Next INpact launches a browser extension to see who is tracking you online

French tech media company Next INpact just launched an interesting project today. Kimetrak is a simple browser extension that lets you see how your favorite website is tracking you and selling your privacy. The upcoming ePrivacy and GDPR regulations in Europe have been a wake-up call in many ways.

Render gets $2.25M seed round to give developers alternative to biggest names in tech

A couple of weeks ago, when Pinterest filed its S-1, its AWS bills raised eyebrows and questions about cheaper alternatives for startups. Render is a small startup with a big idea to provide infrastructure services for developers,

Mejuri raises $23M Series B to serve women buying jewelry for themselves

New Enterprise Associates, the 42-year-old venture capital firm, has invested in the $23 million Series B round for Mejuri, a startup capturing millennial women’s penchant for affordable and treat yo’ self type of jewelry rather than diamonds and precious stones for special occasions.

Meet the 13 startups launching out of Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

The Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable Accelerator is today presenting yet another batch of startups to the world at its Demo Day in NYC. ERA has already launched a total of 180 startups which have raised more than $300 million and are collectively valued at more than $2 billion.

Adobe shows off new color palette experiment for Illustrator

Adobe today used the OFFF festival in Barcelona to show off an experimental feature for its Illustrator vector drawing application. The basic idea here is to allow Illustrator users to easily experiment with color palettes based on photos and other images.

Walmart unveils an A.I.-powered store of the future, now open to the public

Walmart this morning unveiled a new “store of the future” and test grounds for emerging technologies, including A.I.-enabled cameras and interactive displays. The store,

The Google Assistant can now tell you a story on your phone

For the last year or so, you could ask the Google Assistant on your Google Home device to read your kids a story. Today, just in time for National Tell a Story Day, Google is bringing this feature to Android and iOS phones, too. It’ll be available in English in the U.S.,U.K.,Canada, Australia […]

Verizon announces 20 5G markets for 2019, as Samsung Galaxy S10 5G preorders open

Analysts have been all too happy to discuss 5G’s cart and horse problem, even as they wax poetic about the wireless technology’s future. Networks require devices and devices require networks. And while many have positioned 2019 as the year of 5G, both seem to be trickling out at a 2G rate.

Google is shutting down Chrome’s parental control features, replacement to launch later this year

Google is preparing to launch a new set of parental control features for users of its Chrome browser. The announcement was made in an email sent this week to users of its current system for parental controls and other restrictions called “Chrome Supervised Users,” which is soon shutting down.

Y Combinator is launching a biotech track

Y Combinator is pulling the curtains off of a new experiment, YC Bio. The idea is to fund early-stage life-sciences companies that are still in the lab phase, YC President Sam Altman wrote on the YC blog today. YC Bio’s first area of focus will be on healthspan and age-related disease.

Kuzzle is building the backend for the internet of things

Meet Kuzzle, an all-in-one backend solution for connected devices and beyond. The French startup is giving you a scalable solution so that you don’t have to develop everything from scratch yourself. Think about it as Firebase but for different use cases.Before Kuzzle,

Antivirus is still dead

Following the news that Symantec declare Antivirus dead, Amichai Shulman, CTO Imperva, explains why this topic keeps coming back around and what the solution is.Read more:


@十萬個為什麼 :作为设计师,我想大家都体验过个人项目的难处,包括制作作品集。你在photoshop中投入了无数个小时,尝试了上百种不同方案,两个月后...



黑莓出售旗下的研发部门给德国大众 造成200多雇员易主




The US Cities That Allow the Tiniest Apartments (Not Where You'd Think)

The development of micro-housing—apartments and other dwellings smaller than 300 square feet—is a growing trend in many popular cities cramped for space. But where in the country can you find the teeniest examples of this trend? Maybe not the cities you'd first guess.Read more...

Prenetics Raises $2.65M To Bring Safe, Accurate DNA-Based Prenatal Testing To Asia

You don’t often hear of six-year-old companies raising multi-million dollar seed rounds, but that’s exactly what’s happened in Hong Kong today where biotech company Prenetics has raised $2.65 million for its next-generation prenatal DNA testing. Read More


纽约和中国西安2015年1月12日电 /美通社/ -- 在几乎用尽所有方法与中国清洁能源有限公司(简称“SCEI”)董事长任宝文进行合作之后,SCEI的法院指定接管人Robert W. Seiden先生已采取果断措施,全面接管SCEI及其中国业务。


4G LTE已经在过去一年变得更加普及,体验和订阅的消费者数量也迎来了大幅提升。OpenSignal刚刚发布了2015年3月份的4G/LTE状态报告,结果发现各国与各络运营商之间的LTE网络的差异仍非常之大。

在全球品牌商与服饰加工厂之间,Maderight 要解决的最大问题其实是信任


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