How to help victims of the Southern California wildfires

The fires consuming parts of Southern California have moved rapidly since breaking out a few days ago. The Thomas Fire, a blaze in Ventura County, has already claimed 90,000 acres. The fires have collectively led to the evacuation of more than 200,000 residents, according to news reports.

Amazon's top books of 2017 reflect the crazy-ass year we just lived through

Not even our reading habits were safe from 2017.On Tuesday, Amazon Charts, Amazon's book ranking team, released data highlighting the top books and reading trends of 2017 ...and, well, the results are truly reflective of the crazy-ass year we just lived through.SEE ALSO:

Tinder's new feature lets you stalk your match's Insta without leaving the app

Tinder is making it easier to subtly stalk your matches. The dating app is now testing a new "feed" feature that's meant to make it easier to strike up a conversation with a match.SEE ALSO: Reading 11 of 2017's funniest Tinder interactions probably won't get you laid, but what else are you doing?

Why everyone suddenly got religion about electric cars

This year, the automotive world had a collective come-to-God moment around electric vehicles. Major auto players from all corners of the industry announced their plans to replace internal combustion engines with all-electric and hybrid systems,

Video surfaces of Roy Moore being interviewed by 12-year-old girl ahead of Alabama election

It's the day of the Alabama senate election and a video has just emerged showing Republican candidate Roy Moore sitting down with 12-year-old Millie March for a campaign interview. SEE ALSO:

The war for wearables is over, and Apple won

The Apple Watch conquered all comers and became the most important wearable in the world in 2017.  SEE ALSO: AirPods will be even more ubiquitous in 2018, says reportThe iPhone maker flexed its muscles to take over the young wearable space in a relatively short period.

Facebook killed the Ticker and that's a bad sign for News Feed

When it comes to your News Feed, Facebook knows best. That's the message the social network has been broadcasting pretty much since it introduced the first version of its News Feed algorithm in 2011.SEE ALSO: This was the year we turned on social mediaSix years later,

Disney put out an image of 'Incredibles 2' because they know how darn needy we are

After the long awaited return of the Incredibles, Disney knows they have fans pretty much on tenterhooks.SEE ALSO: 'The Incredibles 2' trailer focuses on Jack-Jack,

Instagram's favorite cat was hacked because we can't have nice things

Something terrible just went down on Instagram.Lil Bub, one of the app's most popular celebrity pets, was hacked. SEE ALSO: Instagram's most popular posts of 2017The account has since been restored to its rightful owner, Mike Bridavsky,

Someone captured footage of this electrical storm and it's, well... electric

This rare sight was captured on video over northwest Australia. Read more...More about Australia, Mashable Video, Lightning, Electricity, and Mashable Video

Learn from Bobbi Brown how to let go of your success and start over

Read more...{"player":{"description":""The easiest thing to do as an entrepreneur is step away from the business you helped grow from the ground up," said no one ever.","image":"

The Next L.A. TV Series, "Bosch," Will Be an Amazon Original

A new television series set in Los Angeles just got the green light—but don't look for it on NBC, AMC, or even HBO. No, Bosch—an hourlong drama about a Los Angeles homicide detective—will stream to TV sets, laptops, and mobile devices via Amazon Prime. Read more...    


稍微一发懒,脏衣服就堆积如山。如果到了这个时候还不愿洗,怎么办?Brandon Washington 发明了这个毫无节操的“椅子”。  说是椅子,其实 Brandon Washington 就是在洗衣篮上捆了个椅背。

蓝色版HTC One mini 2泄露 或为Verzion定制

HTC已经正式公布了HTC One mini 2,但网上有关HTC One mini 2型号的消息还是源源不断,其中就包括HTC One Remix。HTC One Remix可能是Verizon版HTC One mini 2。从泄露的图片可以看出,HTC One Remix外壳为蓝色,外面带有保护套。

略显霸气: iPhone 6 Air和iRing的概念设计

iPhone 6 概念设计我们看过不少,但是下面我们即将介绍的这个概念相信你还很少接触到。在这款概念设计中,设计师将苹果新一代 iPhone 产品命名为——iPhone 6 Air, 配备 5 英寸屏幕,机身后壳有多种颜色版本可选。


社交已经没机会了?但在创业者眼里,可能不是这样的。在上周五的天使湾创投2014年秋季Demo Day活动上,26个创业团队中就有7个将眼光着眼在了“社交”,这或许表明了越来越细化的社交领域依然存在机会。

Korea’s Daum Kakao Prepares To Launch Kakao Taxi As Uber Faces Legal Woes

Like other Asian messaging apps, South Korea’s KakaoTalk is intent on moving beyond being a communications tool to offering a wide selection of services. Today, Daum Kakao, the app’s maker, took the first step in launching a car-calling app called Kakao Taxi by inviting taxi drivers to apply.

莫霍克工业公司宣布收购IVC Group

乔治亚州卡尔霍恩2015年1月15日电 /美通社/ -- 莫霍克工业公司(Mohawk Industries, Inc.)(NYSE: MHK)今天宣布,该公司达成收购 IVC Group 的最终协议,这将巩固其作为全球领先的地面材料制造商的地位。

域名注册公司 GoDaddy 上市首日股价大涨近 31%

域名注册公司 GoDaddy 上市首日股价表现极为强劲。该公司昨天将 IPO(首次公开招股)发行价定为每股 20 美元 ,计划发行 2300 万股股票,融资 4.6 亿美元。今天,GoDaddy 正式登陆纽约证券交易所,股票代码为“GDDY”,开盘价 26.

索尼进军无人机行业 明年推商业服务




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