Salesforce is latest big tech vendor to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Salesforce announced today that it was joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), the open source organization that manages Kubernetes, the popular open source container orchestration tool. It is the latest in a long line of big name companies, joining the likes of AWS, Oracle,

Late-blooming startups can still thrive

Joanna Glasner Contributor More posts by this contributor Corporate bio VCs are backing more rounds and making bigger bets Front-door tech is hot, and it’s not just Amazon who wants in It seems like startup news is full of overnight success stories and sudden failures,

Trump campaign-linked data firm Cambirdge Analytica reportedly collected info on 50M Facebook profil

Facebook said on Thursday it had suspended a data analytics firm associated with the Trump campaign, but may have indeed greatly downplayed the scale of the data that firm actually had access to, according to a new report in The New York Times.

Aerones makes really big drones for cleaning turbines and saving lives

Enthusiasts will talk your ear off about the potential for drones to take over many of our dirtiest, dullest and most dangerous tasks. But most of the jobs we’ve actually seen drones perform are focused on the camera — from wildlife surveying to monitoring cracks on power plant smokestack.

Tinder owner Match is suing Bumble over patents

Drama is heating up between the dating apps. Tinder, which is owned by Match Group, is suing rival Bumble, alleging patent infringement and misuse of intellectual property. The suit alleges that Bumble “copied Tinder’s world-changing, card-swipe-based, mutual opt-in premise.

Facebook suspends Cambridge Analytica, the data analysis firm that worked for the Trump campaign

Facebook announced late Friday that it had suspended the account of Strategic Communication Laboratories, and its political data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica — which used Facebook data to target voters for President Donald Trump’s campaign in the 2016 election.

VR startup Upload shuts down its offices as funding from Oculus founder runs out

Upload, the VR startup which was rocked by a sexual harassment suit exactly one year ago, is shutting down both its San Francisco office and its 20,000 sq. foot Los Angeles co-working space as it struggles to secure new funding, multiple sources tell TechCrunch.

Qualcomm’s former exec chair will exit after exploring an acquisition bid

There’s a new twist in the BroadQualm saga this afternoon as Qualcomm has said it won’t renominate Paul Jacobs, the former executive chairman of the company, after he notified the board that he decided to explore the possibility of making a proposal to acquire Qualcomm.

Sony has sold over 70 million PS4 consoles, 2 million VR headsets

Sony released some new stats today detailing the progression of sales for its PS4 console and PS VR headset systems. The numbers that matter: 70.6M PS4 consoles, 617.8M PS4 titles, 2M PS VR headsets, 12.2M PS VR titles. Things appear to moving along rather well in console land,

Facebook adds support for live streaming and video chats to Messenger games

Last November, Facebook launched Instant Games, a new platform for gaming with friends inside the Messenger chat app. Today, the company is announcing a couple of notable new features for this gaming platform,

San Francisco made things much tougher for robotic delivery startups this week

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors made it a lot tougher to test delivery robots this week. In a five to one vote, the committee handed down some strict regulations on on the cargo bots, which have been piloted on city sidewalks over the past several months. Supervisor Norman Yee,

索尼Xperia Z2上手 防水机身支持4K视频拍摄

正如此前传闻般,索尼在本届MWC世界通信展上发布了Xperia Z1的后续机型,只不过,命名方式并非分支,而是正统续作“Xperia Z2”。

Motorola is set to reveal the Moto X +1 soon

The follow-up to the Moto X should be revealed very soon, as an official placeholder page has gone up on the Moto Maker website.Read more:

超低价Moto E开箱:配件只有一条USB线

摩托罗拉已经发布一款低价手机 Moto E,售价 6999 印度卢比,约合人民币 730 元左右。今天外媒给我们带来 Moto E 开箱视频,有意购买的同学不妨看一看。  

Iran Court Summons Mark Zuckerberg For Facebook Privacy Violations

wiredmikey (1824622) writes "An Iranian judge has summoned Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to answer allegations that his company's apps have breached people's privacy, it was reported Tuesday.

Nextdoor CEO Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail for Hit-And-Run

Nextdoor CEO Nirav Tolia plead down a felony hit-and-run charge to a misdemeanor yesterday in court, receiving an immediate sentence of 30 days in county jail.Read more...


从去年 5 月份发布首款超级电视 X60,到今年下半年陆陆续续推出的 S50 Air、S40 Air,以及 X60s,乐视超级电视的概念运作了足足有一年多的时间。

男子国庆步行回家 走了500多公里高速发现走反了

因为没钱,本想沿着高速从广西徒步回贵州,走了半个月,快到湖南与江西的省际卡口时,才知道方向走反了。10 月 4 日,湖南高速交警醴潭大队民警发现这名徒步高速公路的男子,并委托救助站送其回乡。  10 月 4 ... ...

[Bag Week2014] Daame笔记本电脑手提包


重启MSN整合Bing应用,停用诺基亚和Windows Phone,没有了张亚勤的微软真的慌了吗? . ...

【IT时代周刊锐评】没有张亚勤的微软是会变成笑话还是会继续神话。相信这是近期所有人心里面所想的最实际的一个问题。面对外界的各种怀疑猜测,此时的微软似乎显得有点慌。首先 ,传出微软考虑重启MSN品牌整合Bin ... ...

Eggs Shaped Like Golf Balls Mean It's Finally OK To Play With Your Food

Playing with your food is a real no-no when you're a kid. But once you're old enough to head off to college, it suddenly becomes OK—at least if Animal House taught us anything. And OK or not,

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