Ridiculous Star Wars holiday decor will make your house the best on the block

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.Star Wars fans don't get days off, not even for the holidays. While the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special was a bust, Star Wars and holidays still go together,

That interstellar asteroid probably isn't aliens, but the hunt continues

Well, it should come as no surprise, but the interstellar asteroid astronomers discovered in October doesn't appear to be a piece of alien technology. According to initial observations made by a radio telescope on Wednesday, the asteroid, named ‘Oumuamua,

Net Neutrality is dead and your privacy is at risk. Here are 5 VPNs that can help.

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.The FCC has spoken and it's official: Net Neutrality is dead.Mashable's been closely covering this story — you can read everything here — but we'll give you the TL;DR version.

This state senator wants to revive net neutrality in California

The Federal Communications Commission repealed net neutrality in Washington, D.C.,on Thursday, which prohibited powerful telecoms from charging more for faster internet access. But 3,000 miles away, in California,

The HyperCharger PRO can handle three devices at once

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.These days, you wouldn't want to be caught dead on a long flight without a portable charger — yet, you still likely forget to purchase and pack one, time after time. And there you are,

Caught between Mac and Windows? This crossover program could help.

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.As Mick Jagger once moaned into a microphone, you can't always get what you want — and computers are no exception.Windows-powered computers are still some of the most popular models money can buy.

What's next for 'The Simpsons' after years of mocking their new owner Disney?

As I'm sure you heard, Disney bought 20th Century Fox for $52 billion today. And I'm sure your first thought was, what does this mean for The Simpsons?While we don't know exactly, we will gladly speculate while ruminating on the fact that, for 28 years,

Give Omarosa credit for this: she made General Kelly's life hell

The reign of Omarosa Manigault Newman is officially over, and everyone has the same question: What the hell did she do every day?On Wednesday, former White House Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison Omarosa Manigault officially "resigned" — or was fired,

Gift Colorfully: 10 holiday gifts everyone on your list will appreciate

Paid Content | eBayThis year, let’s bring back what makes gift-giving special. Head to eBay for gifts that are perfect for everyone on your list, and enjoy a stress-free holiday season.

Bitcoin and the millennials may have created a perfect storm

When you take a cool photo and share it online, do you care if it disappears tomorrow?If you don't, I'd say there's a good chance you're younger then 30. I know this because Snapchat, the popular photo-sharing app which (typically) makes your photos disappear after a while,

This $400 weed wreath will light up your holiday

Wreaths aren't exactly the most exciting thing about the holidays — unless they come loaded with weed, dude.Cannabis company Henry's Original has unveiled a limited-edition handcrafted holiday wreath, which you'll probably want to hang on the inside of your door instead of the outside,

Microsoft rolls out new OneDrive apps for Windows Phone, Windows 8.1, Mac, iOS, and Android

Microsoft relaunched its cloud-storage service SkyDrive as OneDrive today. As part of the rebranding, the software giant updated its apps available across various platforms.

索尼PS4的CPU主频曝光 略低于Xbox One

感谢99单机游戏的投递我们知道,索尼的PS4和微软的Xbox One均采用了AMD生产的X86架构8核Jaguar CPU,不过有关PS4的CPU主频参数具体如何一直都是一个谜。幸运的是,索尼英国日前正式曝光了PS4的CPU主频——1.



Google 知识图谱支持显示搜索内容周边的信息


75% of Brands' Facebook Posts Are Photos, Study Says

Ever since Facebook officially launched Timeline for businesses in 2012, brand marketers have found increasing success at engaging their audiences on the social network.But what do brands actually post? According to a new study from Socialbakers,

Tornado Chaser's True Story: 'I Messed Up Big'

A Mississippi tornado chaser met his match on Monday when a massive twister barreled directly over his car — while he was strapped insideLuckily, he survived the tornado that swept through Tupelo, MissEven better, he filmed the whole thing.See also:

苹果 iMessage 漏洞问题愈演愈烈

如果你正准备从 iPhone 换为一台潇洒帅气的大屏 Android 手机、拍照强大的 Lumia 手机,或者高端大气的黑莓手机,或者不管什么手机,假如你不想陷入这个「无底洞」,最好先把 iPhone 设置当中的 iMessage 关掉……

Microsoft calls on government for surveillance reform, and increased transparency

Microsoft is calling on the US government to make a series of radical changes to its web surveillance. Some of the surveillance and monitoring took the form of requests for information enforced by legal orders, but there have also been numerous instances of web traffic simply being intercepted.

A Look At NASA's Orion Project

An anonymous reader writes "People in north Iowa got a first-hand look at NASA's Orion Project. Contractors with NASA were in Forest City to talk about the new project and show off a model of the new spaceship. NASA has big plans to send humans to an asteroid by 2025. The mission, however,

Google Chromecast Turns 1, Hits 400 Million 'Casts' Milestone

Google's media streaming gadget Chromecast launched one year ago Thursday, and to celebrate its big birthday, the company announced an impressive stat: It has streamed more than 400 million casts and sold "millions" of devices.The Chromecast,

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