First look at 'Handmaid's Tale' Season 2 promises more haunting beauty

Season 1 of The Handmaid's Tale left viewers in total suspense, with a final shot of Offred gliding away from the camera and into the darkness of a van promising an unknown future. Season 2's April premiere is still far away,

Michael B. Jordan roasts Roseanne Barr at the MTV Awards

Michael B. Jordan just delivered an efficient burn to disgraced star Roseanne Barr.Accepting the award for "Best Villain" at the MTV Movie and TV Awards on Saturday, Jordan dropped a mad zinger on Barr, whose show was cancelled by ABC following her racist tweets about Valerie Jarrett,

Jared Leto had 30 seconds... to eat a cookie from his forehead

Jared Leto, who now happens to look like Jesus, dropped into The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night. Forgetting that terrible standalone Joker movie idea for second, Leto challenged Fallon to a game of "30 Seconds to..." (because of his band, geddit),

Lena Waithe pays tribute to fellow trailblazers in heartfelt speech at MTV Awards

Game-changer Lena Waithe gave a major shoutout to her fellow trailblazers at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, urging folks to acknowledge those who have fought for acceptance and diversity in the past.Wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with an image of Shirley Chisholm,

Stephen Colbert rips into defenders of Trump's child separation policy

The Trump administration's forcible separation of children from their families at the border has seen its share of defenders in recent days, especially people who think these detention centres aren't that bad.In his opening monologue on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert took aim at these people,

Refugee numbers at a 'record high' — here's how to fix that

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) released its Global Trends report on the global refugee crisis on Tuesday, concluding that the world's forcibly displaced population was at a "record high." According to the report, a total of 68.5 million people were displaced by the end of 2017,

Merriam-Webster subtweeted about Trump's child separation policy

Merriam-Webster's Twitter account is famed for not being here for your BS — or that of the Department of Homeland Security.On Sunday, DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen declared her agency doesn't "have a policy of separating families at the border," despite extensive reports contradicting the claim. 

Tiffany Haddish challenges Prince T'Challa for the 'Black Panther' throne

Tiffany Haddish is going for the Wakandan throne.Hosting the MTV Movie and TV Awards on Saturday, the Girls Trip star and Saturday Night Live favourite opened the event with a hilarious parody of the Black Panther throne challenge scene. "I came to battle, bitches!" says Haddish to Zuri,

Current Facebook wants to go back to being Old Facebook

Facebook wants to be for the people, even if that means people using Facebook less. Facebook on Thursday announced that it's making big changes, heavily prioritizing stuff from your friends and family over companies and publishers you follow.

Facebook is doubling down on comments, but comment culture on the internet is already dead

To push things forward, Facebook is going backward.Facebook announced Thursday night that it will be revamping its News Feed, all in an effort to get users seeing more "meaningful" content from friends and family and spur engagement.What does Facebook count as engagement around meaningful content?

Visa finally gets on board with optional credit card signatures

As more and more credit card companies announced an end to the need for signatures on credit and debit card receipts, major player Visa kept holding out. Until today.Finally, Visa announced Friday it was making signatures "optional" in North America starting in April.SEE ALSO:

Sang Won Sung的玩偶设计

Sang Won Sung,韩国艺术家,出生于1965年,现居巴西,他使用回收的塑料零件来创造新的“生物”,官方网站:



工作和学习矛盾之我见 - chenssy

LZ最近两天工作有点儿心不在焉,不在状态,对此LZ对老板、经理、老大说声抱歉。 从一踏入社会工作,我就告诫自己一定要认真工作、努力学习,尽最大努力提升自己,尽早实现自己的目标。




[核心提示] 选择了社交这条路的匿名应用们,在通过人性把产品引爆之后,正面临着再利用人性完成一个更可持续的转换 […]


百慕大哈密尔顿2014年8月6日电 /美通社/ --  百加得发表《The Spirit of BACARDI》 -- 讲述百加得家族及其公司古巴起源背后故事的图画小说 该小说由图画小说传奇人才创作:作家沃伦-埃利斯和艺术家迈克尔-奥瑞德进行独一无二的合作 一滴滴的百加得朗姆酒被加入用于描绘小说插图的墨水 小说现在可以从 BACARDI.

开发者提醒:Yosemite 发布前不要升级至 iCloud Drive

iOS 8 正式版已经发布,而预装 iOS 8 的 iPhone 6、 iPhone 6 Plus 也会在9月19日正式发售。现在,很多开发者提醒用户,目前最好不要升级至 iCloud Drive。

We Need Distributed Social Networks More Than Ello

Frequent contributor Bennett Haselton writes: Facebook threatened to banish drag queen pseudonyms, and (some) users revolted by flocking to Ello, a social network which promised not to enforce real names and also to remain ad-free.

CurrentC threatens both Android and iPhone users

In the iPhone vs. Android drama, it’s easy to pit one side against the other. A new effort by retailers is one thing that actually unites both sides though.Read more:

GammaTech推出DuraBook R11三防平板:采用11.6英寸高清屏

尽管松下在坚固型平板市场有着难以撼动的地位,但是GammaTech决定用该公司最新推出的DuraBook R11来叫一次板。据悉,这款平板采用了11.

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