10 New Summer Series to Keep Your TV Addiction Alive

Summer may typically be known as the Clear Your Netflix Queue season, but those days are long gone.Thanks to a 'round-the-year TV model that networks — broadcast and cable alike — have adopted in recent years,

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Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock Says AOL’s Connected Delivers On The Promise Of Reality TV

“Reality TV” is one of those phrases that inevitably begs for scare quotes — with its staged scenes and melodramatic confessions, a reality TV show’s relationship with reality can be … complicated. But Morgan Spurlock, director of documentaries like Super Size Me,

European cloud report shows businesses still well adrift on data protection standards

Skyhigh has produced a new European Cloud Adoption and Risk Report which highlights fresh security and data protection concerns when it comes to cloud services.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/24/european-cloud-report-shows-businesses-still-well-adrift-on-data-protection-standards/

Apple Shows Off Its First-Ever Piece Of Virtual Reality Content With U2 Music Video

After staying relatively quiet on the future of virtual reality, Apple has made its first foray into the space via a 360-degree U2 music video made available on the Vrse app. The music video is part of a larger Apple Music partnership with U2 called “The Experience Bus,

Tim Draper Is Making A New Silicon Valley Reality Show

Venture capitalist Tim Draper is looking for entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-28 to go on his new Silicon Valley reality show. “You’re going to have a big opportunity. You might even become famous,” he says in the video announcing tryouts for the project.

12 Hours in 'Utopia': On the Set of Fox's Newest Reality Show

The path to Utopia is filled with winding roads — and I don't mean that metaphoricallyThe set for Fox's new reality show Utopia, premiering Sunday night,

Control VR Opens The Door To Virtual Offices

Control VR is a startup which has created a wearable system that captures precise motion data for virtual reality applications. On its Kickstarter page the most intriguing use shown for its gloves and armbands is using its exact finger-digit tracking to simulate a keyboard in virtual reality,

10 New Summer Series to Keep Your TV Addiction Alive

Summer may typically be known as the Clear Your Netflix Queue season, but those days are long gone.Thanks to a 'round-the-year TV model that networks — broadcast and cable alike — have adopted in recent years,

Games And Virtual Reality Likely To Take Center Stage At E3 2014

This year’s E3 gaming expo in LA is set to kick off today, with Sony and Microsoft keynotes scheduled for mid-day and this evening, and Nintendo set to show off its news tomorrow. All indications suggest we’ll see a software- and games-heavy E3,

New scripted reality show 'Lookalikes' features some freaky celebrity doppelgangers

LONDON — Channel 4 launches a new genre-bending TV show Monday night called Lookalikes, an "observational documentary meets structured reality" show (their words) centred on a real-life lookalike agency run by a fake David Beckham in Eastbourne.See also: OMG that's my face:

Microsoft’s RoomAlive turns your home into an augmented reality video game

The software company’s research division has demonstrated a prototype of the system, which allows players to interact with objects displayed across an entire room.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/07/microsofts-roomalive-turns-your-home-augmented-reality-video-game/

This meme is tricking people into visiting the voter registration website

Hello, have you registered to vote yet? There may still be time to do so, depending on your state.Give the constant sense of urgency in our great nation, some folks are trying their hardest to convince people to vote in the upcoming midterm elections. Sometimes — people need a little extra push.

Jake Paul's ex reveals ugly side of their relationship in part 7 of Shane Dawson's docu-series

Is anyone else, like, exhausted? Shane Dawson definitely is — he appears more and more frazzled with every episode of his docu-series on Jake Paul. In part 7, he talks to Alissa Violet,

Google's Play Store will no longer be free to Android phone makers in Europe

Months after being hit with a record-setting $5 billion fine from the EU, Google is making major changes to its policies in Europe.For the first time in its history, Google will charge Android phone makers that want to sell devices with the Google Play Store and other apps pre-installed. SEE ALSO:

Best deals for Oct. 16: Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch games, Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, and more on sale

If you have ever felt the shoulder ache brought on by too much gaming, have an indent permanently worn into your couch in your "spot," or have ever blown on a gaming cartridge to get it to work, then these deals are about to make you very happy.SEE ALSO: Save nearly $3,

iPhone XS vs. iPhone XS Max

Read more...More about Apple, Iphone, Iphone Xs, Iphone Xs Max, and Tech

This is what it's like to survive a rocket failure

Nick Hague is back on Earth, but he doesn’t want to be. Last week, the NASA astronaut was expected to fly to the International Space Station for a months-long stay in orbit that would be his first mission to space. But things didn’t go according to plan. On Thursday,

Charge your electric car with Google Maps

Looking up nearby gas stations on your Google Maps route is one of the easiest things to do on the navigation app.But if you need some juice for your dying battery in your all-electric car, it's not so simple.SEE ALSO: I drove my first all-electric car. It reminded me of my distracting smartphone.

This Year's 'Big Brother' Contestants: An Initial Ranking

Big Brother's "twistiest" season ever began Wednesday night with a one-hour premiere that, really, should have been two hours. Why? Because introducing just half of the 16 contestants set to enter the home was a cruel tease.

U.S. Soccer Coach Pens 'Get Out of Work' Note for World Cup Match

Bless you, Jurgen Klinsmann and your forward-thinking waysThe U.S. Men's National Soccer team coach penned a permission slip excusing all Americans from work on Thursday, so they could instead tune into the World Cup match of the century against Germany. The U.S.

10 Most-Loved 'OITNB' Characters, According to Twitter

Anyone who's watched Orange is the New Black knows binge-watching means sacrificing sleep and healthy fingernails. The nail-biting prison dramedy has us chained to our Netflix accounts, and we couldn't be happier.Mashable worked with Canvs,



This Photo Spoiled The Rocketman Magic Back in 1951

Many American kids of the 1950s and 60s were absolutely obsessed with all things space. They were particularly enamored with the space action heroes that they saw on TV — in shows like Captain Video, Space Patrol, and Commando Cody.Read more...

LinkedIn-Owned Email Widget Rapportive Is About To Get Less Useful

All good things must come to an end. Rapportive, the fantastically helpful email widget which jazzed up your Gmail sidebar with rich contact information pulled from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more, is getting its first big revamp following its acquisition by LinkedIn in 2012.And frankly,


經驗豐富的領導團隊迎來新變化 香港--(美國商業資訊)--和頓國際集團有限公司(Walton International Group Limited)今天公佈和頓公司集團(Walton Group of Companies)行政團隊近期升遷和新增的人員。


未来的一切都是移动端的。 移动端技术不仅改变了我们搜索互联网和玩游戏的方式,也改变了我们的生活方式。所以它的发展吸引了投资者,紧接着,他们将移动端平台推向更广阔的人群,也属意料之中。

10 professional athletes dish on their favorite restaurants

Unless you're a techie genius who sold his Internet stock for millions of dollars or the heir to an oil tycoon, you will probably never live the lifestyle of a professional athlete in America. These young stars are paid millions of dollars to play sports,

NASA's Windbot Drone Would Sail Forever Around Jupiter

As part of NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts program , the Jet Propulsion Lab at NASA is looking into using a ‘windbot’ to harness the power of Jupiter’s turbulent winds, and stay airborne without needing fuel. http://space.io9.com/15-projects-na...Read more...


华为昨天发布了麦芒系列的最新产品——麦芒 4。手机本身略过不谈,有一点很让人好奇,其采用的 Soc 并非华为自家的海思麒麟、也不是高通常见的型号,而是高通骁龙 616,从这个型号来看应该是骁龙 615 的小改款。

三个小技巧点亮Windows 10新技能

Windows 10正式发布一个月内,装机量已经达到了7500万。现在全球已经有192个国家地区的用户可以体验 […]

Humongous keyboard puts every emoji ever at your fingertips

From YouTube user and mastermind builder Tom Scott comes a uniquely absurd and impressive invention he describes as the "most ridiculous thing I've built in a long while."Enter: The emoji keyboardConsisting of 14 individual keyboards,

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