Sony has sold over 70 million PS4 consoles, 2 million VR headsets

Sony released some new stats today detailing the progression of sales for its PS4 console and PS VR headset systems. The numbers that matter: 70.6M PS4 consoles, 617.8M PS4 titles, 2M PS VR headsets, 12.2M PS VR titles. Things appear to moving along rather well in console land,

With just one day left in open enrollment, companies turn to Stride Health for help

The compressed timelines of this year’s open enrollment period for government-mandated healthcare have left some companies in the lurch, and as the final hours to enroll tick by, they’ve turned to the startup company Stride Health for help.

Ex-Zynga execs raise $15 million for their new gaming studio, Manticore Games

In the eight years since Frederic Descamps and Jordan Maynard launched their last gaming startup, the industry they helped shape now brings in more than $100 billion in revenues globally. There’s been a resurgence in gaming on PCs.

What telecoms and tech companies are saying about the FCC’s net neutrality decision

The FCC just voted to eliminate the net neutrality rules established by 2015’s Open Internet Order. The blowback has been predictably sudden from many prominent internet companies that are decrying the commission’s decision. Just as pronounced, however,

Apple launches its podcast analytics service into beta

At WWDC this year, Apple announced it would soon offer its own podcast analytics service for show creators who publish on iTunes. Today, that service has launched into beta, offering podcasters the ability to track unique devices and playback metrics for their podcasts,

Y Combinator is zeroing in on bigger, breakaway companies with a new growth-stage program

Y Combinator famously funds a lot of companies, but there’s always more it could be doing, said its president, Sam Altman, in an interview with TechCrunch this fall.

Shervin Pishevar resigns from Sherpa Capital

Hyperloop One co-founder and early Uber investor Shervin Pishevar has announced his resignation from Sherpa Capital, the venture capital firm he co-founded, following sexual misconduct allegations.“I have decided on my own accord to end my association with Sherpa Capital, effective immediately,

A timeline of the FCC’s quest to destroy net neutrality

The FCC voted today to roll back the strong net neutrality rules established under the Obama administration in 2015.

Facebook adds support for live streaming and video chats to Messenger games

Last November, Facebook launched Instant Games, a new platform for gaming with friends inside the Messenger chat app. Today, the company is announcing a couple of notable new features for this gaming platform,

San Francisco made things much tougher for robotic delivery startups this week

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors made it a lot tougher to test delivery robots this week. In a five to one vote, the committee handed down some strict regulations on on the cargo bots, which have been piloted on city sidewalks over the past several months. Supervisor Norman Yee,

The price of Bitcoin has doubled in two weeks, now above $16k

Bitcoin prices are hockey-sticking on a hockey stick. The cryptocurrency’s gains Thursday morning hit new heights striking well above $18k across widely varying exchanges, coming to rest above $16,000 while the popular Coinbase exchange had been suffering major issues due to “record high traffic.

WhatsApp: 2nd Biggest Tech Acquisition of All Time

Nerval's Lobster writes "Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to drop a cool $16 billion on WhatsApp, a messaging service with 450 million users. It was a mind-boggling sum, even if you buy into Facebook's argument that WhatsApp (which will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary,

java中常用的数据加密算法 - 树琦


How to watch Andy Murray vs Kevin Anderson live on TV and online

Want to watch today’s big match? We’ll show you where to head online, and indeed what channel and time you want for the TV, too.Read more:

CentOS Linux发布滚动构建版




美加州罪犯学习编程 出狱后变身程序员

美国加州圣昆廷监狱的一名男囚肯雅塔•利尔(Kenyatta Leal),参与了The Last Mile公益计划,在狱中学习了计算机编程课程,并于假释出狱后变身程序员。


现在,可穿戴市场还没有完全起飞,很多制造商都希望可以用各种各样的可穿戴设备赢得消费者和市场。但是市场分析公司Argus Insights的研究表明,今年消费者已经对可穿戴设备越来越冷漠。

British mum says don't knock unless you're Gary Barlow

LONDON — The house is quiet and the kids are asleep; you finally have some downtime. But how do you make sure it stays that way? Why not take some tips from this British mum, who definitely has the right idea? See also:


近年来,“核战”硝烟一直弥漫在整个手机行业。从单核到双核到四核再到八核,今年甚至出现了十核,各大厂商在核的数量上“你追我赶”的画面让人“看呆”了。        不过,对于这样的竞争,高通现在很不满。

PW Power Systems宣布MOBILEPAC在撒哈拉以南非洲地区投入商业运营

PW Power Systems宣布MOBILEPAC在撒哈拉以南非洲地区成功投入商业运营 MOBILEPAC®燃气涡轮发电机在非洲成功投入运营 康涅狄格州格拉斯顿伯里2015年11月11日电 /美通社/ -- 三菱重工(Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,

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