Current Facebook wants to go back to being Old Facebook

Facebook wants to be for the people, even if that means people using Facebook less. Facebook on Thursday announced that it's making big changes, heavily prioritizing stuff from your friends and family over companies and publishers you follow.

Facebook Debuts The Digital Breakup With New Tools For Former Flames

Breaking up is hard enough without having to see your ex’s newfound happiness flung in your face every time you log on to Facebook. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to unfriend your ex, or block them, either. There should be some middle ground. Today,

Is The Thiel Fellowship Program Really Just A Sabbatical From College?

Twenty brilliant minds, all under age 20 just started their venture this summer with the Thiel Fellowship program.

More Than Half The Thiel Fellows Plan On Returning To School

20 brilliant minds, all under age 20 just started their venture this summer with the Thiel Fellowship program.

Fb Messenger’s Facial Recognition “Photo Magic” Reminds You To Send Friends Photos Of Them

We are busy and lazy, so we forget to send friends the photos we take of them. But Facebook Messenger’s newest feature Photo Magic scans your newly taken photos with facial recognition, and immediately notifies you with an option to send pics to friends that are in them.

3D teaching on VR headsets: Welcome to the classroom of the future

Oculus VR’s founder Brendan Iribe is pegging his creation to transform school classrooms with the technology that can trick the brain into thinking you’re in a real place.Read more:

Why We'll Never Be Able to Spoiler-Proof the Internet

A couple years ago, I wanted to find out the name of the actor who played my favorite character on House of Cards, so I googled the character. Big mistake. The very first Google search result was the character’s House of Cards Wikia page—including date of death.

What Games Are: Worrying About Indie Games

It's been great times for indie games over the last few years, a true golden age compared to what went before. Yet I'm very worried that the great times are over and that - on multiple fronts - the forces of darkness are closing in. Are indie games about to go through a contraction,

So You Want To Fix The Housing Crisis

So 15 of the 30 cities with the highest rents in the country are all in the San Francisco Bay Area, with Palo Alto topping the list, according to this lovely report from Lovely that came out last week. Part of this is cyclical.

3D Touch Will Change The Way You Use Your iPhone

Don’t call it Force Touch — Apple’s new flagship feature 3D Touch is a completely different software implementation of the technology that is already available on the Apple Watch and the new MacBook trackpad.

With A Focus On Big Data Startups, Data Collective Redefines Thematic Investing And Debuts Its Third

You wouldn’t think that big data would be the topic of conversation on this evening, but that’s the subject that brought Data Collective founders Matt Ocko and Zack Bogue together for the first time. Both were at the club for a friend’s birthday party and, upon meeting each other,

This new species of brittle star lived 435 million years ago

Scientists say the fossilized remains of a brittle star that lived 435 million years ago belong to a new species. The fossil was named Crepidosoma doyleii, after the paleontologist who discovered it. Eamon Doyle was a Ph.D.

Woman has perfect response when asked about incoming snow storm

Some people get a little nutty when there's a winter storm looming. Not Shirley Nash. During a report on an upcoming snowstorm a reporter for WCCB out of Charlotte, North Carolina interviewed the local resident about her plans for the snowy weekend.

Tom Petty’s death caused by ‘accidental overdose,' family confirms

Tom Petty's family confirmed the musician's death was caused by an accidental drug overdose in a statement on Friday.News broke on Oct. 2 last year that the iconic guitarist had suffered from cardiac arrest in the early morning hours in his home in Malibu.

Nasty women (and men) to crowdsource 'marching orders' ahead of midterm elections

This weekend marks a year since millions of nasty women (and men) marched in protest following the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. March On, a new organization branching out from the Women's March movement, wants to take a "bottom up" approach to the resistance.SEE ALSO:

Tide Pod craze shows there's such a thing as bad publicity

It's the year 2018 and every advancement in our society has been stifled by the consumption of Tide Pods. The desire to eat a laundry pod—specifically Tide's detergent product, packaged in plastic dissolvable packets—has taken over the internet for better or for worse.

'Get Out' director Jordan Peele says he's done with the acting game

Well Get Out fans, we've got some bad news — and some good news.First, let's start with the bad news: In a preview for his CBS Sunday Morning interview with Tracy Smith, the comedian and Get Out director announced he was done with acting."That’s the idea...Daniel Day-Lewis and I are both out,

Someone just created a custom site to make browsing Netflix easier

Here's some great news just in time for the weekend: someone's created a site that makes browsing through Netflix so much easier.Reddit user CrazedEli, aka Ville Salminen, announced his creation Flixable on the r/television subreddit Friday.

Facebook is doubling down on comments, but comment culture on the internet is already dead

To push things forward, Facebook is going backward.Facebook announced Thursday night that it will be revamping its News Feed, all in an effort to get users seeing more "meaningful" content from friends and family and spur engagement.What does Facebook count as engagement around meaningful content?

Visa finally gets on board with optional credit card signatures

As more and more credit card companies announced an end to the need for signatures on credit and debit card receipts, major player Visa kept holding out. Until today.Finally, Visa announced Friday it was making signatures "optional" in North America starting in April.SEE ALSO:

HBO boss says 'Game of Thrones' had to push back to make the best show possible

The long winter is here, and by that we mean the agonizing wait between Seasons 7 and 8 of Game of Thrones. After HBO confirmed that Season 8 won't premiere until 2019,



Axiom:数据绑定基本流程 - 天天不在


Flappy Bird作者接受采访,解释上瘾的危害

《Flappy Bird》作者阮哈东(Nguyen Ha Dong)接受了《滚石》杂志的采访,这位越南游戏开发者因为《Flappy Bird》突如其来的大受欢迎而成为互联网上的名人,他在游戏最受欢迎的时候做出的下架决定更令外界对他本人充满好奇。


增发背后的意味 事情得从2013年10月31日说起。那一天58同城以17美元价格发售2200万份ADS(美国存托股份)募集了1.87亿美元,扣除承销费用净得1.74亿美元。随着在美上市中国概念股的火爆,58同城一路走高并于3月7日盘中创出58.

iOS开发利器-CocoaPods安装和使用教程 - 小木头_迪


华硕也会做瑜珈!Transformer Book Flip 系列发表

分类: 膝上电脑这年头会做瑜珈的笔电可是愈来愈多了啊!华硕今天在 Computex 上发表了三台翻转式的笔电,分别是 15 寸的 TP500、TP550 和 13 寸的 TP300。

Chapp Is A Real-Time Chat Platform For On-Topic Chatting In The Browser

Canadian digital design agency smashLAB is having a go at building a new topic-based chat platform which emulates some of the functionality of IRC but makes it more accessible to mainstream users, with a simple, minimalist browser-based interface. It’s calling this effort Chapp,

There's a 130-Year-Old Clock Embedded in a New York City Sidewalk

The next time you find yourself walking across the corner of Maiden Lane and Broadway in Lower Manhattan, remember to look down. In front of what used to be the William Barthman Jeweler is something unexpected: a working clock, embedded in the sidewalk like a precious gem. Read more...

有点心酸:未更新的MacBook Air已略显老态

iPad Air 2、iPad mini 3、超清屏iMac、Mac mini,这是苹果2014年第二场硬件发布会所推出的新产品。是否觉得缺了点什么?是的,Macbook Air。

5 秒鐘成為 Bartender ,一按即為你調酒

聖誕新年又到,不少人都會在家開一些小型 party。 既然是 party 又怎會沒有酒。如果想製作一些特別的雞尾酒招呼朋友,現在不需要親自動手,只要通過智能雞尾酒調製機就可以製作出香醇獨特的雞尾酒。

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