As David Letterman’s first Netflix guest, Barack Obama warns against the ‘bubble’ of social media

David Letterman seems to be taking the title of his new Netflix show very seriously: On the very first episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, he’s joined by former U.S. President Barack Obama. The episode has plenty of funny moments,

Eight Roads Ventures targets Southeast Asia deals

Eight Roads Ventures, the investment arm of financial giant Fidelity International, is moving into Southeast Asia where it sees the potential to plug the later stage investment gap. The firm has funds across the world including the U.S, China and Europe,

Amazon makes offline retail push in India

Amazon unleashed a flurry of new products this week at a U.S. press event, but halfway across the world, it is getting deeper into physical retail in the Indian market. The U.S.

AdGuard resets all user passwords after account hacks

Popular ad-blocker AdGuard has forcibly reset all of its users’ passwords after it detected hackers trying to break into accounts. The company said it “detected continuous attempts to login to AdGuard accounts from suspicious IP addresses which belong to various servers across the globe,

Cleo, the ‘digital assistant’ that replaces your banking apps, picks up $10M Series A led by Baldert

When Cleo, the London-based ‘digital assistant’ that wants to replace your banking apps, quietly entered the U.S.,the company couldn’t have expected to be an instant hit. Many better funded British startups have failed to ‘break America’. However, just four months later,

Watch how Tesla Model 3 earned NHTSA’s top safety rating

The Tesla Model 3 has had its share of struggles from CEO Elon Musk’s well-documented production hell to more recent logistic “nightmares” that have slowed deliveries to customers. There’s one area where the Tesla shines:

Audible brings its audiobook library to the Apple Watch

Didn’t get your fill of Amazon news among the 70 or so announcements at today’s Alexa event? Good news, Audible’s got something to add to the deluge. The Amazon-owned audiobook site just announced the availability of its Apple Watch app. The offering brings pretty much what you’d expect.

Scientists have moved one step closer to RNA editing, which could be the next stage of CRISPR

Researchers at the prestigious Salk Institute are reporting that they have managed to map the molecular structure of a CRISPR enzyme that could allow scientists to more precisely manipulate functions within cells. Over the past several years,

Intel is having reboot issues with its Spectre-Meltdown patches

It hasn’t been a fun time to be Intel. Last week the company revealed two chip vulnerabilities that have come to be known as Spectre and Meltdown, and have been rocking the entire chip industry ever since (not just Intel). This week the company issued some patches to rectify the problem. Today,

Intel tried desperately to change the subject from Spectre and Meltdown at CES

Intel had a bad week last week. It was so bad that the chip maker has to be thrilled to have CES, the massive consumer technology show going on this week in Las Vegas, as a way to change the subject and focus on the other work they are doing. For starters,

Even the Most Interesting Man in the World couldn’t make Luma work as standalone company

Luma, a three-year-old, Atlanta, Ga.-based maker of smart WiFi routers, has been acquired by First Alert, a maker of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that is itself a subsidiary of Newell Brands, a public company whose other holdings include Rubbermaid. Terms of the deal aren’t being disclosed,

A Simple Flowchart to Work Out If You Should Take a Selfie

If you sometimes find it hard to read social situations and establish if it's an appropriate time to be taking photographs of yourself with your phone, here's a simple flowchart to make the decision making process a little easier. [Doghouse Diaries]Read more...    

Navy Creates Fuel From Seawater

New submitter lashicd sends news that the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has announced a successful proof-of-concept demonstration of converting seawater to liquid hydrocarbon fuel. They used seawater to provide fuel for a small replica plan running a two-stroke internal combustion engine.



First Data收购移动礼品卡平台Gyft

支付技术解决方案提供商FirstData收购了移动礼品卡平台Gyft,后者曾参加过TechCrunch Disrupt大会的竞技项目,用户可以用Gyft提供的移动应用整理、购买和发送礼品卡给别人。


如果投资者仍以当前的速度向P2P网贷公司投入资金,那么2014年,网贷创业公司将打破银行的地位,至少在贷款市场如此。 LendingClub和OnDeck Capital等公司即将上市,这表明市场开始接受非银行贷款业务。

关于IE6中做兼容的那点事。 - 枫上善若水

前言 对于程序员来说,一听到你做的程序必须兼容IE6(当然主流浏览器肯定得兼容的),那颗滚烫的心瞬间哇凉哇凉的,但是有时,项目就要求这样,你也只能硬着头皮跟IE6来个亲密接触,最近正好做了个项目,关于兼容IE6,真是废了点功夫,特此记录一下,方便以后查阅,也方便以后园友遇到同样问题可以参考一下。



The rockets of the world in one cool graphic

I'm a sucker for rockets and technical illustrations, which is why I love this poster of rockets of the world drawn to scale by Tyler Skrabek—a clean, updated version of a 1995 classic by professor Peter Alway, published in the book Rockets of the World.Read more...


9 月 18 日上午消息,爱立信、英特尔及诺基亚日前宣布支持窄带长期演进(Narrow-Band Long-Term Evolution ,NB-LTE)技术,该技术是针对物联网(IoT)细分市场的无线连接解决方案。  据介绍,NB-LTE 是 4G LTE 技 ... ...


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