Can’t install the latest Windows 10 Insider build? You’ll just have to wait for the next one

Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc says that users who already have the latest builds installed shouldn't encounter any issues, but people who haven't upgraded yet may just have to wait until the next build rolls around.

How to roll your Windows 10 Mobile phone back to Windows 8.1

In a few hours, Microsoft is set to release a new Windows 10 Mobile build, 10572. There’s only one problem, and just like the last Windows 10 Mobile build, you can’t go from a...The post How to roll your Windows 10 Mobile phone back to Windows 8.1 appeared first on WinBeta.

Deal: Get an Xbox One X for just £399.99 in the UK

Grab the Xbox One X for just £399.99 at Zavvi in the UK.

Microsoft announces opening Windows 10 Mail app links in Egde despite default browser, Internet loos

The Windows team floated their new strategy of opening links found in emails using the built-in Windows 10 Mail app, using Microsoft's Edge browser despite whatever selection users have as their default browser.

Windows 10 RS4 build 17120 quickly jumps to the Slow Ring

Windows Insider lead Dona Sarkar took to her favorite announcement platform, Twitter to let Slow Ring Insiders know they grab and install build 17120 for their PCs.

Windows 10 RS5 build 17623 now available for Skip Ahead Insiders, here’s what’s new

Microsoft is rolling out today a new Redstone 5 build to Skip Ahead Insiders, with a couple of new features in tow.

Here’s what’s fixed, improved & outstanding for Windows 10 RS4 build 17123

The previous build for Fast Ring testers was declared to have had no known issues

Windows 10 Insider preivew 17123 for Fast Ring PCs brings HEIF to desktops as part of ‘What’s New’

As far Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring are concerned, they can look forward to a new high-efficiency image file forma

Get free Sea of Thieves copy with new Xbox One X purchase during limited-time promotion

To celebrate the upcoming release of Sea of Thieves on the Xbox One next week, Microsoft will be offering a free digital copy of game with new Xbox One X purchases.

Square Enix confirms new Tomb Raider game, cryptically hints at title and release date

According to a tweet from Square Enix, we now know for sure that another game will be arriving for the franchise soon. Maybe sooner than you think.

PUBG on Xbox One is getting the first-party treatment with help from Gears of War 4 developers

We'll have to wait and see how good the port actually is when it launches on Xbox next week, but it's safe to set your expectations a few notches higher now.

‘Always Connected PC’ features slated for the next Windows 10 Update

Microsoft is looking to address the Sleep/Wake and Standby features of Windows 10 to help OEMs truly present an always-connected device.


于2011年1月被Skype以1.5亿美金收购的视频流传输服务Qik将于今年4月30日关闭,届时Qik将从App Store下架,用户会发现Qik将停止服务,所有上传的视频将失效,Qik建议用户将视频提前下载或者转移至微软One Drive帐户中。

Twitter Introduces Mobile App Install Ads And Integrated Ad-Buying With MoPub

It looks like Twitter is hoping to earn more ad dollars from mobile app publishers and developers. The company is announcing several new features today that Vice President of Revenue Kevin Weil described as adding up to “an easy and scalable way to drive app installs and app engagement,

199IT数据直播:2014 WWDC 苹果开发者大会直播

#WWDC 2014#Mavericks已经售出超过4000千万份拷贝,是目前卖得最快的单一操作系统,市场份额超51%。作为对比,Windows 8只有14%的份额。

微信朋友圈十大谣言 你信了几个?

微信在给我们带来便利的同时,也鱼龙混杂。下面,就为大家盘点一下2014年上半年微信圈出现的十大谣言。   一、微信圈里点赞扣费   事实真相:这已经被腾讯公司澄清。

年尾發售!Samsung Galaxy A 系列三款新機售價曝光

早前有消息指 Samsung 將會推出一系列採用金屬邊框的 Galaxy A 系列新手機,型號分別為 Galaxy A7、A5 及 A3 的規格資料亦已陸續曝光。今日有報導指這三款新機將會於今年第三季推出,而它們的售價亦已全數公開。



Avoid Overcooked Meat with This Wireless Thermometer, and More Deals

Whether you're cooking on the grill or in the oven, this wireless meat thermometer will alert you as soon as your meal reaches the desired temperature. It's Amazon's #1 selling meat thermometer, and enjoys a 4.1 star review average to boot.Read more...



Android系统如何录制屏幕(录制成mp4格式) - 银河使者

不管是教学,还是为了演示,如果能将Android手机(或平板)的屏幕录制成视频文件,那是一件非常酷的事(iOS8已经提供了这一功能,能通过OS X直接在Mac上录制iPad、iPhone的屏幕,windows没试过,不知可不可以)。


我们最近一次看到杭州苹果零售店的现状,已经是将近 4 个月之前了,当时苹果零售店仍然围着一大片建筑屏障,因此无法确定其内部的建设进度。

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