23 unrealistic stocking stuffer gifts just for millennials

Navigating through life as a twenty something this day and age can be the most exhausting, confusing and rewarding experience for a young person.Whether you've just graduated from college, searching for a new job or just trying to adult,

Download this: Tamagotchis are back and yes, there's still lots of poo

If you're a child of the '90s then you probably remember Tamagotchi, the egg-shaped digital "pets" we had to attend to constantly lest they die of neglect.Now they're back, thanks to a new mobile game from Bandai NamcoFirst teased last year,

If the CW doesn't renew 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' and 'Jane the Virgin' we lose all hope in the world

It's March Madness time for TV fans. Of course I don't mean basketball; I mean the nail-biting agony of waiting for networks to renew your favorite shows. This is the fourth year in a row of that special hell for Jane the Virgin viewers,

RuPaul accepts Hollywood star with the fabulousness of a thousand queens

RuPaul Charles is many things — if not everything: a two-time Emmy winner, a trailblazing talent, an icon of the LGBTQ community, a self-love guru, and the world's most beloved drag queen. And now, he's officially a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,

Tinder's owner couldn't buy Bumble, so now the company is suing instead

Pop quiz time! Who owns Tinder, OkCupid, Match.com, and Plenty of Fish? If you said Match Group, Inc.,you're correct and you should treat yourself to a cookie.After failing to buy Tinder/OkCupid/Match/PoF competitor Bumble last year for a reported $450 million,

'Fantastic Beasts' actor finally settles that plot hole controversy

Harry Potter fans (like so many hardcore fans) are serious about protecting the beloved universe they grew up with. So much so that they've apparently stopped trusting its creator to get basic parts of the canon right.SEE ALSO:

Whistleblower's story explains why Facebook booted Cambridge Analytica

Now we know why Facebook gave Cambridge Analytica the boot on Friday. What's less clear is why it took so long.The social media company was aware as far back as late 2015 that, starting in early 2014, the Trump-linked U.K data firm had secretly harvested profile data belonging to 50 million users,

These 9 wonderfully niche cooking channels on YouTube will inspire you

You can find many delightful ways to waste your time on YouTube, but one of the best is to spend an afternoon looking at cooking and food channels. SEE ALSO:

You can now search for love without swiping on OkCupid

Tired of the endless swiping game that is online dating?OkCupid is trying something a bit different. Starting today they're rolling out a feature that lets you search profiles based on keywords. It's currently available on desktops and for users of their iPhone app. SEE ALSO:

Ridiculous Star Wars holiday decor will make your house the best on the block

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.Star Wars fans don't get days off, not even for the holidays. While the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special was a bust, Star Wars and holidays still go together,

Gift Colorfully: 10 holiday gifts everyone on your list will appreciate

Paid Content | eBayThis year, let’s bring back what makes gift-giving special. Head to eBay for gifts that are perfect for everyone on your list, and enjoy a stress-free holiday season.

Ok Google:开启谷歌的语音识别之路

【编者按】本文作者Frederic Lardinois,原文引自techcrunch 就像微软公司认为触摸是计算机的未来形式一样,毫无疑问谷歌认为语音才是未来的用户交互方式。

外媒:谷歌与NSA早有邮件来往 两者关系绝不简单


滚动篇————附一个简单单的自定义滚动条 - 兔子小姐的萝卜先生



互联网音乐杀死了唱片业一路高歌猛进,随着 BAT 加入战局,数字音乐好像已经被消费者认可。但是等等,免费听充其量只能算是用户,「消费者」在哪呢?


全球个人电脑市场份额接近20%,创历史新高,移动业务增长势头强劲 总营业额达104亿美元 除税前溢利达2.64亿美元,盈利达2.14亿美元 每股基本盈利为2.06美仙或15.97港仙 于2014年6月30日,净现金储备为 35.




在最近举行的百度世界2014大会大数据论坛上,百度深度学习实验室主任余凯分享了百度大脑和深度学习的最新发展,由此可以看出对未来产业的影响。 By 崔康

First Feature Film for Oculus Rift Is a Fright Fest

Oculus Rift owners can now watch a feature-length horror film adapted for virtual reality — a first for the platform.Banshee Chapter, which originally debuted on VOD, was adapted to be compatible with the head-mounted display. Produced by Star Trek's Zachary Quinto,

BAT又遇新对手 中国平安试水移动医疗

上海2014年10月27日电 /美通社/ -- 在BAT相继通过战略入股或自主投资的形式加入竞争后,正在积极布局互联网业务的中国平安也通过一款主打名医问诊及家庭医生概念的健康管理移动客户端软件,低调介入了今年以来持续升温的移动医疗市场,也令这一巨头云集的新兴行业战局走势越发扑朔。

头盔式雨伞Nubrella外形获升级 呼吸将更顺畅


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