Oprah speaks with Reese Witherspoon and more on 'CBS Sunday Morning' about Time's Up, and yup, we're

While the rest of America quietly salivates over the phrase "President Winfrey," Oprah herself is keeping busy with Hollywood's Time's Up campaign and the fighting for women's equality in every workplace.

These Super Mario Moleskine notebooks are classy as hell

Writers, artists, doodlers, and scribblers have a new way to show their love for Nintendo's resident goomba-stomping plumber with Moleskine's cool new line of Super Mario-themed notebooks.Moleskine unveiled its latest line of nerdy notebooks Friday, Digital Trends reported,

'Aquaman' star Jason Momoa admits wearing jeans underwater was a 'bad choice'

For a guy who’s supposed to be really good at swimming, Aquaman sure has some strange ideas about swimwear.Like, who the hell wears jeans underwater?SEE ALSO: Aquaman is even more of a bro in his solo movie than he was in 'Justice League'At Comic-Con Saturday,

These could be the last charging cables you ever buy — and they're on sale

Standard issue charging cables are, as a whole, undependable.SEE ALSO: A bento box-inspired accessory case keeps cords organized on the goNot only are they prone to breakage, but they juice up your phone for an unnecessarily long time.

How to learn coding online at a rock-bottom price

Your foray into coding doesn't have to start and end with the basic HTML you inadvertently learned while you were sprucing up your MySpace and Neopets profile way back when. Needless to say, coding isn't just about creating swanky banners and changing font colors.

Just some photos of Donald Trump yelling

Nothing Donald Trump does is subtle, especially when speaking in public.Whether it's shouting declarations about making America "great again" or yelling something a bit more derogatory towards someone he doesn't like (the press, our foreign allies, whoever hasn't given him his way recently),

Is 'The Purge' TV series pure fiction or a vision of our grim future? Watch the first trailer.

Each new release in The Purge series pushes us closer to the central question: How much of this is actually fiction and how much is a taste of what humanity's future looks like?For the USA Network's 10-episode televised take on the series, it certainly appears as if we're getting more of the same.

Twitter CEO responds to mountains of criticism from The New York Times

The New York Times is calling out Twitter and Twitter's CEO has some thoughts.New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman wrote about why she's taking a break from Twitter on Friday,

Please stop throwing your gross travel clothes back in your suitcase

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.Dirty clothes can get pretty gross when piled into a suitcase. Whether you're camping, traveling for work,

How to keep the resistance going in 2018, even when you're impossibly tired

I was listening to The Read recently — it's my favorite podcast — and I was struck by co-host Kid Fury’s observations about reaching the end of the year and feeling tired. I posted how I felt on Instagram: "Can't add one more plan tired. Hard to get excited about exciting things tired.

Here's what happens when you ask Donald Trump if he's a racist

In the wake of President Trump's comments about immigrants from "shithole" countries, reporters' gloves have come off.SEE ALSO:

LG G Watch Teased in Promo Video

LG has launched a promo video for its upcoming Android Wear-powered smartwatch, the LG G WatchBesides giving us a good look of the device, the video doesn't reveal many details we don't already knowSee also: Android Wear: Google's Wearables Platform Is HereTo recap: the watch has a metal body,



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The Top 10 Reasons Apple Rejects Apps From the App Store

For many developers, the most stressful part of launching a new app is waiting for Apple's approval. This critical final step can delay an otherwise precisely timed release or present other last-minute hurdles for developers who have already spent weeks or months on development.





全球在线交易经纪商IMS FX荣膺外汇服务卓越奖

米兰--(美国商业资讯)--旨在表彰全球经济和可持续性卓越表现的IAIR奖(IAIR AWARDS®) (www.iairawards.com)颁奖典礼于2014年10月10日在米兰的意大利证券交易所总部梅扎诺特宫(Palazzo Mezzanotte)举行。  

You Can Already 3D Print Yourself a Copy of That Star Wars Ball Droid

If you've foolishly gotten yourself all excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens after just the teaser trailer (really? did no one else watch Lost?) you'll be ecstatic to hear that you can already 3D-print yourself a copy of that adorable rolling ball droid we barely got a glimpse of.Read more...

【VC++技术杂谈004】使用微软TTS语音引擎实现文本朗读 - 依旧淡然

本文主要介绍如何使用微软TTS语音引擎实现文本朗读,以及生成wav格式的声音文件。1.语音引擎及语音库的安装 TTS(Text-To-Speech)是指文本语音的简称,即通过TTS引擎把文本转化为语音输出。


3 月 7 日,据彭博社网站报道,苹果将成为道琼斯工业平均指数(以下简称道指)成分股,道指成分股中的科技公司将增加到 6 家,科技股对道指的影响会更大。目前,道指成分股中的科技公司有微软、英特尔、IBM、思科 ... ...

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