Facebook just became the ultimate dystopia

When constructing a dystopia, it takes some doing to be both Orwellian and Huxleyan at the same time. But with the changes he just announced to the Facebook News Feed, Mark Zuckerberg seems to have managed this extraordinary feat. 

How Burrowing Owls Lead To Vomiting Anarchists (Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)

The Santa Clara Valley was some of the most valuable agricultural land in the entire world, but it was paved over to create today’s Silicon Valley.

Salads are better without the leaves

Have you considered going leafless?Sure, salad greens taste (mostly) good and are, as this incredibly informative Q&A on Grub Street reminded us this week, "one of the few foods you can pretty much eat without limit." For your health and your happiness, you should not abandon leaves entirely. 

Google News Initiative puts $300 million toward saving online journalism

Google's new message: "When journalism succeeds, we all do better." That's what Google's VP of news Richard Gingras says in a YouTube video released Tuesday to announce the launch of the Google News Initiative. (Watch it Above.

Save more than $70 on a lightweight hiking backpack

The arrival of spring means hiking season is here. Be prepared for anything with this Amazon's Choice travel backpack that Amazon has on sale for less than $20 as a lightning deal right now.SEE ALSO:

Mom catches hawk when it dives for her chickens and the hawk is so confused

This is what the forefathers had in mind when they talked about the ideal American.SEE ALSO: Huge, hungry stag stops for a bite at a bird feederOn Sunday, @Jackalcakes tweeted a picture of her mom holding a hawk, which she caught when it tried to dive for her chickens.

Ivanka Trump pretended to be a scientist and 'tested' some vape juice

Ivanka Trump has dipped a complicit toe into STEM.The president's daughter traveled to Iowa on Monday to promote her dad's infrastructure plan. One of her stops was the Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience's Innovation & Learning Center,

'PUBG Mobile' lands on Android and iOS devices, and it's free

It used to be that where PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds went, Fortnite followed. Now it's the other way around.A mobile version of Battlegrounds (affectionately referred to as PUBG by fans) launched for Android and iOS devices late Monday.

Make no-bake Zebra Cakes from home and relive your childhood

We all remember the highly processed yet delicious treat of our childhood: the zebra cake. It filled up our lunch boxes, and our hearts.Well, now you can make it from home, and you don't even have to bake it.Using two different methods,

The winners and losers of CES 2018

CES is the best place to get a sense of what's hot and not in technology.As gadget-packed as this year's show was — we crowned our favorite tech from CES here — it also provided good insight on the tech trends that'll influence our lives.SEE ALSO:

Scary video shows Prius 'bobsledding' down a powerful mudslide

With rescue efforts continuing in parts of Southern California following the region's epic mudslides, footage of the insane power of the event are still emerging.SEE ALSO:

Leonardo DiCaprio to star in new Quentin Tarantino movie about Charles Manson

Leonardo DiCaprio's next big role will reportedly be in a Quentin Tarantino film taking place around Charles Manson's cult and the murders they committed in Los Angeles in the late 1960s.The upcoming film, Tarantino's ninth, is set to release on Aug. 9, 2019, Deadline reported Friday,

让你的设计深入人心--可用性设计 - 0603ljx

让你的设计深入人心--可用性设计 机械工业出版社的《大工不巧》一书提到“可用性设计”理念,这一设计理念实在精妙,对我们web前端设计修炼启发不少。



Fighting Climate Change With Trade

mdsolar writes with this story about the possible elimination of tariffs on environmental goods between the world's largest economic powers. The United States, the European Union, China and 11 other governments began trade negotiations this week to eliminate tariffs on solar panels, wind turbines,

A Sneak Peek at Five Brand-New Products In Next Year's Ikea Catalog

It's that time of the year, folks. The new Ikea catalog is heading towards mailboxes around the world, and it's full of neat little tweaks to the lines you've come to love. There's also a handful of completely new products that you'll love even more.Read more...

Windows 10“电池节能”模块已在9888版本中更新并可以使用

Windows 10每一个编译版本的发布(或流出),都会带来一些细节上的改进和变动。而随着最终版本发布日期的临近,微软又在build 9888中改进了“电池节能”(Battery Saver)模块。

Uber计划在中国招募员工 以应对市场竞争

据美国资讯网Internet Retailer 2月25日消息,手机打车软件Uber今年计划聘用数百名中国员工,来促进自身发展,应对市场竞争,帮助公司建立中国市场。

Tsum Tsum 迷必到之選! ‧ unwire 週末好去處

復活節假期剛剛過去,還恢復心情番工之際,又有兩日的假期啦! 今個星期一於帶女朋友去又一城影 Tsum Tsum 吧! 除了有多個影相位,更有多款限定的 Tsum Tsum 精品,女朋友一定開心死呢!The post Tsum Tsum 迷必到之選!


Tupperware was a failure — until one woman turned it into a party

c. 1955A suitably attired woman attends a Tupperware party.Image: Gould/Archive Photos/Getty ImagesEarl Tupper (1907–1983) was a prolific inventor, jotting down his ideas in his ever-present notebook. Reportedly,

提供投訴機制 Google 將移除「報復式色情內容」搜索結果

跟另一半分手後,有些壞心腸的人會嘗試報復;其中一個方式就是將對方的裸照或不雅色情片段 上載。Google 早前宣佈將會推出服務,讓網民申請將未經許可上載的圖片從搜尋結果中移除。

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