Nuheara’s voice amplifying earbuds offer customizable hearing profiles

Nuheara’s new IQBuds Boost headphones exist in a a strange sort of in-between spot. Like the rest of the company’s line, they’re clearly one of countless devices looking to compete in the crowded world of bluetooth earbuds. Like the standard IQBuds before them, however,

Anomali secures $40 million Series D led by Lumia Capital to scale threat detection solution

Anomali, a threat detection and mitigation company, announced a hefty $40 million Series D investment today led by Lumia Capital. The company was previously known as ThreatStream. New investors Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners (DTCP), Telstra and Sozo Ventures along with returning investors GV,

Storytelling app Wattpad raises $51M at a $398M valuation

Content, as they say, is king — but these days, that may be true only for as long as you can figure out a good business model to deliver it. And today, a startup based out of Toronto, Canada is re-upping its coffers to fill out its ambition to do just that. Wattpad,

Didi has a brilliant plan to contain the threat of China’s bike-sharing services

China’s Didi Chuxing unveiled its bike-sharing platform today and, as expected, it looks like a very aggressive move to protect its position. When Didi first announced its plans to offer rides from Ofo and Bluegogo inside its app,

Clinic reports Natural Cycles app for 37 unwanted pregnancies since September

Swedish startup Natural Cycles, which offers an app-based product which it bills as a ‘digital contraceptive’,

Uber rival Grab acquires Indian startup to bulk up its mobile payment platform

Grab, Uber’s main rival in Southeast Asia, is continuing to develop its mobile payment strategy after it announced the acquisition of India-based startup iKaaz.

Hike unbundles its messaging app to reach India’s next wave of smartphone users

How do you compete with the world’s largest chat app in its strongest market? Hike, the Indian messaging app valued at more than $1 billion, is taking a unique approach to battling WhatsApp which involves dismantling its service, layering it on budget Android phones and offering free connectivity.

Revolut launches geolocation-powered travel insurance

Fintech startup Revolut is launching international medical and dental insurance. You can subscribe using the company’s app for £1 per day or more depending on the options.

This ring lets you bend musical notes on a keyboard with a wave of your hand

We saw a small mountain of cool stuff at CES this week, but this one is still on my mind a few days later.It’s a ring you wear while playing a MIDI keyboard. By wavering your hand or sliding your fingers up the keys, you can change the vibrato or intensity of your notes.

Blocks hopes to court enterprise customers with its modular smartwatch

As we noted earlier this week, the mere fact that Blocks was able to bring its modular smartwatch system to market feels like a minor miracle. The company appears to have not taken the easy route in any respect. It could have launched an Android Wear device,

Mercedes-Benz’s new MBUX in-car assistant and smart UI rocks

It’s rare that I pay much attention to automaker infotainment and multimedia system updates at CES – usually there’s too much going on with autonomy, electrification and mobility services to give it much thought. This year, however,

First Study of the Evolution of Memes On Facebook

KentuckyFC writes "The way memes evolve on Facebook is startlingly similar to the way genes evolve on Earth. That's conclusion of a team of researchers who have analyzed the evolution of thousands of memes that have appeared more than 460 million times on Facebook. The memes are ideas like:

'Flappy Bird' to Return as 'Less Addictive' Multiplayer Game

Flappy Bird will make its long-awaited return to the App Store in August. The game's creator, Dong Nguyen, has reportedly revealed a few more details about what the game will look like.The new Flappy Bird will have multiplayer-capabilities and will be less addictive, according to CNBC's Eli Langer.

Citronella Ink Helps This Clever Newspaper Keeps Mosquitoes At Bay

In some parts of the world a mosquito bite is a minor inconvenience that might result in a few days of uncomfortable itching. In other parts, though, the pests spread deadly diseases like malaria and dengue fever. So for the 2014 World Health Day,

Hands On With Sony’s PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Console

Sony has a new version of its PlayStation 4 console going on sale soon, which is limited to only 12,300 units globally, and which comes in the original gray color of the first PlayStation hardware. The anniversary edition will retail for $500, which seems steep,

Thousands of people admit to being the 'Designated Ugly Fat Friend'

LOS ANGELES — It can't be easy to look in the mirror and admit to yourself that you're the DUFF of your group of friends — the "designated ugly fat friend."Or maybe it can.Over the past few months,

Microsoft Store offers 32GB HP Stream 7 Windows 8.1 7-inch tablet for $79.00

The Microsoft Store is offering a 32 GB HP Stream 7 Signature Edition 7” Tablet with 1 year subscription to Office 365 and $25 Windows Store gift card all for $79.00. The deal also includes 1-Year 1 TB OneDrive Storage for free.


近段时间,AMC透露,他们打算为热门剧集《行尸走肉》拍摄一部衍生剧,剧名为《Fearing the Walking Dead(行尸之惧)》。


“九星伴月·团圆见喜”主题限量版月饼礼盒浓情上市 上海2015年7月22日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年中秋佳节将至,喜达屋酒店及度假酒店集团(NYSE:


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CES 2016 :三星宣布 Chromebook 3 ,採用 Intel Celeron N3050 處理器

三星在 CES 發表 Chromebook 3 ,主打具備超長續航力,可提供 11 小時的續航力;螢幕為 11.6 吋 HD 抗炫光顯示器,處理器為 Intel Celeron N3050 處理器,可搭配 2GB 或是 4GB RAM ,內建儲存為 16GB eMMC ,重量約 1.14 公斤左右;其他的特徵還有通過 UL 認證的弧形鍵盤,以及螢幕轉軸可攤平到 180 度。目標市場仍以家庭、學生為主。閱讀全文

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