CES should move to an innovative city

CES, the yearly bacchanal of tech and innovation, has outgrown its shell. Las Vegas has been home to the event since the late 1970s and, for better or worse, the city has survived and served the influx of technologists who flock to the event each year to see the latest and greatest.

Industry Disruption Should Head Back To The Future

It’s hard to believe that we’ve actually made it ‘back to the future’. In the 25 years since the second film in the Back to the Future trilogy came out, much of the director’s vision of the future has been borne out. And that fact holds some interesting lessons for entrepreneurs.

An Investor’s Take On The Mobile World Congress

MWC has become a valuable forum to meet with mobile hardware and software innovators, many of which are exhibiting with large partners at the show or behind closed doors as they seek new avenues to access markets. Read More

Lunewave is pitching a new sensor offering better vision for autonomous vehicles

The investment arms of BMW and the Chinese search technology giant, Baidu, along with a large original equipment manufacturer for the auto industry and a slew of technology investors have all come together to back Lunewave, a startup developing new sensor technologies for autonomous vehicles.

Apple Watch fire face was made with actual fire

With the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple introduced a new, larger display. It now has rounded edges and thinner bezels. And the company took advantage of that display to introduce new fire, water, liquid metal and vapor faces.

AI could help push Neo4j graph database growth

Graph databases have always been useful to help find connections across a vast data set, and it turns out that capability is quite handy in artificial intelligence and machine learning too. Today, Neo4j, the makers of the open source and commercial graph database platform,

Bird hits 10 million scooter rides

Bird just announced 10 million scooter rides since launching about one year ago. If this story sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because Bird competitor Lime earlier today announced it surpassed 11.5 million rides across its shared bikes and scooters. Bird,

Walmart is putting 17,000 Oculus Go headsets in its stores to help train employees in VR

Workplace training has long been considered one of the key early areas where virtual reality can make a dent in the enterprise. Walmart already made some noise when it announced it would be bringing VR hardware into its training centers,

Vonage acquires cloud-based contact center startup NewVoiceMedia for $350M in cash

More consolidation is afoot in the world of cloud-based voice services. Today, Vonage — once a VoIP pioneer that today offers cloud-based unified communications and other IP services in the business market — announced that it would acquire NewVoiceMedia,

Spotify will now let indie artists upload their own music

Spotify today is taking another step that may make record labels uncomfortable. Fresh off reports that the streaming service is cutting its own licensing deals with independent artists, the company this morning announced it will now allow indie artists to directly upload their music to its service,

Next INpact launches a browser extension to see who is tracking you online

French tech media company Next INpact just launched an interesting project today. Kimetrak is a simple browser extension that lets you see how your favorite website is tracking you and selling your privacy. The upcoming ePrivacy and GDPR regulations in Europe have been a wake-up call in many ways.

Google is shutting down Chrome’s parental control features, replacement to launch later this year

Google is preparing to launch a new set of parental control features for users of its Chrome browser. The announcement was made in an email sent this week to users of its current system for parental controls and other restrictions called “Chrome Supervised Users,” which is soon shutting down.

Y Combinator is launching a biotech track

Y Combinator is pulling the curtains off of a new experiment, YC Bio. The idea is to fund early-stage life-sciences companies that are still in the lab phase, YC President Sam Altman wrote on the YC blog today. YC Bio’s first area of focus will be on healthspan and age-related disease.

If you get an email invite to the GTA V PC beta test, it's actually malware

Rockstar Games has been quite mum about the possibility of the highly-popular GTA V game making its way onto the PC. While interest in the game is quite high, scammers are capitalizing on this by sending out fake PC Beta invites for the game.



Surface Pro 3 还是 MacBook Air 11.6,这是个问题

最近一直纠结买电脑的事情,面对 MacBook Air、索尼 Pro 和 ThinkPad X1 Carbon 等超极本犯了选择困难症。因为经常会出差,撰写现场文章,所以我对于电脑的最主要的两个要求便是轻薄和长续航。

汇编编程一点点提高 - 积水木屋

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Ostrovok Raises New $12M Series C Round To Expand Outside Russia

Ostrovok.ru, the Russian accommodation booking startup, has announced a $12 million financing round investment led by Vaizra Capital Russia, a fund backed by Vyacheslav Mirilashvili and Lev Leviev, co-founders of Vkontakte, Russia’s largest social network.




前言         话说双胞胎是一个可遇而不可求的现象,如果一个家庭能有双胞胎诞生——不管是同卵还是异卵,一定是一件令人非常兴奋的事情。

World Wide Web inventor says Internet should be 'human right'

The computer scientist credited with inventing the World Wide Web says affordable access to the Internet should be recognized as a human right, as a report showed that billions of people still cannot go online and government surveillance and censorship are increasing.See also:


一位网名为Jjhend的国外网友在社交网站Reddit发帖,大呼他自己用的三星Galaxy S5手机在家里自燃了。为了买这部手机,他还欠着美国运营商T-Mobile 400美元余款,这下可真是亏惨了。

Android自定义控件-折线图 - 学会坚持


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