Intel tried desperately to change the subject from Spectre and Meltdown at CES

Intel had a bad week last week. It was so bad that the chip maker has to be thrilled to have CES, the massive consumer technology show going on this week in Las Vegas, as a way to change the subject and focus on the other work they are doing. For starters,

Render gets $2.25M seed round to give developers alternative to biggest names in tech

A couple of weeks ago, when Pinterest filed its S-1, its AWS bills raised eyebrows and questions about cheaper alternatives for startups. Render is a small startup with a big idea to provide infrastructure services for developers,

Mejuri raises $23M Series B to serve women buying jewelry for themselves

New Enterprise Associates, the 42-year-old venture capital firm, has invested in the $23 million Series B round for Mejuri, a startup capturing millennial women’s penchant for affordable and treat yo’ self type of jewelry rather than diamonds and precious stones for special occasions.

Meet the 13 startups launching out of Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

The Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable Accelerator is today presenting yet another batch of startups to the world at its Demo Day in NYC. ERA has already launched a total of 180 startups which have raised more than $300 million and are collectively valued at more than $2 billion.

Adobe shows off new color palette experiment for Illustrator

Adobe today used the OFFF festival in Barcelona to show off an experimental feature for its Illustrator vector drawing application. The basic idea here is to allow Illustrator users to easily experiment with color palettes based on photos and other images.

Walmart unveils an A.I.-powered store of the future, now open to the public

Walmart this morning unveiled a new “store of the future” and test grounds for emerging technologies, including A.I.-enabled cameras and interactive displays. The store,

The Google Assistant can now tell you a story on your phone

For the last year or so, you could ask the Google Assistant on your Google Home device to read your kids a story. Today, just in time for National Tell a Story Day, Google is bringing this feature to Android and iOS phones, too. It’ll be available in English in the U.S.,U.K.,Canada, Australia […]

Verizon announces 20 5G markets for 2019, as Samsung Galaxy S10 5G preorders open

Analysts have been all too happy to discuss 5G’s cart and horse problem, even as they wax poetic about the wireless technology’s future. Networks require devices and devices require networks. And while many have positioned 2019 as the year of 5G, both seem to be trickling out at a 2G rate.

Even the Most Interesting Man in the World couldn’t make Luma work as standalone company

Luma, a three-year-old, Atlanta, Ga.-based maker of smart WiFi routers, has been acquired by First Alert, a maker of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that is itself a subsidiary of Newell Brands, a public company whose other holdings include Rubbermaid. Terms of the deal aren’t being disclosed,

Boxed in talks to be acquired by Kroger for $500 million

New York-based Boxed, the startup for buying food and household items in bulk, is in talks to be acquired by Kroger for about $500 million. Other retailers are also expected to be making bids.

Russian hackers are targeting U.S. Senate email accounts

According to a new report, the same group that hacked the Democratic National Committee actively targeted the U.S. Senate through the latter half of 2017. The revelation comes out of a new report from Trend Micro,

Google's Terms "Might Legally Permit" Accessing Gmail To Find Leakers

Over the past few weeks, I've heard a few stories about Google or Twitter employees letting it slip that they can check your email or read your DMs—the kind of hushed anecdotes that are hard to prove. But, somehow,



Bill Hader to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Bill Hader is coming back to Saturday Night Live a host.NBC announced on Wednesday that he will host the Oct. 11 episode of SNL, which is celebrating its 40th season this year. See also:


Meet the Guy Who Makes Apps for Ghost Hunters 

We don't usually think of talking to ghosts as a high-tech activity. But one guy is making a living off of ghost hunting apps, and his story from homelessness to app entrepreneur is actually pretty extraordinary. Read more...


移动游戏市场规模首超页游,2018年将超端游 2014年移动游戏市场份额为24.9%,首超页游,艾瑞咨询根据数 […]

NASA 买了个巨型机器人,不过不是用来卖萌逗趣的

看过了很多萌到不行的机器人,会跳舞打太极的 Nao,机器人服务员等,往往会给人一种错觉,机器人难道只会做这些事情吗?

要让别人知道你拿的是iPhone 6s:真的重要?

“iPhone是一种身份的象征”,这一种说法,也许早在iPhone 4时代就已经深入人心。如今五年过去,不同的是 iPhone 4 变成 iPhone 6s 了,相同的是“身份象征”说依然很有市场。

British people's secret confessions are being displayed in a train station

LONDON — The deepest fears and emotional confessions of strangers are being anonymously displayed at a busy train station in the south of England.See also:


支持多种邮箱,利用雅虎帐户密钥实现免密码登录 加州桑尼维尔--(美国商业资讯)--雅虎公司(Yahoo Inc.,NASDAQ:YHOO)今日发布了多项产品,这些产品主要集中在通讯领域。   这份智能新闻稿包含多媒体内容。

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