23 unrealistic stocking stuffer gifts just for millennials

Navigating through life as a twenty something this day and age can be the most exhausting, confusing and rewarding experience for a young person.Whether you've just graduated from college, searching for a new job or just trying to adult,

10 things in 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' from which I personally will never recover

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is far from a perfect film. It defies all laws of time and space and traditional moviemaking by extension, in this ridiculous snow globe of a movie, anything goes.That said, here are 10 of the wildest things about Mamma Mia:

Get two bags for the price of one with this cool carry-on

We're not going to sugarcoat it for you: Buying a great carry-on is more difficult than it looks.You want a bag that's lightweight, looks good, and can fit all your stuff. However, it's also important to select a bag that can adapt to your travels. Trust us:

Stunning videos and photos show terrifying tornado outbreak in the Midwest

Central Iowa was the scene of a "sudden" tornado outbreak on Thursday, resulting in some breathtaking videos and photos capturing the terror of multiple funnels that spun through the state. SEE ALSO: This super clear video of a nearly perfect tornado is stunningThe town of Bondurant,

How a friendly chatbot can help customers love your site

Nobody likes forms. Not tax forms, not medical forms, and certainly not website forms. Yet many websites are riddled with them, demanding that the customer devote time and effort to filling them out before getting in touch or making a purchase. This isn’t just bad customer service,

After a CEO shuffle, Nest is in a much better place within Google

Nest CEO Marwan Fawaz announced this week that he's leaving his post at the helm of the Google-owned smart home company and moving into an advisory role. This is a move in the right direction for Nest customers and the smart-home space in general.

Dunkin' Donuts is releasing a coffee-inspired beer

In today's edition of things no one asked for: Dunkin' Donuts is releasing a new coffee-inspired beer this fall.The coffee chain is collaborating with another Boston favorite, Harpoon Brewery, to create the new brew.Strangely, this isn't Dunkin Donuts' first foray into beer.

There is no more gun emoji. Is that a good thing?

Emoji have conquered the world, no doubt, but what happens after the conquest?The answer: Things change. Emoji are constantly evolving, not only with new symbols that arrive on our smartphone keyboards year after year, but also the symbols themselves. A couple of years ago,

You can now search for love without swiping on OkCupid

Tired of the endless swiping game that is online dating?OkCupid is trying something a bit different. Starting today they're rolling out a feature that lets you search profiles based on keywords. It's currently available on desktops and for users of their iPhone app. SEE ALSO:

Ridiculous Star Wars holiday decor will make your house the best on the block

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.Star Wars fans don't get days off, not even for the holidays. While the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special was a bust, Star Wars and holidays still go together,

Gift Colorfully: 10 holiday gifts everyone on your list will appreciate

Paid Content | eBayThis year, let’s bring back what makes gift-giving special. Head to eBay for gifts that are perfect for everyone on your list, and enjoy a stress-free holiday season.

太行写生 云起丹崖

太行山写生 水墨风景,喜欢的私信我

10 Tricks to Make Yourself a OneDrive Master

The Microsoft cloud storage platform formerly known as SkyDrive now reaches across desktops, laptops and mobile devices, and will become even more important when Windows 10 arrives later this year.

Today's Best Deals: GoPro Bundle, Bluetooth Speaker, Free Apps, & More

Today on Kinja Deals, we've got a great deal for anyone who's been wanting a GoPro , a desk to keep you alive, and a whole lot more today. Enjoy!Read more...

Windows 10 Is Reportedly Done

According to The Verge’s Tom Warren, Windows 10 is done, having reached RTM status with build number 10240. The timing is not surprising. Microsoft will release Windows 10 to its testing community on July 29, followed by volume partners, and, after, the general public through an update process.


中国深圳2015年8月5日电 /美通社/ -- 由国际物联网贸易与应用促进会主办,深圳物联传媒(物联网世界)、易信物联网络联合承办的2015第七届深圳国际物联网与智慧中国博览会,将于8月20日-22日在深圳会展中心隆重举办,本届博览会将为全球物联网产业界同仁打造亚太地区最俱规模的专业交流与一站式采购平台。

大妈网购丰胸品被骗40万 报警后再被骗48万


The Weirdness Of The Huawei Watch

As a watch obsessive you can’t help but look at the new Huawei Watch and chortle knowingly. Announced a few months ago at MWC, the product lay dormant until now and our poor brothers at Engadget, forced to go to IFA, have some shots. They are very weird.

海信联合Fifty One East在卡塔尔发金刚智能手机

据Gulf Times网站9月6日报道,海信中东分公司与卡塔尔Fifty One East联合发售海信金刚智能手机。金刚智能手机时尚的设计与功能完美结合,是处理业务、运动和日常使用理想选择。

Linux下运行C++程序出现"段错误(核心已转储)"的原因 - 白日焰火


比尔 · 盖茨谈气候问题:只有奇迹方能解决燃眉之急?

我们需要的是能源奇迹,而不是压力。 比尔 · 盖茨在周一晚上发布了一封年度信函,并在信中以一贯乐观的口吻谈论了一些复杂问题的解决方法。和以往的年度信函不同,在今年的年度信函中,盖茨将更多的焦点放到了未成年的一代身上。他认为,未成年的一代是解决世界性能源危机的关键。 事件起源于盖茨和妻子梅林达在肯塔基州和一群高中生的一场会话。这群学生很好奇盖茨夫妇究竟喜欢哪一种麦片粥,以及盖茨是否会跳 Nae Nae 舞。这群学生还问了比尔盖茨希望掌握哪一项超能力,这个问题切中了盖茨的关注点。 针对这个问题,盖茨给出的答案是他希望能拥有更多的能源,而梅林达则表示希望能拥有更多时间。

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