Booster from Chinese rocket crashes to Earth near a small town

A booster from a Chinese rocket appears to have crash-landed and exploded after a satellite launch on Friday.According to a report from GB Times, one of four rocket boosters from a Long March 3B rocket crashed near the town of Xiangdu,

This new species of brittle star lived 435 million years ago

Scientists say the fossilized remains of a brittle star that lived 435 million years ago belong to a new species. The fossil was named Crepidosoma doyleii, after the paleontologist who discovered it. Eamon Doyle was a Ph.D.

Woman has perfect response when asked about incoming snow storm

Some people get a little nutty when there's a winter storm looming. Not Shirley Nash. During a report on an upcoming snowstorm a reporter for WCCB out of Charlotte, North Carolina interviewed the local resident about her plans for the snowy weekend.

Tom Petty’s death caused by ‘accidental overdose,' family confirms

Tom Petty's family confirmed the musician's death was caused by an accidental drug overdose in a statement on Friday.News broke on Oct. 2 last year that the iconic guitarist had suffered from cardiac arrest in the early morning hours in his home in Malibu.

Nasty women (and men) to crowdsource 'marching orders' ahead of midterm elections

This weekend marks a year since millions of nasty women (and men) marched in protest following the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. March On, a new organization branching out from the Women's March movement, wants to take a "bottom up" approach to the resistance.SEE ALSO:

Tide Pod craze shows there's such a thing as bad publicity

It's the year 2018 and every advancement in our society has been stifled by the consumption of Tide Pods. The desire to eat a laundry pod—specifically Tide's detergent product, packaged in plastic dissolvable packets—has taken over the internet for better or for worse.

'Get Out' director Jordan Peele says he's done with the acting game

Well Get Out fans, we've got some bad news — and some good news.First, let's start with the bad news: In a preview for his CBS Sunday Morning interview with Tracy Smith, the comedian and Get Out director announced he was done with acting."That’s the idea...Daniel Day-Lewis and I are both out,

Someone just created a custom site to make browsing Netflix easier

Here's some great news just in time for the weekend: someone's created a site that makes browsing through Netflix so much easier.Reddit user CrazedEli, aka Ville Salminen, announced his creation Flixable on the r/television subreddit Friday.

Mark Zuckerberg just put his money where his mouth is — to the tune of $3 billion

One small tweak to an algorithm, one giant crater in Mark Zuckerberg's net worth.The Facebook CEO took a $3 billion hit to his net worth on Friday as his company's stock dipped following news of major changes to the company's News Feed.SEE ALSO:

Fear not, the cryptocurrency pop group of your dreams exists

There is now a full-fledged Japanese pop band dedicated to spreading the gospel of bitcoin and more. Welcome to 2018. Everyone from Kodak to that stranger you swiped right on is hopping on the cryptocurrency wagon these days.

Is it safe to eat snow?

A lot of people who live where it snows are tempted to eat the furry powder straight off the ground or from the sky. But is it actually a good idea?What actually is snow made of, and does pollution affect how healthy the snow really is? Read more...More about Mashable Video, Snow, Water, Clouds,



微博曝光下一代iPad Air后壳:扬声器变了

威锋网讯 8 月 4 日消息,微博用户“毅林企業香港有限公司”近日曝光的一组疑似下一代 iPad Air 后壳的照片引起了媒体的注意。根据该用户的说明,他们拿到的是“iPad 6”的真机数据,原装机壳。

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 SDK和模拟器现已开放下载

今天早些时候,微软推出了Windows Phone 8.1开发者预览版的首个更新(Update 1),开发人员现已能够前去下载。此外,微软还推出了配套的SDK和模拟器。


苹果联合创始人史蒂夫•乔布斯于 2011 年 10 月去世之后,各种各样的纪念活动随之而来,与纪念活动同时出现的还有五花八门的乔布斯传记书籍和电影,至今热度不减。对于漫画王国日本来说,乔布斯可谓是十足的人气明星。

联发科前员工涉窃密 或将机密泄露于展讯


29-year-old cancer patient will not end her life this weekend

Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old with terminal brain cancer who had initially declared her intention to end her life on Nov. 1, will not be dying this week"I still feel good enough, and I still have enough joy,


其实用户运营里,对于女性用户的维护绝对是个难点,尤其是美女用户。别觉得跟美女聊天是件幸事,跟几个美女聊天,可能 ...

TC Makers: Goebel & Company Makes Furniture For An Old-Fashioned Future

The folks at Goebel Furniture make amazing wooden furniture the old fashioned way: the create design permutations in CAD/CAM, 3D print demo models, and then carve and shape every piece to the customer’s exact requirements. Run by Martin Goebel, the company makes commercial and domestic furniture.



Navy Aircraft Carrier Makes Awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Spoof!

The force is strong with the crew of the super carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) and Carrier Air Wing Seven, as you can tell by the fantastic spoof on the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII trailer below, named Sea Wars. The mop bucket steals the show! Read more...

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