Cherry’s new low-profile switches may help bring mechanical keyboards to more laptops

You may not think much about the switches that sit underneath the keycaps of your keyboard, but there are many enthusiasts who really, really care. The trend is clearly going toward slim keyboards — and that’s not lost on Cherry. At CES this week,

Stensul raises $7M to make email creation easier for marketers

Email marketing startup Stensul is announcing that it has raised $7 million. Stensul spun out of founder and CEO Noah Dinkin’s previous company FanBridge. Dinkin explained via email that the startup isn’t competing with the big email service providers — in fact,

Mobile website creator Universe nabs $4 million Series A

The small team behind Universe, an iOS app which allows users to build modular, simplistic websites in a minute or two, has scored some new funding as it looks to grow its operations and its ambitions. The startup has closed a $4 million Series A investment from Javelin Venture Partners,

Beamery closes $28M Series B to stoke support for its ‘talent CRM’

Beamery, a London-based startup that offers self-styled “talent CRM”– aka ‘candidate relationship management’ — and recruitment marketing software targeted at fast-growing companies, has closed a $28M Series B funding round, led by EQT Ventures. Also participating in the round are M12,

Bose gets into the business of sleep

You know you’ve got a problem sleeping when someone tells you that 35-percent of US adults aren’t get seven hours of sleep a night, and the number sounds remarkably low. I’m not a good sleeper. I never have been, and I’m a sucker for any gadget that comes along promising to make things better.

New system connects your mind to a machine to help stop mistakes

How do you tell your robot not do something that could be catastrophic? You could give it a verbal or programmatic command or you could have it watch your brain for signs of distress and have it stop itself.

Facebook tests “subscription Groups” that charge for exclusive content

Facebook is starting to let Group admins charge $4.99 to $29.99 per month for access to special sub-Groups full of exclusive posts. A hand-picked array of parenting, cooking, and ‘organize my home’ Groups will be the first to get the chance to spawn a subscription Group open to their members.

YouTube woos brands with its new Creative Suite of ad tools

YouTube hopes a new set of creative tools will help it win back advertisers who may have grown disenchanted with the video network due to its ongoing content scandals. The company announced this morning a suite of tools that will allow brands and agencies to test ads,

Larry Page-backed asteroid mining company launches cube-sat with experimental water detection tech

Planetary Resources, the space mining company backed by Google’s Larry Page and Braintree founder Bryan Johnson, has taken another step in its quest to actually mine resources from asteroids and other planetary bodies. The company successfully launched its Akryd-6 cubesat,

Yesojo’s Nintendo Switch projector dock is a dream accessory

The Yesojo Nintendo Switch projector dock got a lot of attention when we covered the launch of its crowdfunding campaign last year, but at CES, it was on display and working, with the company ready to ship to its early backers. We got to spend some time with the portable projector,

Netflix was 2017’s top non-game app by revenue

Netflix was the top earning app of 2017 that wasn’t a mobile game, according to Sensor Tower’s new year-end report on the most successful apps and publishers across Apple’s App Store and Google Play. In previous years, the top spot had gone to Spotify, and before that, LINE.

iTunes Radio: Ad agency hints at imminent UK launch

A tweet from a marketing executive gives the strongest hint yet that the service will soon be launching in the UK after admitting talks over how it will tie in with Apple’s iAd platform.Read more:

索尼:PS4、智能手机销量虽好 但仍无法阻止新财年继续亏损



日本大阪--(美国商业资讯)--松下公司(Panasonic Corporation)今天宣布,该公司已与国际残疾人奥林匹克委员会(IPC)签订一份残奥会全球官方合作伙伴协议。合作期限为六年零两个月,从2014年一直到2020年东京残奥会结束。  

第三波来了!APPLE WATCH人机交互指南之图标与图片设计

Apple Watch 人机交互指南对于除了对交互和UI元素进行了详细的说明之外,还单独开辟了一章来规范图标和图片的使用,这个部分的内容并不多,但是非...



[图]Windows 10开始菜单若是这样 你喜欢吗?

Windows 10终于召回了开始菜单,但是微软似乎不知道大家都需要什么了的,新的开始菜单依然备受吐槽,最终会变成什么样子还不得而知,但基本可以肯定的是,想恢复到Windows 7的样貌概率基本为零。

LG 发布新款 Minibeam 微型投影机

LG 发布了最新的 Minibeam 微型投影仪,可以在任何地方显示任何东西,无论是在现场商务演示或家庭影院的电影体验等等。而随着 LED 技术的不断进步,用户再也不用担心灯泡烧得太早。

奇怪吸引子---LorenzStenflo - 叶飞影





在面向对象编程中,我们经常处理处理的问题就是解耦,程序的耦合性越低表明这个程序的可读性以及可维护性越高。控制反转(Inversion of Control或IoC)就是常用的面向对象编程的设计原则,使用这个原则我们可以降低耦合性。

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