over 25 years to star an all-Asian cast, but in the five days that Crazy Rich Asians has been in theaters,

Jack Dorsey says Twitter's 'left-leaning' bias doesn't affect content decisions

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is still trying to convince conservatives that his service treats them fairly.Speaking to CNN's Brian Stelter in an interview that aired Saturday,

August needs more holidays, so here are some ideas

It's the last slog of summer, and with each hot, sticky day we become more panicked.Some questions on our minds right now: Will we ever be comfortable again? What does not sweating feel like? Is there anything to look forward to before the autumnal equinox? The solution to our woes, of course,

Elon Musk enjoys world's gentlest softball interview with Marques Brownlee after total meltdown

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has the whole world on his shoulders, but you sure wouldn't know it watching a new interview with popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee.The 17-minute conversation, supposedly conducted on August 15 and published on Friday, is filled with hot air about traction control,

Instagram's favorite cat was hacked because we can't have nice things

Something terrible just went down on Instagram.Lil Bub, one of the app's most popular celebrity pets, was hacked. SEE ALSO: Instagram's most popular posts of 2017The account has since been restored to its rightful owner, Mike Bridavsky,

Someone captured footage of this electrical storm and it's, well... electric

This rare sight was captured on video over northwest Australia. Read more...More about Australia, Mashable Video, Lightning, Electricity, and Mashable Video

Learn from Bobbi Brown how to let go of your success and start over

Read more...{"player":{"description":""The easiest thing to do as an entrepreneur is step away from the business you helped grow from the ground up," said no one ever.","image":"

Espresso Logic发布“Live Browser”,提供即时HTML 5用户界面

Espresso Logic团队发布了其新产品“Live Browser”,它提供即时HTML 5用户界面,以主/子表(Master/Detail)方式浏览数据库。Live Browser向用户承诺无需任何编程,就可以浏览、交互和修改任何企业数据库。

布拉格开设新苹果店 东欧第一家苹果零售店

威锋网讯,据周一的一份报道称,苹果将会在本周晚些时候在捷克首都布拉格开设一家新的店中店,这家店具有重大的意义,因为这将是苹果在东欧的第一家零售店(非 Apple Store)。  

区别仅系统?WP/Android两版HTC One M8对比

近日,HTC发布Windows Phone版的HTC One M8,成为该平台为数不多的第三方厂商新机。HTC方面表示,推出Windows Phone版M8是出于市场丰富性的需求,那么与Android版本相比,两者是否有什么明显的区别呢?我们不妨来对比一下

如何在Windows中编译Linux Unix的代码(采用cygwin)? - 海中听音





飞利浦公司新推出了两款智能设备:PulseRelief 和 BlueTouch。两款设备由 iPhone 或 iPad 控制。能够帮助人们缓解肌肉疼痛。  PulseRelief(如上图),采用了经皮电刺激神经技术(简称 TENS),能直接传送电子 ... ...

Small Businesses Have A Free Credit Management Service With Creditera

The credit and information provider for small and medium-sized businesses, Creditera, has launched a new free membership service today at Money20/20 in Las Vegas.The company’ also announced its Series A financing, a $6.

Police protesters turn backs on NYPD, copying cops' message to mayor

As thousands gathered in New York Saturday to remember a New York Police Department officer who was murdered execution-style with his partner on Dec. 20, police brutality protesters continued to rally in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

JetBlue system outage leaves passengers grounded

JetBlue has a lot of angry customers Monday after a system-wide outage left travellers grounded in several airportsSee also: JetBlue wants to have a discussion about flight etiquetteResponding to frustrated passengers on Twitter at around 6am ET,

苹果推新品股市不"买账" 概念股起舞需销量验证


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