Can’t install the latest Windows 10 Insider build? You’ll just have to wait for the next one

Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc says that users who already have the latest builds installed shouldn't encounter any issues, but people who haven't upgraded yet may just have to wait until the next build rolls around.

How to roll your Windows 10 Mobile phone back to Windows 8.1

In a few hours, Microsoft is set to release a new Windows 10 Mobile build, 10572. There’s only one problem, and just like the last Windows 10 Mobile build, you can’t go from a...The post How to roll your Windows 10 Mobile phone back to Windows 8.1 appeared first on WinBeta.

The new Skype Interviews Scheduler aims to help recruiters simplify the interview process

Scheduling job interviews with multiple interviewers and candidates is a complicated and time-consuming task for any recruiter and the Skype Interviews Scheduler helps reduce the number of steps required to send an invite.

How to become a Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves: progression details released

Xbox Wire released details on how to level up to become a Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves on Xbox One. The Sea of Thieves team answered questions from the community in a livestream on Mixer. In the Mixer livestream, there were helpful hints in what players need to do to be a legendary pirate […]

Does Fluent Design Matter?

he Windows team is looking to inject some refinement in the way content and information are displayed in the latest OS offering by iterating on its controversial Modern Design with its 2.0 version labeled Fluent Design.

Big Windows Insider Update with Timeline delayed again

Dona Sarkar has just revealed there won't be any new flights this week because Microsoft wants to ensure the best possible experience for all Windows Insiders.

Rebuilt Mixer app is now rolling out on iOS and Android

Mixer, Microsoft’s interactive live streaming platform for gamers is now rolling out new iOS and Android apps that have been rebuilt from scratch.

Xbox One X makes top 5 on Google’s 2017 consumer tech search list

Google has released their annual Year in Search data, and Microsoft received a solid 5th place spot in the categorical Consumer Tech listing

Star Wars Battlefront II gets Last Jedi update on Xbox One

The update is perfectly timed as fans will be undoubtedly watching the latest Start Wars movie

Square Enix confirms new Tomb Raider game, cryptically hints at title and release date

According to a tweet from Square Enix, we now know for sure that another game will be arriving for the franchise soon. Maybe sooner than you think.

PUBG on Xbox One is getting the first-party treatment with help from Gears of War 4 developers

We'll have to wait and see how good the port actually is when it launches on Xbox next week, but it's safe to set your expectations a few notches higher now.

‘Always Connected PC’ features slated for the next Windows 10 Update

Microsoft is looking to address the Sleep/Wake and Standby features of Windows 10 to help OEMs truly present an always-connected device.

Xbox One版《Project Spark》或将于下周开跑Beta

继Windows 8.1版《火花计划(Project Spark)》于去年年末开启针对普通玩家的封闭Beta测 […]

【OSTC讲师专访】Thomas Yao:开源社区最缺有能力的领导者

CSDN“开源技术大会•2014”(OSTC•2014)将于2014年3月30日在北京丽亭华苑酒店召开。我们将陆续发布参会讲师的系列采访,谈谈他们将在本次活动分享的内容。本期采访的是来自SHLUG的Thomas Yao。

徠卡與 Valbray 推出百年紀念錶,錶面具模仿光圈閉合機構

徠卡在慶祝百年除了推出全新的 T-System 之外,也與瑞士錶廠 Valbray 推出一款限量錶 EL1 ,全球共推出銀色與黑色兩色各 50 隻、總量 100 隻。



见招拆招:绕过WAF继续SQL注入常用方法 - Mik3y_6

这篇文章之前的名字叫做:WAF bypass for SQL injection #理论篇,我于6月17日投稿了Freebuf。链接:点击这里现博客恢复,特发此处。 Web Hacker总是生存在与WAF的不断抗争之中的,厂商不断过滤,Hacker不断绕过。


苹果公司 iPhone 6 有望在 9 月 9 日发布,而 comScore 最近的一项调查显示,在美国有 2500 多万人在翘首期待这款新产品。






虽然Barns & Noble昨日发布的去年年底销售数据显示,2014年假日销售成绩比2013年同期成长1.7%,但是,Nook电子阅读器销售业绩却比去年同期下降了55.


OTOY 团队不久前公开了一段视频,展示了自家引擎 Brigade 的逆天表现。这就是次世代的游戏画质吗?期待值爆表!很多人可能没听过 Brigade 这个名字,毕竟它不如虚幻、寒霜那么响亮。

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