Mercedes-Benz’s new MBUX in-car assistant and smart UI rocks

It’s rare that I pay much attention to automaker infotainment and multimedia system updates at CES – usually there’s too much going on with autonomy, electrification and mobility services to give it much thought. This year, however,

Anomali secures $40 million Series D led by Lumia Capital to scale threat detection solution

Anomali, a threat detection and mitigation company, announced a hefty $40 million Series D investment today led by Lumia Capital. The company was previously known as ThreatStream. New investors Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners (DTCP), Telstra and Sozo Ventures along with returning investors GV,

Storytelling app Wattpad raises $51M at a $398M valuation

Content, as they say, is king — but these days, that may be true only for as long as you can figure out a good business model to deliver it. And today, a startup based out of Toronto, Canada is re-upping its coffers to fill out its ambition to do just that. Wattpad,

Didi has a brilliant plan to contain the threat of China’s bike-sharing services

China’s Didi Chuxing unveiled its bike-sharing platform today and, as expected, it looks like a very aggressive move to protect its position. When Didi first announced its plans to offer rides from Ofo and Bluegogo inside its app,

Clinic reports Natural Cycles app for 37 unwanted pregnancies since September

Swedish startup Natural Cycles, which offers an app-based product which it bills as a ‘digital contraceptive’,

Uber rival Grab acquires Indian startup to bulk up its mobile payment platform

Grab, Uber’s main rival in Southeast Asia, is continuing to develop its mobile payment strategy after it announced the acquisition of India-based startup iKaaz.

Hike unbundles its messaging app to reach India’s next wave of smartphone users

How do you compete with the world’s largest chat app in its strongest market? Hike, the Indian messaging app valued at more than $1 billion, is taking a unique approach to battling WhatsApp which involves dismantling its service, layering it on budget Android phones and offering free connectivity.

Revolut launches geolocation-powered travel insurance

Fintech startup Revolut is launching international medical and dental insurance. You can subscribe using the company’s app for £1 per day or more depending on the options.

Sensel is shopping around its Morph trackpad tech for use in other devices

It took two years, but Sensel finally managed to start shipping the Morph to backers. The company apparently ran into every potential pitfall for a brand new hardware manufacture, include a microscopic design flaw that forced it to scrap an entire run, resulting in around $60,000 in costs.

Facebook reranks feed to favor well-being/discussion, not time spent/publishers

Facebook is making a huge change to its News Feed algorithm to prioritize friends and posts that spark comments between them at the expense of public content, news outlets, and importantly, the total time spent and ads you see on the social network. CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook today,

Here’s what it’s like to ride in Byton’s new Concept SUV

The SUV has a lot of strong features, including a max range of 323 miles for the upgraded version, and a starting price of just $45,000. But the real jaw-dropping feature is a 49-inch display that covers the entire dash,




拓墣产业研究所数据披露,2012年全球智能电视出货量达到5113万台,Smart TV渗透率将达到21.6%,且伴随消费者接受度逐渐提高、供应端持续出货,预计至2015年,全球智能电视出货量将超过15349万台,智能电视渗透率将达54.6%。

浅谈MySQL load data local infile细节 -- 从源码层面 - lispking

相信大伙对mysql的load data local infile并不陌生,今天来巩固一下这里面隐藏的一些细节,对于想自己动手开发一个mysql客户端或者proxy之类的也知道哪些需要注意的,翠花上图:上图是在官方的基础下优化了一下,官方的图可以看这里,但是感觉官方有些东西没并有说到位。

Chinese government finds upgrade to Windows 8 'expensive', could stick with Windows XP

While the vast majority of nations are now steering away from Windows XP, the Chinese government is looking to continue to use the 12-year old operating system. The government is working with Chinese security providers to get security patches for Windows XP, instead of upgrading to Windows 8,

LG's Next Smartphone Will Have Its Own Processor Inside

One factor that's certainly helped in Samsung's near-domination of the Android market over the last few years is its use of Samsung-manufactured components in its vast range of Android handsets.


11 月 15 日消息,据国外媒体报道,亚马逊正在寻求工程师帮助测试和开发无人驾驶飞机送货服务 Prime Air。  据媒体报道称,有了叫做 Prime Air 的无人机送货项目,网购者在亚马逊上购物最短可以在半小时内送达 ... ...

Steam usage data shows increase in Windows 8.1 64 bit share, Windows 10 share at 0.16%

'Homeland' Episode 10 Recap: Time to cut losses

In acts of war against others — or even against ourselves — when do we give up? When is it time to cut our losses?In “13 Hours in Islamabad,” the 10th episode in Homeland’s fourth season, we find ourselves back in the center of chaotic violence stemming from Haqqani’s attack on the U.S.



There May Be Dozens of 'Mini Moons' Zipping Around the Earth

While Earth’s official Moon is busy photobombing us, a bunch of smaller upstarts are vying to become Moon #2. That’s right — Earth may have a rotating entourage of ‘mini moons’, and astronomers are determined to find them.Read more...

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