Mercedes-Benz’s new MBUX in-car assistant and smart UI rocks

It’s rare that I pay much attention to automaker infotainment and multimedia system updates at CES – usually there’s too much going on with autonomy, electrification and mobility services to give it much thought. This year, however,

Samsung refreshes its S Pen-packing convertible PC

Welcome, friends, to the consumer electronics dead zone. It’s that increasingly brief window between the last of the pre-holiday releases and the CES deluge. It’s rarely home to genuinely exciting announcements, but when you’re a company like Samsung,

African fintech startup Jumo raises $12.5M more to fund Asia expansion

Months after a big round, African fintech startup Jumo has pulled in a fresh $12.5 million to add more fuel for its expansion into Asia Pacific. The new investment comes from London-based investment fund Odey Asset Management,

NYC’s Work-Bench announces $47M enterprise investment fund

Work-Bench, an early stage enterprise startup venture capital firm based in New York City announced its $47 million Fund II today. It follows their initial $10 million fund. Work-Bench is itself like a venture capital investment startup.

Minted lands $208M Series E from Permira and T. Rowe Price

Minted, known for its selection of printed goods, says it's profitable on an EBITDA basis.

Postmates unveils Serve, a friendlier autonomous delivery robot

San Francisco banned delivery robots because they obstructed pedestrians, so Postmates built one with eyes, turn signals, and a mandate to yield. Serve is Postmates’ new cooler-meet-autonomous-stroller that it hopes can cut costs and speed up deliveries.

Prisma’s new AI-powered app, Lensa, helps the selfie camera lie

Prisma Labs, the startup behind the style transfer craze of a couple of years ago, has a new AI-powered iOS app for retouching selfies. An Android version of the app — which is called Lensa — is slated as coming in January. It bills Lensa as a “one-button Photoshop”,

With deadline looming for enrollment, Stride offers direct enrollment for gig workers

Stride Health, the consumer healthcare consulting and optimization service, has inked a new partnership with the U.S. government’s healthcare departments to provide “enhanced direct enrollment” to verify tax credit eligibility and process enrollments on its platform.

Sensel is shopping around its Morph trackpad tech for use in other devices

It took two years, but Sensel finally managed to start shipping the Morph to backers. The company apparently ran into every potential pitfall for a brand new hardware manufacture, include a microscopic design flaw that forced it to scrap an entire run, resulting in around $60,000 in costs.

Facebook reranks feed to favor well-being/discussion, not time spent/publishers

Facebook is making a huge change to its News Feed algorithm to prioritize friends and posts that spark comments between them at the expense of public content, news outlets, and importantly, the total time spent and ads you see on the social network. CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook today,

Here’s what it’s like to ride in Byton’s new Concept SUV

The SUV has a lot of strong features, including a max range of 323 miles for the upgraded version, and a starting price of just $45,000. But the real jaw-dropping feature is a 49-inch display that covers the entire dash,

五有老码农,程序人生回顾:心安也不是归处啊 - DataCool


Google 推出互联网安全计划 Project Zero

谷歌于周二宣布了一项名为 Project Zero 的网络安全计划。该计划由 Google 安全研究人员负责,旨在维护互联网用户安全,避免其遭受「零日漏洞」攻击。

U.S. Announces More Sanctions on Russia

Pres. Obama announced "significant" and "targeted" sanctions on Russia on Wednesday for the country’s actions in UkraineRussia has so far failed to take any of the steps that the U.S. has demanded in Ukraine, the president said. Now, he added, it will now pay the greater economic price.

遠傳原號升級 4G 網路得來速,有上網吃到飽不限速、網內簡訊免費等優惠

遠傳電信在 2014 年 6 月 3 日宣佈進入 4G 上網世代,至今已經超過一個月了,在這短短的一個月之內,經常聽到有人在分享說 4G 真的好快,也有人索性貼出自己家裡或公司的 4G 上網 Speed test 截圖,整體來說,只要有 4G 訊號,上網速度真的是和 3G 有天壤之別,所以是不是更應該要 3G 升級 4G 呢?



Java内部类 - 分宜人

1.成员内部类Member Inner Class在一个类中使用内部类,可以在内部类中直接存取其所在类的任何成员变量和方法。在外部类里面创建成员内部类的实例:this.


据外媒报道,今年夏季,12名微软实习生和研究人员因对机器智能的共同兴趣走到了一起。经过努力,他们开发出了一套可自动显示图像中信息的文字说明系统,称“图像自动字幕(Automatic Image Captioning)”。

别哭,这个创业者可是曾经被 45 个投资人拒绝过

一个曾经被 45 次被投资人拒之门外的创业者,终于还是迎来了事业上的成功。这是一个简短紧凑的励志故事,奉献给所有在路上守护内心梦想的创业者们……

聖誕節耶穌顯靈?買 PS4 開盒變兩本聖經

日前我們報導過美國一名男子在 Walmart 購買 PS4,回家後發現內裡竟然只得兩塊石頭。原來「狸貓換太子」的犯案手法不止一宗,美國加州一名女士 Ortiz 在連鎖店 Target 買了一部 PS4 作為男友的聖誕禮物,卻給他額外驚喜。



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