How to keep the resistance going in 2018, even when you're impossibly tired

I was listening to The Read recently — it's my favorite podcast — and I was struck by co-host Kid Fury’s observations about reaching the end of the year and feeling tired. I posted how I felt on Instagram: "Can't add one more plan tired. Hard to get excited about exciting things tired.

These Super Mario Moleskine notebooks are classy as hell

Writers, artists, doodlers, and scribblers have a new way to show their love for Nintendo's resident goomba-stomping plumber with Moleskine's cool new line of Super Mario-themed notebooks.Moleskine unveiled its latest line of nerdy notebooks Friday, Digital Trends reported,

'Aquaman' star Jason Momoa admits wearing jeans underwater was a 'bad choice'

For a guy who’s supposed to be really good at swimming, Aquaman sure has some strange ideas about swimwear.Like, who the hell wears jeans underwater?SEE ALSO: Aquaman is even more of a bro in his solo movie than he was in 'Justice League'At Comic-Con Saturday,

These could be the last charging cables you ever buy — and they're on sale

Standard issue charging cables are, as a whole, undependable.SEE ALSO: A bento box-inspired accessory case keeps cords organized on the goNot only are they prone to breakage, but they juice up your phone for an unnecessarily long time.

How to learn coding online at a rock-bottom price

Your foray into coding doesn't have to start and end with the basic HTML you inadvertently learned while you were sprucing up your MySpace and Neopets profile way back when. Needless to say, coding isn't just about creating swanky banners and changing font colors.

Just some photos of Donald Trump yelling

Nothing Donald Trump does is subtle, especially when speaking in public.Whether it's shouting declarations about making America "great again" or yelling something a bit more derogatory towards someone he doesn't like (the press, our foreign allies, whoever hasn't given him his way recently),

Is 'The Purge' TV series pure fiction or a vision of our grim future? Watch the first trailer.

Each new release in The Purge series pushes us closer to the central question: How much of this is actually fiction and how much is a taste of what humanity's future looks like?For the USA Network's 10-episode televised take on the series, it certainly appears as if we're getting more of the same.

Twitter CEO responds to mountains of criticism from The New York Times

The New York Times is calling out Twitter and Twitter's CEO has some thoughts.New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman wrote about why she's taking a break from Twitter on Friday,

Here's what happens when you ask Donald Trump if he's a racist

In the wake of President Trump's comments about immigrants from "shithole" countries, reporters' gloves have come off.SEE ALSO:

Remember that suitcase with a face on it? There are so many more options.

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.So, um,

Transform any blinds into smart blinds with this easy automation kit

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.Smart, connected tech is integrated into every part of our homes, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

驴妈妈iPad 2.0版跃居AppStore iPad旅游分类榜第一位

上海2014年4月18日电 /美通社/ -- 网友们期待许久的驴妈妈旅游网iPad 2.0版近日全新上线。新版本在进一步优化界面、完美适配ios7系统的同时,新增特价游频道、邮轮频道,并新增分享功能,与亲朋好友共享旅行的惬意与精彩。

G-Cloud spending tops £200m; SMBs continue to account for majority of sales

Local government uptake is still a worry for the government’s cloud procurement service as one council has spent a pitiful £225 so far.Read more:

Microsoft Updates OneDrive Apps, Makes Play For Android Prosumers With Business Partitions

OneDrive, Microsoft’s rebranded cloud-based storage and file sharing service that competes against Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud, Box and Dropbox, is issuing an update to its mobile apps today,


埃里森辞去执掌37年的CEO帅位,接替Jeff Henley成为Oracle的新主席,并担任公司CTO一职。埃里森手中拥有超过25%的公司股份,比其他15个大股东总和还要多,身价达到460亿美元。


中国庞大海工市场引全球装备企业关注 北京--(美国商业资讯)--第五届中国(北京)国际海洋工程技术与装备展览会,简称“中国海工装备展”(CM)将于2015年3月26-28日在北京·中国国际展览中心(新馆)举办。

The Weirdest Alcohol Laws in America

Growing up in New England, I got used to seeing the supermarket beer aisle shrouded in white plastic every Sunday, lest the alcohol tempt us at a sacred time (thanks Puritans!). The region certainly has some pretty restrictive alcohol laws, but they're hardly the oddest. For that,

Windows 10 on phones: Universal apps, new Office, built-in Skype and other top features

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone -- in its current state -- is struggling to make a substantial impact on the Android and iOS dominated mobile market. But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from trying. And that’s a great thing. The company,

Made-In-Nigeria Smart Cards To Extend Financial Services To the Poor

jfruh (300774) writes "A new factory producing smart cards opened in Lagos this week, promising to open up access to financial services to many poor Africans and other inhabitants of the Global South.




我們平常看到的下雨標誌,都是一舊雲在下雨,但在現實中又有幾可能夠看到這樣的場面? 有人就拍到真正在大自然發生的場面,十分難得。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post 孤獨的雲:在太平洋上空的奇特影像 appeared first on UNWIRE.

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