Next INpact launches a browser extension to see who is tracking you online

French tech media company Next INpact just launched an interesting project today. Kimetrak is a simple browser extension that lets you see how your favorite website is tracking you and selling your privacy. The upcoming ePrivacy and GDPR regulations in Europe have been a wake-up call in many ways.

Google unveils its News Initiative, with tools for subscriptions, security and fighting fake news

Google today announced a multi-pronged News Initiative, which Chief Business Officer Phillipp Schindler described as a way to bring together all of the company’s efforts to work with the journalism industry.

Cleo, the chatbot that wants to replace your banking apps, has stealthily entered the U.S.

With little fuss or fanfare, Cleo, the London-based startup that offers an AI-powered chatbot as a replacement for your banking apps, has begun quietly offering its service to U.S. customers. Just 21 days in, I understand the U.K. fintech is already signing up 1,000 users across the pond per day.

FTC reportedly eyes probe of Facebook over data violations as UK and US pols summon Zuck to testify

The fallout from the story concerning Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, the misuse of personal data and how much Facebook knew about all this, has quickly made its way into the halls of government.

Insta360 One gets a massive upgrade with FlowState stabilization

One of the better 360-degree cameras out there just got a lot better: The Insta360 One, a standalone 4K 360 camera with a built-in iPhone or Android hardware connector now supports FlowState onboard stabilization.

Ford could change Detroit by buying its defunct train station

According to this report, Ford is pursuing a deal to purchase the abandoned Michigan Central Station. Located just outside downtown Detroit, the massive transit station has set empty for about 30 years and recently became a symbol representing a decaying Detroit.

CoEdition raises $4 million from NEA and others for its plus-sized shopping site for women

The average American woman is plus-sized, but only 18 percent of clothing sold in 2016 was size 14 or higher. This disconnect in the world of fashion looked like an opportunity to a team of four former Gilt execs, who are today launching a new e-commerce site, CoEdition.

Rachio announces a new smart sprinkler controller, raises $10M

Rachio, the company that builds WiFi controllers for your garden sprinklers (think Nest Thermostat, but for watering your plants instead of heating your house), is back with a new one. They’ve also raised $10M in a Series B round. So what’s new in this Gen 3 version? A new hardware design,

Google is shutting down Chrome’s parental control features, replacement to launch later this year

Google is preparing to launch a new set of parental control features for users of its Chrome browser. The announcement was made in an email sent this week to users of its current system for parental controls and other restrictions called “Chrome Supervised Users,” which is soon shutting down.

Y Combinator is launching a biotech track

Y Combinator is pulling the curtains off of a new experiment, YC Bio. The idea is to fund early-stage life-sciences companies that are still in the lab phase, YC President Sam Altman wrote on the YC blog today. YC Bio’s first area of focus will be on healthspan and age-related disease.

Kuzzle is building the backend for the internet of things

Meet Kuzzle, an all-in-one backend solution for connected devices and beyond. The French startup is giving you a scalable solution so that you don’t have to develop everything from scratch yourself. Think about it as Firebase but for different use cases.Before Kuzzle,


1.苹果发布Q3财报:iPhone在中国销售增长率“好得离谱” 今天,苹果发布了第三季财报。截至到6月28日, […]


我对这个题可能有一定的经历,当然真要回答,还是会底气不足。具体经历到后文再提吧。一个最近红火的辩论题:拿了相关行业的投资,是否还能保留“独立 客观 第三方”。这恐怕也可以套用到独立电影上。

Arctic Ice Melt Doubles Risk of Frigid Eurasian Winters, Study Finds

Global warming-related sea ice melt in a portion of the vast Arctic Ocean has doubled the risk of colder and snowier winters in Eurasia since 2004, a new study found.



Moto Maker for the Moto 360 Hands-On: Pretty Watch Gets Prettier

The last time we played around with Motorola’s Moto Maker it was for the original Moto X. You could change the color of the back, the front, the metal accents, and even add a custom engraving to the back. Well, Moto is back at it but this time with the Moto 360 smartwatch . Let’s check it out.

Chrona 智慧型枕頭,發出低頻改善睡眠

現時不少 Fitness Tracker 都擁有睡眠追蹤功能,讓用戶了解自己的睡眠模式,從而作出改善。而美國一間初創公司 Ultradia 則多行一步,研發 Chrona 枕頭,監察用戶睡眠同時提供改善方法。

Laptop Butler:能安在笔记本电脑上的饮料杯托


「我们卖的不是设备,而是服务」 亚马逊将推出低价平板

三星新一代GearVR十一月上市,定价99美元 | 极客早知道 2015 年 9 月 25 日

骁龙830再传10nm+8GB RAM 要上天的节奏

下个月,搭载骁龙 820 处理器的手机就要集体出动了,比如三星 Galaxy S7 手机,HTC M10 等等。然而,在这些骁龙 820 手机闪耀登场之前,就已经有骁龙 830 的消息传出来了。我们一起来看看。  根据最新爆料,下一代高通移动处理器骁龙 830(MSM8998)将采用改进的 Kryo 架构,最大支持 8GB 内存,使用三星 10nm 工艺制造,该处理器预计会在今年下半年发布,然后被搭载在 2017 年的智能手机上。  高通骁龙 830 支持 8GB 内存,这意味着明年将会有 8GB 内存的手机诞生,这恐怕是要上天的节奏。

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