Get a touchscreen stylus and just accept the fact that your sausage fingers are too big

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These Super Mario Moleskine notebooks are classy as hell

Writers, artists, doodlers, and scribblers have a new way to show their love for Nintendo's resident goomba-stomping plumber with Moleskine's cool new line of Super Mario-themed notebooks.Moleskine unveiled its latest line of nerdy notebooks Friday, Digital Trends reported,

'Aquaman' star Jason Momoa admits wearing jeans underwater was a 'bad choice'

For a guy who’s supposed to be really good at swimming, Aquaman sure has some strange ideas about swimwear.Like, who the hell wears jeans underwater?SEE ALSO: Aquaman is even more of a bro in his solo movie than he was in 'Justice League'At Comic-Con Saturday,

These could be the last charging cables you ever buy — and they're on sale

Standard issue charging cables are, as a whole, undependable.SEE ALSO: A bento box-inspired accessory case keeps cords organized on the goNot only are they prone to breakage, but they juice up your phone for an unnecessarily long time.

How to learn coding online at a rock-bottom price

Your foray into coding doesn't have to start and end with the basic HTML you inadvertently learned while you were sprucing up your MySpace and Neopets profile way back when. Needless to say, coding isn't just about creating swanky banners and changing font colors.

Just some photos of Donald Trump yelling

Nothing Donald Trump does is subtle, especially when speaking in public.Whether it's shouting declarations about making America "great again" or yelling something a bit more derogatory towards someone he doesn't like (the press, our foreign allies, whoever hasn't given him his way recently),

Is 'The Purge' TV series pure fiction or a vision of our grim future? Watch the first trailer.

Each new release in The Purge series pushes us closer to the central question: How much of this is actually fiction and how much is a taste of what humanity's future looks like?For the USA Network's 10-episode televised take on the series, it certainly appears as if we're getting more of the same.

Twitter CEO responds to mountains of criticism from The New York Times

The New York Times is calling out Twitter and Twitter's CEO has some thoughts.New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman wrote about why she's taking a break from Twitter on Friday,

Family of pandas brutally murders innocent snowman

Warning: This post contains subject matter some readers may find disturbing.The Toronto Zoo released security footage of a its family of pandas aggressively attacking a snowman. Actually, it mostly looks like two balls of snow stacked on top of each other, but whatever.In the clip,

Oprah speaks with Reese Witherspoon and more on 'CBS Sunday Morning' about Time's Up, and yup, we're

While the rest of America quietly salivates over the phrase "President Winfrey," Oprah herself is keeping busy with Hollywood's Time's Up campaign and the fighting for women's equality in every workplace.

Please stop throwing your gross travel clothes back in your suitcase

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.Dirty clothes can get pretty gross when piled into a suitcase. Whether you're camping, traveling for work,

Researchers Create Computer Virus That Spreads Like a Cold

Early computer viruses spread over what we called "sneaker net," with one infected floppy disk inserted in one computer after another. Online networks make infections move much faster — but, until now, all the infections had been from computer to computer, or server to computer.


TalkingData:2014年十一黄金周移动旅行热点报告 您可能也喜欢的文章: 2014年国庆十一黄金周铁路日均旅客927万人次 远超春运日均客运量 2014年国庆十一黄金周全国176家5A景区门票总额达2.



更多银行更多零售商 Apple Pay初步抢定大格局

Apple Pay,苹果带来的新式移动支付,虽然问世之初即遭遇零售巨头抵制,就连购物季也深陷使用率偏低的困扰,但事实却是:越来越多的美国银行、零售商、初创企业开始接受Apple Pay——小范围造势,大范围推广,苹果做到了。

Local TV host compares coworker to the Hamburglar, gets major side-eye

A local TV news host caught his coworker off guard when he compared her to a McDonaldland character during a live broadcast.Tim Ezell, a FOX 2 St. Louis anchor, introduced April Simpson as "The Hamburglar," a quick dig at her striped white-and-black turtleneck.

OpenvSwitch自动化重新编译和安装 - cotyb

相信使用过OpenvSwitch的人都知道,OpenvSwitch因为要替换一部分linux内核,所以在修改OpenvSwitch源码的时候,每次都需要重新编译和安装,这个过程十分的机械和枯燥,所以写一个小脚本自动实现这个功能,源码见github。下面可以简单的分析下源码:#remove the o...


全球经济2015年减速,2016年或将温和复苏,IMF预计,2015-2020年世界经济年均增长3.9%,略高于前五年平均水平。2016年,全球将面临美联储加息风险,加剧大宗商品价格战。新兴经济体分化局势严峻,经济增长陷入困境。中国经济仍将处于转型期,增速持续放缓的趋势不会改变。2014年下半年以来,国际油价大幅下挫并创六年来新低,油价波动率也大幅提升,全球石油市场由供应紧张转向供应过剩,从中长期来看,国际油价呈现新特点:持续低位运行。 继进口原油使用权和原油进口权放开之后,2016年中国地炼企业将首次获得成品油出口许可。

SharePoint 开启网站匿名访问图文详解 - 霖雨

SharePoint 开启网站匿名,需要先开启web application的匿名访问,然后开启site的匿名访问。特别的,site可以选择整个网站开启或者列表和库开启匿名,如果选择列表和库开启匿名,还需要对相应列表进行设置。 下面,我们用简单的图文展示的方式,为大家描述一下如何为SharePoin


威锋网 3 月 24 日消息,谷歌眼镜的合作伙伴 APX 实验室于日前表示,他们已经和著名的电动汽车制造商特斯拉签署了协议。外界猜测,特斯拉公司将会使用谷歌眼镜企业版来提升旗下弗里蒙特工厂的生产力。  此前,我们一直怀疑特斯拉会携手 APX 实验室,以提升弗里蒙特工厂的现代化程度,但是并没有得到证实。另外,APX 实验室曾经通过图文暗示,他们的软件将会成为决定工厂未来的秘密武器,而图中的工厂中就有特斯拉汽车。  如果你还需要更多证据的话,APX 实验室曾经使用 Skylight 软件截取过一张图片,图中出现了几辆特斯拉的 Model S 汽车。

Customer support via SMS is about to get a lot easier, courtesy of Zendesk

Customer support powerhouse Zendesk is broadening its ever-expanding number of support channels today, as the company announced a brand new native channel for customer service over the text messages. SMS may be 20-year-old technology,

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