Gun sales spiked after Sandy Hook. So did people being shot and killed.

Gun sales in the United States spiked dramatically after a shooter walked into Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 and killed 26 people, 20 of whom were children. Now researchers say that as a result of that rush in gun purchases,

Piers Morgan gets dragged for going after men holding babies

Ugh. I regret to inform you that Piers Morgan is at it again. The TV personality, known for his terrible hot takes, blatant misogyny, and strange obsession with Donald Trump took to Twitter to rail against ...good fathers? SEE ALSO:

Trump-themed dating app leaks users' personal data

It just got a little harder for all the Trump-loving singles out there to find romance. It turns out that Donald Daters, a dating app targeted at those whose attempts at love have been stymied by their support for Donald Trump, has been leaking all kinds of user data.

Tributes pour in for late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's death has prompted heartfelt tributes from tech luminaries, but he's also been lauded for his work in sports and philanthropy.Allen passed away on Monday, his family confirmed, after complications from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.SEE ALSO:

The 'Same Energy' meme oddly makes perfect sense

You know when you see two vastly different photos that just ...give off the same energy?It's been a year for describing things by their vibes, from BDE to horse girl energy. The latest: comparing images that inexplicably give off the same energy. SEE ALSO:

Jeff Bezos is totally cool with governments investigating Amazon

The world's richest man is spending a billion dollars a year helping to launch the human race into space. Next to that goal, the threat of a government antitrust investigation into his trillion-dollar company is no big deal. 

Facebook cracks down on voter suppression ahead of U.S. midterm elections

Facebook is expanding its fight against fake news and tackling the most direct way it affects elections: voter suppression.In a post titled "Expanding Our Policies on Voter Suppression,

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died from cancer

Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, passed away Monday. He was 65.His death was confirmed by a statement from his company, Vulcan Inc, reports CNBC, and was the result of complications stemming from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.SEE ALSO:

How to help victims of the Southern California wildfires

The fires consuming parts of Southern California have moved rapidly since breaking out a few days ago. The Thomas Fire, a blaze in Ventura County, has already claimed 90,000 acres. The fires have collectively led to the evacuation of more than 200,000 residents, according to news reports.

Instagram's favorite cat was hacked because we can't have nice things

Something terrible just went down on Instagram.Lil Bub, one of the app's most popular celebrity pets, was hacked. SEE ALSO: Instagram's most popular posts of 2017The account has since been restored to its rightful owner, Mike Bridavsky,

Someone captured footage of this electrical storm and it's, well... electric

This rare sight was captured on video over northwest Australia. Read more...More about Australia, Mashable Video, Lightning, Electricity, and Mashable Video

A Whole Year of Taxi Rides in New York City Mapped

New York's fleet of iconic yellow taxis are still the city's reliable, non-surge priced transportation backbone. Its 13,500 medallion taxis make 170 million trips a year, every single one of them mapped in this beautiful new visualization from the folks at the MIT Senseable City Lab.

苹果高管现身NBA季后赛赛场 变身疯狂球迷

威锋网讯 5 月 2 日消息,NBA(美国篮球职业联赛)的季后赛仍然在进行之中。

MOOC 的应用领域有哪些?对于高校、普通互联网用户、企业来说,分别意味着什么,有什么帮助?


Want a peasant-free social network? This one costs just $9,000 to join

Social media users looking to join a more exclusive website may want to try Netropolitan, described as “an environment where you could talk about the finer things in life without backlash.”Read more:








上海2015年3月10日电 /美通社/ -- 今年的3月3日,包括美国联邦政府突袭扫荡了南加州27家华人月子中心,打击了一大片希望通过这一政策漏洞“捡”美国绿卡的中国家庭。


亮灯仪式上出现“光之动物园” 印尼西帝汶2015年5月19日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年2月底,印尼西帝汶的Sone村举行了一项太阳能灯捐赠和亮灯仪式,该活动是“排除黑暗”(Cut Out the Darkness)项目的一部分。

WHO Declares Africa Free Of 'Wild' Cases Of Polio 

Chalk up a major win for global health: according to the World Health Organization, Africa has been free of wild cases of Polio since July. This comes down to a dedicated vaccination campaign that has advanced the continent towards zero cases. Read more...

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