Can’t install the latest Windows 10 Insider build? You’ll just have to wait for the next one

Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc says that users who already have the latest builds installed shouldn't encounter any issues, but people who haven't upgraded yet may just have to wait until the next build rolls around.

How to roll your Windows 10 Mobile phone back to Windows 8.1

In a few hours, Microsoft is set to release a new Windows 10 Mobile build, 10572. There’s only one problem, and just like the last Windows 10 Mobile build, you can’t go from a...The post How to roll your Windows 10 Mobile phone back to Windows 8.1 appeared first on WinBeta.

New radial interface for typing text using a game controller or gestures appears in new Microsoft pa

Microsoft is apparently working on a new a radial interface that would let consumers easily type characters on the Xbox One or Windows Mixed Reality using gamepad thumbsticks or various gestures.

Bing works to improve web crawler efficiency

The Microsoft's Bing team just announced that it's working on making its web crawler more efficient

Microsoft teams up with Taco Bell to offer limited-edition Xbox One X consoles

Taco Bell has partnered with Microsoft to create a special limited-edition platinum Xbox One X consoles with the fast food joint’s iconic bell noise upon the console's boot.

How-To: All about Bluetooth on Windows 10

With the performance and availability of wireless peripherals continuing to grow, Bluetooth is becoming an increasingly common feature on Windows PCs. Whereas it was once limited to a handful of laptops, Bluetooth’s now a common sight on all Windows tablets and convertibles,

The latest Chrome update leverages its PWA platform on Windows 10

The latest Chrome upgrade comes with the rare collaborative support between Google's browser and Microsoft's Windows 10 that allows the browser to install PWA's as regular applications on Windows 10.

GitHub introduces Actions, a new way to automate software development

Perhaps, in preperation of its long term Microsoft stewardship, GitHub just announced GitHub Actions, which should help developers improve their project efficency.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update Build 17763.104 is now available for Slow and Release Preview Insider

This new cumulative updates fixes several issues related to Task Manager, Microsoft Edge and Connected Standby, and it also adresses adresses compatibility problems with drivers, third-party antivirus and virtualization software.

Square Enix confirms new Tomb Raider game, cryptically hints at title and release date

According to a tweet from Square Enix, we now know for sure that another game will be arriving for the franchise soon. Maybe sooner than you think.

PUBG on Xbox One is getting the first-party treatment with help from Gears of War 4 developers

We'll have to wait and see how good the port actually is when it launches on Xbox next week, but it's safe to set your expectations a few notches higher now.

‘Always Connected PC’ features slated for the next Windows 10 Update

Microsoft is looking to address the Sleep/Wake and Standby features of Windows 10 to help OEMs truly present an always-connected device.



The Foundry Will Soon be a Makerspace in Bellingham, Washington (Video)

The Foundry has people, tools, machines, and a place to operate. The only thing it lacks is insurance, and insurance is a problem because Chief Creative person Mary Keane's vision for The Foundry includes children instead of limiting membership and machine use to people over 18.


正常来说,机场的上空及附近都是禁止非授权的飞行器飞入,不过 Postandfly...

數碼港女週記:山區兒童 @ 數碼港

聞說 Unwire 的同事經常出入數碼港,同好多科技達人做專訪,他們很好奇為什麼會有人山長水遠去數碼港返工,不是 IT 出身,不做技術性工作,更不因大公司薪高糧準福利好 … 哈哈,所以就揾我講下究竟數碼港有咩好野同趣事。

Flickr 为利用创用 CC 影像牟利一事道歉,即日暂停使用并退回所有款项

失去的信任必须用更多努力来获得原谅。Flickr 为前阵子因为利用自有服务使用者的创用 CC 图片牟利,而遭到这个摄影社交的大幅反弹,而现在,官方终究还是跳出来以道歉收场了。


去年的微信红包的火热,以至于今年支付宝,新浪微博乃至陌陌也加入了红包大战。巨头们红包大战,更深一层的缘由是什么 […]

House Republicans Threaten To Curb The FCC’s “Ability To Regulate The Internet”

Following a landmark vote to put in place strict net neutrality regulations, a group of 21 Republican House members sent a nastygram to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, upbraiding him from policy to procedure, and threatening more than just words. The GOP coterie, after repeating prior complaints,


微信的目标并不仅在于赢得红包大战,而在于连接更多行业和用户。  2月26日,在羊年春晚中,微信红包成为了节目重要的一环。


11月16-17日,DockerCon Europe 2015在西班牙的巴塞罗那召开。在该会议中,Docker公司宣布了其对Docker平台中容器安全方面的三大改进——支持利用YubiKey进行硬件签名、对Docker Hub中的镜像开始进行安全扫描和支持用户名字空间。

AT&T GoPhone drops Lumia 640 price to $20

The Lumia 640 is a nice entry-level phone from Microsoft. The phone offers 1GB of RAM, a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 8GB of internal memory with SD Card expansion, 720P HD display and a...The post AT&T GoPhone drops Lumia 640 price to $20 appeared first on WinBeta.

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