People from 'shithole countries' share their accomplishments to prove Trump wrong

In light of President Donald Trump's disgusting and racist comments, people from around the world are sharing their life accomplishments on Twitter.A report from the Washington Post reveals that in a meeting with lawmakers on Thursday,

Democrat with financial ties to AT&T just gutted California's net neutrality law

California lawmakers have the opportunity to pass a new law that would serve as the gold standard for true net neutrality protection across the country. But a Democratic assemblyman with financial ties to the telecommunications industry just gutted it.

Bose SoundSport Free earbuds sound better than AirPods, but they're still lacking

Bose SoundSport Free$199View ProductThe GoodHave volume buttons on right earbud • Great sound quality with good bass • Water-repellent • Fit very snugly in earsThe BadAudio lag makes them unusable for video • Large size • Bulky charging case • Charging case uses Micro USB • Only last up to 5 hours on one charge • Quick charging is slower than competitorsThe Bottom LineBose's SoundSport Free wireless earbuds sound better than AirPods,

'The Proposal' is ABC's weird-ass dating game and an IRL episode of 'Black Mirror'

Equal parts shudder inducing and idiotic, ABC's new dating game The Proposal isn't being likened to The Bachelor franchise nearly as much as it is being compared to Netflix's nightmarish Black Mirror. Complete with a swimsuit portion and thirty-second responses to "deal breaker" questions,

Amazon has a great deal on Echo Spots: Save $40 when you buy 2

What's better than Alexa? Two Alexas. Amazon has a great deal today that saves you $40 when you buy two Amazon Echo Spots.  The Echo Spot is the half-grapefruit-sized version of the original Echo that exchanged surface area for some pretty sweet visual features. As we’ve come to know,

Snapchat's newest feature aims to create 'a world for your Bitmoji to live in'

Snapchat's Snap Map will soon know even more about what you're doing.The app is adding two new features to its Snap Map, called Weather and World Effects, that make it easier to see what your friends may be up to. SEE ALSO:

Why the heels are back in 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom'

If you remember the uproar over Claire's heels in Jurassic World, you might be surprised to learn that she's back in them for Fallen Kingdom. And you may be even more surprised to hear that the heels returned at actress Bryce Dallas Howard's insistence.SEE ALSO: 'Jurassic World:

Amazon has this ASUS gaming laptop on sale for $300 off — the lowest price we've ever seen it

As much as console players don't want to hear it (including myself), PC gaming does it better — from graphical power to control precision. However, shopping for them can be a bit difficult. It's often a balancing act between cost and performance, especially when it comes to gaming laptops.

6 ways to make sure you're drinking enough water

Up to 60 percent of the average human body is made of water, making it essential to how our bodies function. On top of this, it’s important to make sure we have enough water in our systems on a daily basis. Hydration is key to our health since it helps the heart pump blood more easily,

Facebook just became the ultimate dystopia

When constructing a dystopia, it takes some doing to be both Orwellian and Huxleyan at the same time. But with the changes he just announced to the Facebook News Feed, Mark Zuckerberg seems to have managed this extraordinary feat. 

The winners and losers of CES 2018

CES is the best place to get a sense of what's hot and not in technology.As gadget-packed as this year's show was — we crowned our favorite tech from CES here — it also provided good insight on the tech trends that'll influence our lives.SEE ALSO:


6月初,借着来美国加州报道苹果公司开发者大会WWDC的机会,新浪科技试着联系了一下同在美国硅谷、今年受关注度极高的特斯拉公司,希望能在加州体验特斯拉的超级充电站和参观Model S工厂,特斯拉很快同意了我们的报道需求,我们也是第一个参观特斯拉工厂的中国媒体。

网贷天眼获君联资本千万美元A轮融资 推投友圈理财服务平台

P2P 网贷门户社区网贷天眼今日宣布获得联想旗下君联资本千万美元融资。同时网贷天眼发布 P2P 理财服务平台投友圈,解决投资人平台选择和资金管理等难题。

eBay for Windows 8.1 updated with improved search, personalized feed and more

华为在澳大利亚推出99美元4G手机Ascend Y550

据CRN Australia网站 11月11日报道,华为在澳大利亚推出Ascend Y550智能手机,售价仅99美元(约合人民币607元),此款手机通过沃达丰销售,成为进入澳大利亚价格最低的4G手机。

免费插件小有惊喜 12 月 2 号插件更新汇总

FileBrowser 当前版本 1.0 兼容 iOS 8.0 免费  《FileBrowser》是一款文件浏览管理器插件,可以打开浏览、并且编辑许多格式的文件,像常规的复制、粘贴、创建、删除、解压Zip文件等功能都拥有。

【HOT!】一夜爆红的 Instagram 新星:杰郭·斯坦达

杰森·斯坦森为了打击假冒他的人,在 Instagram 上开了个账号。这下,中国网友炸裂了:不仅让这位好莱坞著名影星感受到了中国人的热情,还力捧出一位名为杰郭·斯坦达的新星。

成都时尚达人齐力晒图 礼赞美素“五感六觉的护肤盛宴”

上海和成都2015年4月20日电 /美通社/ -- 4月11日,伽蓝集团 JALA 旗下高端品牌美素 MAYSU 成功进驻茂业春熙店,在巴蜀大地开启一段演绎东方美学与尖端科技完美融合的旅程。



20 金句話你知「攝影是什麼」


12 Fantastic Scifi Vehicles from a Century Ago

Electric airships, submarines, and other futuristic vessels were the main attractions on the covers of a pulp novel series called Frank Reade Weekly Magazine: Containing Stories of Adventures on Land, Sea & in the Air. Read more...

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