Scary video shows Prius 'bobsledding' down a powerful mudslide

With rescue efforts continuing in parts of Southern California following the region's epic mudslides, footage of the insane power of the event are still emerging.SEE ALSO:

Salads are better without the leaves

Have you considered going leafless?Sure, salad greens taste (mostly) good and are, as this incredibly informative Q&A on Grub Street reminded us this week, "one of the few foods you can pretty much eat without limit." For your health and your happiness, you should not abandon leaves entirely. 

Google News Initiative puts $300 million toward saving online journalism

Google's new message: "When journalism succeeds, we all do better." That's what Google's VP of news Richard Gingras says in a YouTube video released Tuesday to announce the launch of the Google News Initiative. (Watch it Above.

Save more than $70 on a lightweight hiking backpack

The arrival of spring means hiking season is here. Be prepared for anything with this Amazon's Choice travel backpack that Amazon has on sale for less than $20 as a lightning deal right now.SEE ALSO:

Mom catches hawk when it dives for her chickens and the hawk is so confused

This is what the forefathers had in mind when they talked about the ideal American.SEE ALSO: Huge, hungry stag stops for a bite at a bird feederOn Sunday, @Jackalcakes tweeted a picture of her mom holding a hawk, which she caught when it tried to dive for her chickens.

Ivanka Trump pretended to be a scientist and 'tested' some vape juice

Ivanka Trump has dipped a complicit toe into STEM.The president's daughter traveled to Iowa on Monday to promote her dad's infrastructure plan. One of her stops was the Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience's Innovation & Learning Center,

'PUBG Mobile' lands on Android and iOS devices, and it's free

It used to be that where PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds went, Fortnite followed. Now it's the other way around.A mobile version of Battlegrounds (affectionately referred to as PUBG by fans) launched for Android and iOS devices late Monday.

Make no-bake Zebra Cakes from home and relive your childhood

We all remember the highly processed yet delicious treat of our childhood: the zebra cake. It filled up our lunch boxes, and our hearts.Well, now you can make it from home, and you don't even have to bake it.Using two different methods,

Leonardo DiCaprio to star in new Quentin Tarantino movie about Charles Manson

Leonardo DiCaprio's next big role will reportedly be in a Quentin Tarantino film taking place around Charles Manson's cult and the murders they committed in Los Angeles in the late 1960s.The upcoming film, Tarantino's ninth, is set to release on Aug. 9, 2019, Deadline reported Friday,

Emotional couple held a touching funeral for their fish

This puts a new standard on having a fish for a pet.Jaime Sue's sister-in-law sent her pictures Tuesday of a funeral she and Sue's brother had for their fish. It was very elegant and tasteful. so my sister in law sends me these pictures of my brother giving their fish a full funeral...

DC Comics, '12 Years a Slave' writer put spotlight on disenfranchised heroes

DC Comics is shining a spotlight on some of its most marginalized superheroes in a new miniseries written by Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave screenwriter John Ridley.DC Comics announced the new series, The Other History of the DC Universe,

微软的DaaS(Desktop-as-a-Service)服务Azure RemoteApp浮出水面,于昨日推出预览版

Satya Nadella说微软会坚持“mobile first,cloud first”策略,而昨天的TechEd 2014大会上,微软就发布了一项呼应这一策略的服务,即微软的DaaS(Desktop-as-a-Service)服务,名为Azure RemoteApp。Azure RemoteApp可以为新的设备和系统(比如Mac,



[图]房屋中介不知白板攻击图为游戏设计图 秘密向警方举报

据外媒报道,日前,英国一位游戏开发者因其在白板上绘制的游戏产品图而招致了警察的注意。Henry Smith是Bristol公司的一位软件工程师,日前,他正在负责开发一款叫做《全球热核战争(Global Thermonuclear War)》的游戏。

奔驰采用云计算 确保车主数据安全


Anyone Can Now Launch Their Own Version of the Pirate Bay

An anonymous reader writes: Not satisfied with merely launching The Old Pirate Bay, torrent site isoHunt today debuted The Open Bay, which lets anyone deploy their own version of The Pirate Bay online. This is achieved via a new six-step wizard,

Ray Gun Rulers Make You Actually Want to Solve For Y

At some point in a child's life they eventually make the connection that a long plastic ruler is not unlike the barrel of a gun, and suddenly math homework gets a lot more enjoyable as they blast away at imaginary aliens between problems.



Microsoft Bingo updated for Windows 10

Hearing the term ‘Bingo!’ may bring about visions of elderly folk scratching numbers off a card in a hall. However, in late 2013 Microsoft took on the task of bringing the game into the twenty-first century. A few months after the...

Asp.Net跨平台:Ubuntu14.0+Mono+Jexus+Asp.Net - weixiao520

Asp.Net跨平台的文章园子里有很多,这里给自己搭建的情况做一下总结,方便以后查看。 参考网站: DotNET大本营)

Watch a Tunnel Boring Machine Shred Open a Giant Hole

All the satisfaction in the world exists through a tunnel boring machine that finally cracks the surface and shreds open the crap that was in its way. Here is the tunnel boring machine Alice digging through a 1.5-mile giant tunnel in New Zealand.Read more...

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