Netflix was 2017’s top non-game app by revenue

Netflix was the top earning app of 2017 that wasn’t a mobile game, according to Sensor Tower’s new year-end report on the most successful apps and publishers across Apple’s App Store and Google Play. In previous years, the top spot had gone to Spotify, and before that, LINE.

Google unveils its News Initiative, with tools for subscriptions, security and fighting fake news

Google today announced a multi-pronged News Initiative, which Chief Business Officer Phillipp Schindler described as a way to bring together all of the company’s efforts to work with the journalism industry.

Cleo, the chatbot that wants to replace your banking apps, has stealthily entered the U.S.

With little fuss or fanfare, Cleo, the London-based startup that offers an AI-powered chatbot as a replacement for your banking apps, has begun quietly offering its service to U.S. customers. Just 21 days in, I understand the U.K. fintech is already signing up 1,000 users across the pond per day.

FTC reportedly eyes probe of Facebook over data violations as UK and US pols summon Zuck to testify

The fallout from the story concerning Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, the misuse of personal data and how much Facebook knew about all this, has quickly made its way into the halls of government.

Insta360 One gets a massive upgrade with FlowState stabilization

One of the better 360-degree cameras out there just got a lot better: The Insta360 One, a standalone 4K 360 camera with a built-in iPhone or Android hardware connector now supports FlowState onboard stabilization.

Ford could change Detroit by buying its defunct train station

According to this report, Ford is pursuing a deal to purchase the abandoned Michigan Central Station. Located just outside downtown Detroit, the massive transit station has set empty for about 30 years and recently became a symbol representing a decaying Detroit.

CoEdition raises $4 million from NEA and others for its plus-sized shopping site for women

The average American woman is plus-sized, but only 18 percent of clothing sold in 2016 was size 14 or higher. This disconnect in the world of fashion looked like an opportunity to a team of four former Gilt execs, who are today launching a new e-commerce site, CoEdition.

Rachio announces a new smart sprinkler controller, raises $10M

Rachio, the company that builds WiFi controllers for your garden sprinklers (think Nest Thermostat, but for watering your plants instead of heating your house), is back with a new one. They’ve also raised $10M in a Series B round. So what’s new in this Gen 3 version? A new hardware design,

Jeff Bezos donates $33 million to fund college scholarships for Dreamers

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, are donating $33 million in the form of a scholarship grant to help 1,000 undocumented immigrant high school graduates with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status attend college. The Bezos grant comes through TheDream.US,

Peer-to-peer real estate marketplace Homie wants to replace your realtor with a bot

Just a few weeks ago I was in Utah for the holidays, spending time with the many family members my husband and I both have there. At one family gathering, a cousin began talking about how he bought a brand new home and sold his own home all without a real estate agent on a site called Homie.

Cortana had a crappy CES

Cortana gets no respect. Microsoft’s smart assistant is actually pretty solid, all things told, but it rarely gets mentioned in the same breath as Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

陶瓷艺术家 Brett Kern 艺术作品欣赏

陶瓷艺术家 Brett Kern 现居住于美国的宾夕法尼亚,他的这组创意作品最惊艳的地方就是乍一看你完全看不出它们本质的属性,如同气球玩具一般的表面,轻盈剔透。



The End of the Car Wash? Nissan Develops 'Self-Cleaning' Vehicle

Nissan unveiled a new prototype that could potentially do away with car washes on Thursday.The car maker is experimenting with a special super-hydrophobic paint called Ultra-Ever Dry that it's billing as "self-cleaning" for cars.


Engadget评测了中国深圳创业公司万普拉斯推出的一加手机,对这款低价的高端手机大加称赞。认为就300美元(人民币2000元)的价位来说,没有其它手机能与之抗衡。一加手机是首部搭载CyanogenMod的智能手机,运行基于Android 4.4.

分析: 软件将成为苹果可穿戴设备成功的关键


拆解阿里最复杂利益结构 幕后军师罗斯柴尔德


Nokia Lumia 530 advertisement highlights the best of Windows Phone 8.1 (video)

Microsoft has uploaded a new video showcasing the Lumia 530 in all its glory. The video, which runs for one minute, showcases everything Windows Phone 8.1 has to offer, as well as the colorful options that are available for the Lumia 530.

虾.fm – 虾米音乐实时同步至

虾.fm 可以将虾米音乐实时同步至,并且还支持红心歌曲同步,在线服务。 是能记录用户收听的每一首歌,并创建个人音乐档案。虾米则是国产音乐网站,可以听歌也可以“上传”下载。 ... ...

Unicode 機構選出 37 個候選 Emoji 明年中用得到

明年年中,我們將有機會使用一批全新的 Emoji 表情符號。負責統籌有關 Unicode 標準的非牟利組織 Unicode Consortium 早前接納了 37 款全新的 Emoji 符號,作為明年中更新的候選名單。

3 of the Big 5 publishers now testing out 'Netflix for e-books' model

The majority of the Big 5 book publishers have now tiptoed into the e-book subscription space.Oyster and Scribd, two of the leading e-book subscription services, made back-to-back announcements on Tuesday that they had reached separate deals with Macmillan to add 1,

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