HBO boss says 'Game of Thrones' had to push back to make the best show possible

The long winter is here, and by that we mean the agonizing wait between Seasons 7 and 8 of Game of Thrones. After HBO confirmed that Season 8 won't premiere until 2019,

Fortnite security flaw allowed hackers to take over players' accounts

Hackers were able to make game purchases using players' credit cards. Read more...More about Security, Mashable Video, Hackers, Epic Games, and Fortnite

Elon Musk makes it more expensive to own a Tesla

Last week Tesla CEO Elon Musk abruptly ended sales of the lowest-priced Tesla Model S and X cars. Now, this week he's slashing more with the end of Tesla's customer referral program.The eccentric billionaire tweeted Wednesday night that as of Feb. 1,

Bloody 'Mortal Kombat 11' gameplay trailer shows off brutality and fatalities

After a teaser revealed Mortal Kombat 11 in December, the world got a bigger look at the upcoming fighting game at a community event on Thursday, including this violent gameplay trailer.Mortal Kombat 11 looks like it's going to have everything fans love: one-on-one fighting,

Mailman has heartwarming interaction trying to combat package thieves

For every video of a mailperson chucking a package at someone's front door with reckless abandon, there's one of them saving the day.Captured on a Ring video doorbell, this video shows a USPS worker asking a home owner, who was away from the house at the time, about her packages. Then,

Selena Gomez Ends Social Media Hiatus

Gomez posted a series of photos and wished fans a Happy New Year with a reflective caption.  Read more...More about Instagram, Mashable Video, Mental Health, Selena Gomez, and Mashable News

Well, this wild Nextdoor post escalated quickly

No driveway is ever fully safe.Nextdoor user "Vicki" knows this intimately. Recently, Vicki complained on the app that random people were using her circular driveway to turn their cars around. So Vicki decided to equip her driveway with some spike strips.

Cookie decorating videos show off the most relaxing culinary art form

I recently visited my local nail salon for a relaxing day of self-care, but things got a bit stressful when the nail technician went to town on my cuticles. To distract myself from the slight pain, I looked up at the TV screens mounted on the wall, and that's when I found a brand new source of calm.

Free advice: Turn your phone's damn battery percentage off

Attention is a kind of love. Except when it's directed toward your iPhone and its unending series of notifications, at which point, if you're anything like me, is nothing more than a specific kind of anxiety unto itself: "Why am I staring at this thing so much, and why's it making me feel awful?

Why newbie coders should start with Python

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.Learning how to code is all the rage these days. It pays well, it’s in high demand,

Booster from Chinese rocket crashes to Earth near a small town

A booster from a Chinese rocket appears to have crash-landed and exploded after a satellite launch on Friday.According to a report from GB Times, one of four rocket boosters from a Long March 3B rocket crashed near the town of Xiangdu,



Is This Aerofex Hoverbike Going on Sale in 2017? Probably Not.

If we've learned anything from the history of 20th century vaporware, this gorgeous hoverbike from Aerofex probably won't be hitting showroom floors by 2017.




挖掘机技术哪里强?我不知道,但是根据凤凰城大学研究中心未来学会的研究,到 2020 年的时候,最需要的工作技能并不是挖掘机技术。




“由于嵌入式技术,人们开始购买汽车”,密歇根大学Zell Lurie研究所的教授彼得·安德瑞恩斯(Peter Adriaens)在接受电话采访时称,“科技(公司)发出了一个信号,即现在汽车的价值在于其所采用的技术。



今天深夜谷歌发布会 除了Nexus还有你期待的吗?

众所周知,谷歌已经确认将于太平洋时间 9 月 29 日上午 9 点(北京时间 9 月 30 日凌晨)在旧金山召开新闻发布会,而现在离发布会召开的时间已经不远了。

Java 如何有效地避免OOM:善于利用软引用和弱引用 - absfree

原作者:海子 出处: 本文归作者海子和博客园共有,欢迎转载,但未经作者同意必须保留此段声明,且在文章页面明显位置给出原文连接,否则保留追究法律责任的权利。 想必很多朋友对OOM(OutOfMemory)这个错误不会陌生,而当遇到这


继计算机、互联网与移动通信网之后,物联网(也称传感网,缩写IoT)被认为是新一波信息产业浪潮。在这股浪潮下,人们可以和物体“对话”,物体和物体之间也能“交流”。世界上的万事万物,小到手表、钥匙,大到汽车、楼房,只要嵌入一个微型感应芯片,把它变得智能化,这个物体就可以“自动开口说话”。 您可能也喜欢的文章: IBM:工业4.

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