Mark Zuckerberg just put his money where his mouth is — to the tune of $3 billion

One small tweak to an algorithm, one giant crater in Mark Zuckerberg's net worth.The Facebook CEO took a $3 billion hit to his net worth on Friday as his company's stock dipped following news of major changes to the company's News Feed.SEE ALSO:

Nobody can handle the ending of the 'Riverdale' season 3 trailer

If you were thinking things might finally be about to calm down in Riverdale, then guess what?SEE ALSO: Netflix's first original Indian horror series 'Ghoul' looks terrifyingYep, you'd be wrong. From the looks of the season three trailer,

Samsung's new wireless charger will charge your watch and phone at the same time

Samsung finally has an in-house solution for a small but annoying problem: having to charge your phone and smartwatch separately. The new Samsung Wireless Charger Duo, whose apparent packaging was leaked on Twitter by Roland Quandt on Friday,

Donald Trump's tweet to the Iranian President is over 200 capital letters of pure rage

Donald Trump writing an angry tweet aimed at a world leader isn't particularly unusual at this point.But the caps-filled one he posted to Iranian President Rouhani in the early hours of Monday morning is pretty out there, even by his standards.SEE ALSO:

Lin-Manuel Miranda creates arts fund for Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria

Lin-Manuel Miranda may just be one of the nicest guys in show business.The Hamilton creator not only bringing a production of his award-winning Broadway show to Puerto Rico, still recovering from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in 2017, but he has bigger plans.SEE ALSO:

Snapchat shuts down peer-to-peer payment service Snapcash

The days of Snapchat's peer-to-peer payment service Snapcash are numbered.Snapchat will officially end its mobile payment service on Aug. 30, according to buried code within the Android app uncovered by TechCrunch. SEE ALSO: Snapchat and Amazon will team up on in-app shopping,

That 'waterboarding kit' Dick Cheney signed on Sacha Baron Cohen's show? Looks like it's on eBay.

In one of the most WTF moments from Sacha Baron Cohen's second episode of Who Is America?,former vice president Dick Cheney signed what was referred to as a "waterboarding kit."And now, it looks like it's sitting on eBay.SEE ALSO: This moment in Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Who Is America?

The best trailers from Comic Con 2018

If you weren't at San Diego Comic Con this weekend (and probably if you were), you were likely super jazzed about the sheer amount of TV and film trailers scheduled to drop over the weekend. In a year without a big Marvel or Game of Thrones presence,

Fear not, the cryptocurrency pop group of your dreams exists

There is now a full-fledged Japanese pop band dedicated to spreading the gospel of bitcoin and more. Welcome to 2018. Everyone from Kodak to that stranger you swiped right on is hopping on the cryptocurrency wagon these days.

Is it safe to eat snow?

A lot of people who live where it snows are tempted to eat the furry powder straight off the ground or from the sky. But is it actually a good idea?What actually is snow made of, and does pollution affect how healthy the snow really is? Read more...More about Mashable Video, Snow, Water, Clouds,

Daniel Radcliffe weighs in on Johnny Depp remaining in 'Fantastic Beasts'

Harry Potter fans around the world will have to come to terms with Johnny Depp as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts, and Daniel Radcliffe himself is among them.“It’s a very hard thing for me,” Radcliffe told Entertainment Weekly.

程序员初学者如何自学编程另类版 - 沈逸




Text : 你只能在通知中心里查看好友消息,阅后即焚

Text 这枚前天刚上线的短消息应的太酷了。注册之后,你可以通过通讯录(暂不支持国内)或者用户名来添加好友。添加之后,左划可看到联系人列表,右划可添加新好友。

Anoop Mehta荣获JNA大奖之“终身成就奖”

香港2014年9月3日电 /美通社/ -- JNA 大奖主办单位JNA (Jewellery News Asia《亚洲珠宝》英文版 ) 隆重宣布,第三届JNA大奖、珠宝业界最高荣誉的“终身成就奖”将授予印度巴拉特钻石交易所(Bharat Diamond Bourse) 主席阿奴普-梅塔(Anoop Mehta)先生。

Apple’s iPhone 6 phablet UI could boast dual-pane mode

Cupertino could be planning an iPad-like dual-pane mode for when the 5.5in iPhone is in landscape orientation.Read more:




引子  前几天 IFTTT 开放了微博的接口,使得 IFTTT 在国内的实用性有了进一步的提升。说这个之前,先介绍一下 IFFTT。(针对互联网小白而写,大神绕道)  0,关于 IFTTT  IFTTT 是一个网站,是一个 app, ... ...







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