HBO boss says 'Game of Thrones' had to push back to make the best show possible

The long winter is here, and by that we mean the agonizing wait between Seasons 7 and 8 of Game of Thrones. After HBO confirmed that Season 8 won't premiere until 2019,

You need to check out this really cool coin that has an amazing hidden feature

A mind-blowing coin with a nifty hidden mechanic is wowing the internet. The object in question was made by Roman Booteen, an Instagram artist who creates intricate carvings on Zippo lighters and coins. Not only are the designs gorgeous to look at,

Pornhub's site traffic surged after YouTube went down

In one of those strange twists of fate, online adult video site Pornhub saw a surge in traffic during Tuesday night's YouTube outage, perhaps answering the riddle of what America watches when they can't access old wrestling videos or Beyoncé clips. According to data released by Pornhub,

Mysterious U.S. whale die-off is now deep in its 2nd year. We still don't know the cause.

Using a tractor, state and town officials in coastal New Hampshire attempted to drop the carcass of a minke whale into a dumpster in mid-September. But the dead cetacean proved too big, bouncing off the red bin and flopping onto the pavement of a beachside parking lot.

Walmart has PS4 games on sale: 'NBA 2K19,' 'Madden NFL 19,' and 'Tomb Raider'

Friends, gamers, countrymen: lend me your ears! Er, or eyeballs? You get it.Fall is here, and that means some of the year's biggest games are finally dropping after an agonizingly long wait. Adventurers and sports fans alike finally have something new to load into their consoles.SEE ALSO:

Twitter releases trove of 10 million tweets by foreign bad actors

Twitter has brought the foreign election-interfering trolls out from under their bridges.On Wednesday,

Witches plan multiple mass hexes of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

The United States Senate was never really interested in holding Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh accountable after multiple women accused him of sexual assault and harassment. The witches of America are.Catland Books, an occult bookshop and community space in Brooklyn,

Watch Obama masterfully shut down all your excuses for not voting

President Barack Obama has heard every excuse not to vote in the book, and you know what? He doesn't care! He's sick of them!The former president sees absolutely no reason why eligible registered voters can't turn out to cast a ballot on Nov. 6 for the 2018 midterm elections.

Free advice: Turn your phone's damn battery percentage off

Attention is a kind of love. Except when it's directed toward your iPhone and its unending series of notifications, at which point, if you're anything like me, is nothing more than a specific kind of anxiety unto itself: "Why am I staring at this thing so much, and why's it making me feel awful?

Why newbie coders should start with Python

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.Learning how to code is all the rage these days. It pays well, it’s in high demand,

Booster from Chinese rocket crashes to Earth near a small town

A booster from a Chinese rocket appears to have crash-landed and exploded after a satellite launch on Friday.According to a report from GB Times, one of four rocket boosters from a Long March 3B rocket crashed near the town of Xiangdu,

常见算法总结(1) - LittlePanpc

大约两个月前一位朋友问我一道他同事的面试题目:一个含有无重复元素的集合,找出它所有的子集。例如{1,2}的所有集合是{}, {1}, {2}, {1, 2}.当时我预料到了这道题目的算法时间复杂度为O(2^n), 但是并没有写出代码来。

GO語言基礎教程:流程控制 - 討論Go語言的QQ群195112

在開始一個新的章節之前先來回顧上一篇文章的部份,首先我們來看這段代碼:package main import ( "fmt" ) func main(){ var x,y int=1,2 { var x int=2 ...

Internet Broadband Through High-altitude Drones

mwagner writes: Skynet is coming. But not like in the movie: The future of communications is high-altitude solar-powered drones, flying 13 miles above the ground, running microwave wireless equipment, delivering broadband to the whole planet.

App Annie Fills The Void Left By Facebook’s Onavo Acquisition With Its New Company Smart Sense

When Facebook scooped up mobile data analytics powerhouse Onavo last year, it was only a matter of time before someone rebuilt its service. And that seems to be just what the now-leading mobile app analytics firm App Annie has done. The company,

Dark side of the walk: Princess Leia gets catcalls from 'Star Wars' characters

This isn’t the catcalling video you’re looking for. Actually, maybe it isYoutube user Are We There Yet? made a Star Wars-themed version of this now-famous GoPro video — in which we learn that even Leia Organa, princess of Alderaan, isn't immune to catcalling on the streets of New York.


原始股是公司的股份(通常是普通股)。股份是对公司的部分所有权(Equity (finance))。期权是合同。该合同下,公司承诺分期按一定价格将股份卖/发给某人(Option (finance))。

亚洲移动游戏行业给全世界带来 3 点灵感

编者按 :AJ·雷德莫(AJ Redmer)是 gumiInc 副总裁及北美工作室的地区负责人。 过去 10 年中,亚洲推动并主导了全球视频游戏市场的发展,而没有任何迹象表明,亚洲在这一领域的地位将被撼动。



Fanboys Stab Each Other Over Android vs Apple

The ever-heated battle over mobile ecosystems left two wounded fanboys today: In Tulsa, Oklahoma, two roommates were hospitalized after a drunken fight about the relative benefits of Android and Apple phones. Read more...


其实之前 @Michelle在别的题目里已经回答过类似的问题了:苏州园林和日本园林之间有什么相似和不同?

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