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George Sr. and Jr. share touching tributes to the late Barbara Bush

While more than 1,000 mourners gathered Saturday to remember former first lady Barbara Bush, her husband paid tribute to his late wife in a special way: with his socks.George H. W. Bush, who is known for his love of colorful socks,

Anthony Hopkins is a treasure and we're lucky to have him on Twitter

Legendary actor Anthony Hopkins is good at Twitter.He may have as much reach as Patrick Stewart, whose 3 million plus followers dwarf Hopkins' 190,000. But he'll get there if he keeps posting oddities like the one he shared on Sunday.SEE ALSO:

AT&T's cheap monthly streaming service is for cord-cutters who don't care about sports

If you like the idea of cable but don't care about sports, AT&T's upcoming streaming service might be for you.The company will soon launch a new $15/month subscription meant to appeal to cord-cutters who don't need sports channels.

Amazon bars trolls from review-bombing James Comey's new book

Amazon isn't letting Donald Trump trolls mire former FBI director James Comey's new book in negative one-star reviews.The online retailer has placed limits on customer reviews of Comey's tell-all, Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership.

Gun-toting dad's threatening 'joke' about his daughter's prom date didn't go over well

Threatening murder to control your daughter's sex life is soooo funny, right?Oh, wait, no it's not. It's horrifying — a fact that seems to have escaped gun-toting Dad and former NFL player Jay Feely when he tweeted out a picture of himself standing between his daughter and her prom date,

So you cleaned out your closet. Now what?

This post is part of Mashable's Spring Cleaning Week. Just a little something to distract you from the eternal dread of constantly wiping all those fingerprints off your screen. Congratulations! If you're reading this,

Apple will replace batteries on some MacBook Pros

Apple is again saying it will replace batteries on some of its devices. This time, though, the issue isn't an iPhone — it's a MacBook. Specifically, 13-inch non-Touch Bar MacBook Pros, which Apple says could have a defect that causes the battery to "expand."SEE ALSO:

Get lost in the clouds of the Orion Nebula with new NASA video

Spend three minutes getting lost in space. A video released by NASA this week shows the well-known Orion Nebula in a new way. The 3D visualization of the nebula allows the viewer to get a bird's eye view of the baby stars, gas, and dust of the nebula as it moves in space.SEE ALSO:

Giant bird masterfully photobombs weather forecast during live broadcast

A picturesque view of the San Francisco Bay was suddenly interrupted by a giant bird on Friday.KTVU's Mark Tamayo was delivering the weather forecast in front of a live shot of the city when out of nowhere a bird's beak appeared.

Get a touchscreen stylus and just accept the fact that your sausage fingers are too big

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在 MWC 2014 的诺基亚发布会上,介绍完 Nokia X 系列机型后,埃洛普点明了 Nokia X 存在的意义: 给人们一扇通往微软的大门。 现在看来,有人关掉了这扇门,转身去拥抱那只可爱的绿色机器人。

China Tests Autonomous Smog-Busting Drone

As the air pollution situation in China worsens,


【编者按】本文转载于微信公共号“王曦访谈” 今天看新闻的时候读到了一个八卦:去年特斯拉CEO Elon Musk在接受美国知名财经杂志Barron电话采访时竟然中途挂断电话,起因是Barron记者问Elon电池成本真的能够降到可以让特斯拉在2016年推出只有$30,

小型网站快速建设(不过度设计、保持简单可扩展) - 黑树




GMIC 分会场巡礼:UC九游,展望游戏产业变革

由长城会主办的 GMIC 北京 2014 将于 5 月 5-6 日在北京国家会议中心举行。围绕“下一个 50 亿”的主题,本次大会将吸引来自全球的 300 多名移动互联网领袖和创新者,与世界各地 15,




IDC 发布的最新统计数据显示,2014年全球平板增长速度将大幅放缓,与 2013 年 52.5% 的增长率相比今年将只有 7.2% 的增长幅度。原因之一可能就是 iPad 市场份额首次出现下滑。  


中国淄博2014年12月9日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,Intertek 天祥集团(下称 Intertek)在华北地区的首个玻璃陶瓷实验室正式落成。



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