Jeff Bezos donates $33 million to fund college scholarships for Dreamers

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, are donating $33 million in the form of a scholarship grant to help 1,000 undocumented immigrant high school graduates with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status attend college. The Bezos grant comes through TheDream.US,

Samsung refreshes its S Pen-packing convertible PC

Welcome, friends, to the consumer electronics dead zone. It’s that increasingly brief window between the last of the pre-holiday releases and the CES deluge. It’s rarely home to genuinely exciting announcements, but when you’re a company like Samsung,

African fintech startup Jumo raises $12.5M more to fund Asia expansion

Months after a big round, African fintech startup Jumo has pulled in a fresh $12.5 million to add more fuel for its expansion into Asia Pacific. The new investment comes from London-based investment fund Odey Asset Management,

NYC’s Work-Bench announces $47M enterprise investment fund

Work-Bench, an early stage enterprise startup venture capital firm based in New York City announced its $47 million Fund II today. It follows their initial $10 million fund. Work-Bench is itself like a venture capital investment startup.

Minted lands $208M Series E from Permira and T. Rowe Price

Minted, known for its selection of printed goods, says it's profitable on an EBITDA basis.

Postmates unveils Serve, a friendlier autonomous delivery robot

San Francisco banned delivery robots because they obstructed pedestrians, so Postmates built one with eyes, turn signals, and a mandate to yield. Serve is Postmates’ new cooler-meet-autonomous-stroller that it hopes can cut costs and speed up deliveries.

Prisma’s new AI-powered app, Lensa, helps the selfie camera lie

Prisma Labs, the startup behind the style transfer craze of a couple of years ago, has a new AI-powered iOS app for retouching selfies. An Android version of the app — which is called Lensa — is slated as coming in January. It bills Lensa as a “one-button Photoshop”,

With deadline looming for enrollment, Stride offers direct enrollment for gig workers

Stride Health, the consumer healthcare consulting and optimization service, has inked a new partnership with the U.S. government’s healthcare departments to provide “enhanced direct enrollment” to verify tax credit eligibility and process enrollments on its platform.

Peer-to-peer real estate marketplace Homie wants to replace your realtor with a bot

Just a few weeks ago I was in Utah for the holidays, spending time with the many family members my husband and I both have there. At one family gathering, a cousin began talking about how he bought a brand new home and sold his own home all without a real estate agent on a site called Homie.

Cortana had a crappy CES

Cortana gets no respect. Microsoft’s smart assistant is actually pretty solid, all things told, but it rarely gets mentioned in the same breath as Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

Facebook stock dips after the platform deprioritizes publishers

Facebook shares fell around 5% on Friday following the news that the company would retool its News Feed to boost social interactions over stories from publishers. Mark Zuckerberg announced the news on Thursday evening in a post on his own Facebook page to expected investor skittishness.




在一个可能是出自电影《穿普拉达的女王》的剧本中,德国科技网站Curved.de提出了一个有趣的想法:如果谷歌眼镜由普拉达设计,结果又会怎样?相信许多欧洲人都抱有这种想法。 Curved.

Android and iOS apps to help change your lifestyle

If you have ever thought about making fundamental changes to your lifestyle for health, wealth, education or other reasons, why not bring your tablet and phone in to help?Read more:

kettle的乱码和null值无法插入 - 萌萌,加油

今天再弄kettle 的时候遇到两个问题, 1.更新数据的时候,遇到一个问题,就是我的输入表主键不是null,但是他一直说我插入null值 2.

许你一个大海,The Abyss Table层峦叠嶂咖啡桌


美国911报警中心弃XP 迁移至Win8.1

近日,美国安德森郡 911 报警中心正式弃用 Windows XP,迁移至了全新的 Win8.1 平台。  据报道,安德森郡 911 报警中心此次系统迁移主要针对处理报警电话的电脑,总花费共计 12.3 万美元。不过对于中心调度员 ... ...

[译]Stairway to Integration Services Level 9 - Control Flow Task Errors - Haseo

介绍在本文中,我们会实验 MaximumErrorCount和ForceExecutioResult 故障容差属性,并且还要学习Control Flow task errors, event handlers 和 containers 的联系关于 SSIS Task Errors打开 Precede...

号称不伤手 人体工学奇葩设计的Spire弧形键盘

昨天,我们刚刚告诉你们现在已经有通过 3D 扫描然后 3D 打印而来完美适配手和手指形状的键盘 3D Ergodox,但这并非预防 RSI(重复性劳损综综合症)和 CTS(腕管综合症)的唯一途径,尤其对于那些每天花长时间玩游戏或者打字的人,很多时候腕关节都会有疼痛感。    

CNNIC:2015年第35次中国互联网络发展状况统计报告 -企业互联网应用发展状况(六)

分企业所在地区看,东部地区企业的互联网使用率最高,达85.1%,中部与东北部地区比例较低,分别为67.0%与56.6% 。

Apple Music不是“Spotify杀手”:二者可共生

北京时间9月15日早间消息,美国流媒体音乐服务提供商Spotify周一宣布,自从苹果公司今年6月推出Apple Music以来,该公司已经增加了用户,原因是这家科技巨头挺进流媒体音乐领域为Spotify的服务创造了更大的全球市场。  

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