Swatch's Sistem51 Will Finally Be Available In the US on July 1

There's some great news for watch aficionados who haven't already found a friend in Europe to buy and ship them Swatch's new Sistem51 timepiece . The watch features a genuine Swiss mechanical movement that's assembled through an automated process that means it can be mass produced on the cheap,

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Swatch's Sistem51 Will Finally Be Available In the US on July 1

There's some great news for watch aficionados who haven't already found a friend in Europe to buy and ship them Swatch's new Sistem51 timepiece . The watch features a genuine Swiss mechanical movement that's assembled through an automated process that means it can be mass produced on the cheap,

A Smartwatch That Doesn't Need to Be Charged. Finally.

Swatch, purveyor of inexpensive watches you buy on layovers, plans to release a smartwatch within the next three months that will connect to the internet without needing to be charged. That's a revved-up idea.

How The Watch Industry Will Save Itself

The night before the launch I asked a friend who had insider knowledge about the product. I posited that the watch would be something you wore on one wrist and that I could wear my beloved mechanicals – my massive Bell & Ross, my Speedmaster Mark II,

HTC ready to follow Apple into wearables with early 2015 release

Despite previous reports that HTC had decided to scrap its smartwatch plans, the Taiwanese firm is reportedly ready to compete with the likes of Samsung, Apple and LG.Read more:

Let’s Face It: The Apple Watch Will Sell More Than A Million Units In Its First Month

As we approach AW-Day, the naysayers are coming out to put their hand in front of the bottle of champagne that will be used to christen the S.S. Apple Watch. The most prominent of those naysayers was Mark Wilson, a traditionally even-keeled fellow who, in his own way,

Deep Web Search Engine Memex Fights Crime a Bit Like Minority Report

Exactly one year ago, DARPA announced a characteristically scifi-inspired mission: to create a search engine that could find things on the deep web that Google's crawlers would miss. The so-called Memex project is now well underway,

The Doctor Who Finale Had Such a Great Ending, I Forgive Everything

I had some mixed feelings about tonight’s episode of Doctor Who. The plot of the episode (and the season) felt severely half-baked, to say the least, and great moments intermingled freely with a certain amount of WTF. But that ending? Was the greatest.

Alien's Ripley Is My Favorite Action Hero Ever

Not heroine. Hero, period. While it’s rad that Ellen Ripley happens to be a woman, that doesn’t at all impact her level of badassery—though it does inform her character in ways that make her much more interesting than virtually any other cinematic hero. She’s complicated, she feels real,

Time to Flex Those Savings Muscles: Bowflex's Popular Dumbbells Are Back Under $200

The price of these popular Bowflex adjustable dumbbells has been yo-yoing for weeks, but generally speaking, any time they’ve dipped below $200, they’ve sold out fairly quickly. So if you missed out on the last few opportunities, Amazon’s spotting you another chance today.Read more...

Instagram Won't Stop Showing Me the Mother's Day Photos I Don't Want to See

After four and a half years of not speaking to my mom I’ve learned to stay away from social media on Mother’s Day.Read more...

'World’s Hottest Pepper' Will Have You Breathing Fire, But It Won’t Kill You

Not all hot peppers are created equal, and few are as unequal as the Dragon’s Breath chili—a new breed that may soon find itself atop the “world’s hottest” throne. Forged by Wales horticulturalist Mike Smith, the red-orange,

Inside The Russian Bomber That’s Been Flying America’s Coastline

The Russian Tu-95/-142 Bear has been showing up in a lot of places it maybe shouldn’t be over the past month, as the Russian Air Force and Navy continues to probe the air defenses of several nations.

Federal Agents Are Now Using ‘Stingrays’ to Track and Capture Undocumented Immigrants

Controversial cellphone tracking technology is being deployed as a tool in President Donald Trump’s expanding effort to arrest and deport illegal US residents.Read more...

The Venom Movie Has Chosen Its Star/Symbiote Host: Tom Hardy

Variety is reporting that Tom Hardy, who played Bane in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, will next play another iconic comic book villain, Venom. The frequent Spider-Man villain is getting his own film next year, which will be directed by Ruben Fleischer, who made Zombieland.Read more...

DARPA's Robotics Challenge Finals Just Got A Whole Lot Harder

DARPA just announced the details of the final round of its years-long Robotics Challenge, and boy, do they sound difficult. Not only will all the robots have to work wirelessly and without human intervention, the course must be completed all at once. If a robot falls and can't get it up, it's done.

Brazil's Soccer Team Has Smart Gatorade Bottles That Track Hydration

Everyone knows you should drink plenty of fluids when playing sports, but hydration actually becomes an exact science when the pride of your nation is at stake during something like the World Cup. That's why at this year's tournament,

The Man With a Plan To Build a 70-Foot Car-Juggling Robot

Imagine this: A towering 70-foot diesel-powered robot, equipped with a haptic control interface that lets a human operate the machine, as it uses hydraulic cylinders to juggle three 1800 lb. cars (specifically, Volkswagen Beetles) in the air before a rapt audience.Read more...

[图]带触觉反馈的控制杆亮相 让机器人更“感性”


16 Apps and Gadgets for Wedding Planning

In this day and age, professionals are lucky if they have enough time to take a lunch break (admit it — we've all staved off hunger pangs with disappointing office snacks at some point)The lack of hours in the day poses a serious problem for those working folks afflicted by a thing called love,

【反射】——Autofac 类型注册 - 我佛慈悲纠结


Ex-Autonomy CFO: HP Trying To Hide Truth

jfruh (300774) writes The fallout from HP's Autonomy acquisition keeps getting more dramatic. Autonomy's ex-CFO is trying to block the settlement of lawsuits that arsoe the botched deal, claiming that HP is trying to hide its "own destruction of Autonomy's success after the acquisition.



BDTC 2014讲义尝鲜:15家机构论道大数据实战


158-year-old redwood may be UK's oldest living Christmas tree

A cultural agency in the United Kingdom says it has discovered the oldest living Christmas tree in all of Britain. While the 158-year-old tree hasn't been used as a holiday decoration in decades, at one time it was uprooted every Christmas season and brought indoors,

Xbox One系统更新:透明磁贴及自定义背景

去年,微软接受了用户的反馈对 Xbox 增加了大量的新特性。而在本月,Xbox 将迎来新一轮的系统更新。在这次更新后用户可以看到新增加的部分元素,例如游戏中心之类。

Windows 10开始屏幕将变透明 你会喜欢吗?

众所周知,微软正在努力开发 Windows 10 操作系统当中,不过有一件事情大多数测试用户都很清楚,那就是微软同时也在改进 Windows 10 的视觉效果,小至图标大至整体风格。

交水电费这事,中国有支付宝,美国有 Google

支付宝和 Google 正干着同一件事情。在中国,你可以使用支付宝直接交纳水、电、燃气、宽带费用;在美国,Google 正在开发的“Pony Express”项目也允许用户在 Gmail 里直接收到水电、燃气、宽带账单,并直接支付。

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