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The Gross Things Caused By Human Bite Wounds

I was sitting in my office yesterday, not watching the World Cup, when I came across a tweet by my friend: "It's kind of fun that the third-best player in the world is just definitely insane," it said. A moment later, I was watching Luis Suárez , Uruguay's star forward,

Snapchat Is About To Become A Service For "Disappearing News"

Snapchat isn't the most obvious place you would head to for your daily fix of headlines. But that might soon change. Snapchat is about to become a service for disappearing videos, news articles and ads. Read more...

Harvard's CompSci Intro Course Boasts Record-Breaking Enrollment

alphadogg writes: Harvard College's CS50, the school's Introduction to Computer Science course for undergrads, has attracted about 1 in 8 students this fall — a new record for the school and yet another sign of just how hot this field is becoming for the job-hungry. Overall,

Dallas Healthcare Worker With Ebola Identified

The family of the Dallas healthcare worker who contracted Ebola identified the nurse as Nina Pham, 26, WFAA reports.Pham graduated from Texas Christian University's nursing program in 2010. She was infected sometime in the last two weeks while caring for Thomas Eric Duncan,

三星Galaxy A5现身中国官网 双开双待 或先于A3推出

三星金属材质新机型Galaxy A5和Galaxy A3于10月底公布,当时三星称将于11月发售。今天,中国三星官网出现了关于Galaxy A5的信息,而A3的信息尚未出现,这表明Galaxy A5即将先于Galaxy A3推出市场。

Distressing video shows double amputee crawling up train station stairs

In videos labelled "distressing" by the state transport minister, a double amputee can be seen struggling to lift himself up and down stairs.In the first video, the man can be seen using his arms to drag himself up stair by stair at Unanderra train station, while a friend carries his wheelchair.

Mesosphere Brings Support For Google’s Kubernetes To Its Operating System For The Data Center

Google would like its Kubernetes project to become the standard for interacting with large computing clusters and containers. Mesosphere, which also has a strong focus on containers, is trying to establish its technologies as the default operating system for the datacenter. At first,

Old video shows Cara Delevingne as an adorably mischevious-looking infant

LONDON — Sometimes, when you see an image of a well-known celebrity when they're much, much younger, it's almost hard to believe they're the same person. Not so with Cara Delevingne.Even as a teeny tiny infant playing with a wobbly tooth,

Watch Fox Sports' Katie Nolan majestically rip the NFL and Greg Hardy a new one

Katie Nolan of Fox Sports gets incendiary in this clip, rightfully ripping the NFL industrial complex a new one for how it's handled "garbage human" Greg Hardy's return to the league.If you've seen her rant flying around the Internet, there's a reason: It's just that well doneSee also:

Snake catches a massive catfish because nature is scary

One snake in North Carolina had the catch of the day.Jason Dickserson was kayaking at Falls Lake near Rolesville, North Carolina when he noticed that a snake had nabbed a massive catfish.Eventually the snake made its way to a rock and pulled the fish out of the water. Get outta here, nature.

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