Alexa will have her own opinions on beer, TV shows and more

Alexa is starting to think for herself. The personal assistant that’s built into Amazon devices like Echo smart speakers and Fire TV may better distinguish itself from competitors like Google Assistant in the future by offering up not just facts or recommendations,

Watch Google CEO Sundar Pichai testify in Congress — on bias, China and more

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has managed to avoid the public political grillings that have come for tech leaders at Facebook and Twitter this year. But not today. Today he will be in front of the House Judiciary committee for a hearing entitled: Transparency & Accountability:

Dell votes to buy back VMware tracking stock and will likely go public

Dell just announced that it has agreed to buy back the VMware tracking stock from the EMC acquisition. The company confirmed the buy-back price of $23.9 billion. With today’s move, the company will likely go public. Sixty-one percent of shareholders voted in favor of the deal. 

AppOnboard raises $15 million to let Android users try before they buy apps on Google Play

Pitching app developers with a new way to convert app browsers into actual customers, AppOnboard has raised $15 million in a new round of funding, the company said. Based in Los Angeles,

Spotnist launches budget serverless offering for containers

Spotnist has made a living finding budget resources on cloud platforms and reselling them to developers at a deep discount over cloud vendor retail pricing. Today, it announced a new budget serverless product for containerized workloads.

TechSee nabs $16M for its customer support solution built on computer vision and AR

Chatbots and other AI-based tools have firmly found footing in the world of customer service, used either to augment or completely replace the role of a human responding to questions and complaints, or (sometimes, annoyingly,

Capture lets you grab real 3D models with your iPhone X’s powerful camera

Three dimensional modeling used to be hard. It used to require something at least as big as the Xbox Kinect to get really high quality scans you needed high-powered laser sensor systems. Now all you need is your phone and Capture.

InVision, valued at $1.9 billion, picks up $115 million Series F

“The screen is becoming the most important place in the world,” says InVision CEO and founder Clark Valberg . In fact, it’s hard to get through a conversation with him without hearing it. And, considering that his company has grown to $100 million in annual recurring revenue,

Original Content podcast: Looking into the dark future of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’

Netflix has delivered another six glimpses into Black Mirror‘s often-bleak view of technology and humanity.On the latest episode of TechCrunch’s Original Content podcast, one of your regular hosts, Anthony Ha,

Equity podcast: 2017’s top tech acquisitions and what’s in store for 2018

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week we took a look back at the year’s M&A market, which brought some big wins and some low lights. Equity this week was Katie Roof, Alex Wilhelm, and Jamie Leigh,

New bill bans US government agencies using contractors with Huawei or ZTE tech

There’s more misery ahead for Huawei, which just saw AT&T pull out of a deal to carry its first smartphone, and fellow Chinese tech firm ZTE. The duo are well known for their growing smartphone businesses worldwide,

NSA Considers Linux Journal Readers, Tor (And Linux?) Users "Extremists"

New submitter marxmarv writes If you search the web for communications security information, or read online tech publications like Linux Journal or BoingBoing, you might be a terrorist. The German publication Das Erste disclosed a crumb of alleged XKeyScore configuration,


市场调研公司NPD DisplaySearch周四发布的报告显示,第2季度全球笔记本电脑出货数量达到4510万台,比2013年成长1%,显示已经奄奄一息了一段时间的市场正在恢复元气。包括笔记本电脑在内,整体PC销售,过去几年一直呈下降趋势。

Smart windows, a personal style advisor and beds in the ceiling: Welcome to the bedroom of the futur

Betta Living has released a guide on what to expect from bedrooms of the future including various different innovations brought on by advancements in smart technology.Read more:


Unix操作系统由美国电话电报公司(A.T. & T.)旗下贝尔实验室和多所大学联合开发,根据1956年A.T. & T.为结束反垄断诉讼而与美国司法部达成的协议,研究人员彼此之间可以自由的分享代码。但在1982年,A.T. & T.

PlayStation Vue (Almost) Looks Like a Cord-Cutter's Dream Come True

Sling TV was just the first step . Now, Sony's PlayStation Vue is taking internet TV to the next level. Starting at $50 a month for some 50 channels, you'll still be paying cable prices for what you get, and there'll be channels you'll miss—but trust me, you've never seen TV quite like this.

《Steve Jobs》首段电影预告片释出

错过了 2013 年由 Kutcher 主演的传记电影《Jobs》?现在有另一个更庄严的版本即将上映了。改编自 Walter Isaacson 撰写的传记、由 Aaron Sorkin 编剧、Danny Boyle 导演的电影 --《Steve Jobs》。


上海2015年5月25日电 /美通社/ -- 5月16日上午,中国-印度经贸论坛在沪举办,印度总理莫迪、中国国家领导人以及两国工商界代表出席论坛。


北京2015年5月25日电 /美通社/ -- 稀有金属和稀土与工业发展紧密相关,在全球工业4.0概念被提出后,关键原材料的供应安全成为各国政府关注的焦点。

美国买地被掉包 投资人上告搜房网




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