Mercedes-Benz’s new MBUX in-car assistant and smart UI rocks

It’s rare that I pay much attention to automaker infotainment and multimedia system updates at CES – usually there’s too much going on with autonomy, electrification and mobility services to give it much thought. This year, however,

Lunewave is pitching a new sensor offering better vision for autonomous vehicles

The investment arms of BMW and the Chinese search technology giant, Baidu, along with a large original equipment manufacturer for the auto industry and a slew of technology investors have all come together to back Lunewave, a startup developing new sensor technologies for autonomous vehicles.

Apple Watch fire face was made with actual fire

With the Apple Watch Series 4, Apple introduced a new, larger display. It now has rounded edges and thinner bezels. And the company took advantage of that display to introduce new fire, water, liquid metal and vapor faces.

AI could help push Neo4j graph database growth

Graph databases have always been useful to help find connections across a vast data set, and it turns out that capability is quite handy in artificial intelligence and machine learning too. Today, Neo4j, the makers of the open source and commercial graph database platform,

Bird hits 10 million scooter rides

Bird just announced 10 million scooter rides since launching about one year ago. If this story sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because Bird competitor Lime earlier today announced it surpassed 11.5 million rides across its shared bikes and scooters. Bird,

Walmart is putting 17,000 Oculus Go headsets in its stores to help train employees in VR

Workplace training has long been considered one of the key early areas where virtual reality can make a dent in the enterprise. Walmart already made some noise when it announced it would be bringing VR hardware into its training centers,

Vonage acquires cloud-based contact center startup NewVoiceMedia for $350M in cash

More consolidation is afoot in the world of cloud-based voice services. Today, Vonage — once a VoIP pioneer that today offers cloud-based unified communications and other IP services in the business market — announced that it would acquire NewVoiceMedia,

Spotify will now let indie artists upload their own music

Spotify today is taking another step that may make record labels uncomfortable. Fresh off reports that the streaming service is cutting its own licensing deals with independent artists, the company this morning announced it will now allow indie artists to directly upload their music to its service,

Sensel is shopping around its Morph trackpad tech for use in other devices

It took two years, but Sensel finally managed to start shipping the Morph to backers. The company apparently ran into every potential pitfall for a brand new hardware manufacture, include a microscopic design flaw that forced it to scrap an entire run, resulting in around $60,000 in costs.

Facebook reranks feed to favor well-being/discussion, not time spent/publishers

Facebook is making a huge change to its News Feed algorithm to prioritize friends and posts that spark comments between them at the expense of public content, news outlets, and importantly, the total time spent and ads you see on the social network. CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Facebook today,

Here’s what it’s like to ride in Byton’s new Concept SUV

The SUV has a lot of strong features, including a max range of 323 miles for the upgraded version, and a starting price of just $45,000. But the real jaw-dropping feature is a 49-inch display that covers the entire dash,

业内人士表示Xbox One入华必将以失败告终

几天之前,微软公司刚刚正式宣布旗下最新的Xbox One游戏机将会在今年9月正式登陆中国大陆市场,并且此次Xbox One入华完全由百视通公司负责代理。

英国Windows Phone 用户明年将达300万

威智网 6 月 6 日消息,根据知名市调机构 eMarketer 发布的最新报告显示,Windows Phone 是英国当地增长最快的移动操作系统,正在以 42% 的年增长率攀升,预计到 2015 年将拥有 300 万用户。  



力大無窮!加拿大男子 DIY 搬運機械臂

去年上映的電影《極樂帝國 2154》,飾演男主角的麥迪文穿上了一副機械臂去拯救貧苦大眾。而最近就有一位加拿大男子從中獲得靈感,自己製作出一副類似的機械臂,並且能輕易舉起 170 磅的重物。

Russia Pledges To Go To the Moon

An anonymous reader writes: Russia's space agency, Roscosmos, has announced it intends to bring humans to the Moon by roughly 2030. Russia plans a full-scale exploration of the Moon's surface. Agency head Oleg Ostapenko said that by the end of the next decade,


前言 说到产品管理体系的诞生,问10个产品管理者,会有9个告诉你宝洁的故事,确实如此,国内几乎所有的产品管理者 […]




威锋网讯,土豪们都喜欢给自己买一栋豪宅,或者一间别墅,1150 万美元对那些能被称为“富翁”的人来说并不算一笔很大的数目,如果别墅里再有一个机器人能适时为自己送上一杯饮料的话,那就真的是人生一大乐事。  

“查找我的 Mac”讲解:该如何设置丢失模式

使用 iPhone 的用户都知道,如果哪天手机不慎遗失,可以通过 Find My iPhone 功能将其定位并锁定,运气好的话可以找回。

Pitch Your Startup In The TC Radio Pitch-Off On Sirius XM

TechCrunch Radio is coming at you hard this week, with a full-show run of some of our best pitches from the TC Radio Pitch-Off. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need more stellar startups to grace us with their telephonic presence each Tuesday on TC Radio on Sirius XM. What does that entail,

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