This state senator wants to revive net neutrality in California

The Federal Communications Commission repealed net neutrality in Washington, D.C.,on Thursday, which prohibited powerful telecoms from charging more for faster internet access. But 3,000 miles away, in California,

'The Crown' has reportedly found its new Prince Philip

The new Prince Philip has arrived.Paul Bettany is "being lined up" to play the famously gaffe-prone royal in Netflix's The Crown, Variety reported on Saturday. SEE ALSO: This Instagram post contains a major clue about the next series of 'The Crown'He would replace Matt Smith,

Apple's HomePod is probably going to launch any day now

Apple's answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers, the HomePod, is almost ready for launch.After missing its release last year, the $350 smart speaker has now been approved for sale by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC),

All the best signs from round 2 of the Women's March

One year after millions of demonstrators took to the streets in Women's Marches around the world, it's time for round two.And yes, everyone brought their finest signs — from the witty to the inspiring to the righteously mad.SEE ALSO:

Fiona the hippo's first birthday party looks incredible

Fiona the hippo, a celebrity, will probably not be making an appearance at her first birthday party. But that's okay. It's still a very good party.Per zoo policy, hippos are only allowed to venture outdoors in temperatures above 50 degrees.

What to watch on Hulu in February

It's an exciting time over at Hulu, land of Golden Globes and Emmys and that sweet, sweet Disney acquisition. The streaming platform continues its successful streak in 2018 with even more beloved and returning series, plus all the movies you could dream of.Here's what's coming to Hulu in February.

Download this: An app to help you get better at HQ Trivia

Trivia buffs now have a new way to prepare for games of HQ.Called Practice HQ Trivia, the recently released Android app challenges players to answer multiple choice trivia questions similar to what you might see in HQ and other quiz games. There are no timers, goofy animations,

Supreme Patty: The obnoxious Instagram star who smokes hot sauce for likes

Social media has leveled the playing field for stardom. Anyone with a smartphone and a strong will can find themselves with millions of followers, effectively turning their presence and content into a full-fledged business.

The HyperCharger PRO can handle three devices at once

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.These days, you wouldn't want to be caught dead on a long flight without a portable charger — yet, you still likely forget to purchase and pack one, time after time. And there you are,

Caught between Mac and Windows? This crossover program could help.

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.As Mick Jagger once moaned into a microphone, you can't always get what you want — and computers are no exception.Windows-powered computers are still some of the most popular models money can buy.

What's next for 'The Simpsons' after years of mocking their new owner Disney?

As I'm sure you heard, Disney bought 20th Century Fox for $52 billion today. And I'm sure your first thought was, what does this mean for The Simpsons?While we don't know exactly, we will gladly speculate while ruminating on the fact that, for 28 years,




说到防辐射,大多数人或许在停留在孕妇服的阶段(尽管被证明就是个玩笑)。但是现在,无线装甲(Wireless Armour)的制造商却声称,它们的男士“胖次”可以保护穿着者免受电磁辐射。那么,这款产品确有奇效吗?

12 Ways Marketers Can Make the Most of Gmail's Tabbed Inbox

Email marketing, either to promote business or share the latest announcement, is a staple for many companies. It’s still the best way to reach warm leads quickly and with minimal fuss. However,

Vodafone scraps roaming in eight countries under WorldTraveller scheme

Customers can take advantage of the scheme in the US, India, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Ghana, South African and Qatar, but it costs £5 per day.Read more:

蒙古前三大电信Skytel通过德国莱茵TUV ISO 9001认证

上海2014年8月20日电 /美通社/ -- Skytel LLC  是蒙古国前三大电信公司,已于近日取得德国莱茵TUV ISO9001 证书 ,为德国莱茵TUV大中华区与蒙古的合作建立起一个新的里程碑。

盘古证实iOS 8.1.1修复3个用以越狱的漏洞

苹果今天发布了 iOS 8.1.1 正式版,为 iPad 2 和 iPhone 4s 提升了稳定性,同时也修复了盘古越狱所用的漏洞,盘古团队今天在微博上证实了这一点。苹果在 iOS 8.1.

用六萬換 5K , Dell UltraSharp 27 吋 5K 螢幕資訊月開賣






The Confederate flag is at the heart of a Supreme Court case

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Monday for allowing the Confederate flag to appear on vanity license plates in Texas,

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