Timelapse of a dude building a log cabin by hand is oddly satisfying

Ever want to build yourself a nice cabin in the woods? Outdoorsman Shawn James can help you out.Using basic tools and the power of his own body, James managed to build a rustic, off-the-grid log cabin, and captured nearly every step in the process.As James notes in the YouTube comments,

Hear Jordan Peele (!) step into Rod Serling's shoes in 'The Twilight Zone' reboot teaser

There are few opening lines more iconic in science fiction than "there is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man," the words spoken by original The Twilight Zone host Rod Serling at the start of every episode of the iconic show. In the upcoming Twilight Zone reboot, however,

Get an Asus Zen all-in-one desktop computer for $999.99, its lowest price yet on Amazon

As popular as laptops are, it's hard to replace the power (and screen size) of a quality desktop. And thanks to the growing popularity of all-in-ones, desktops don't take up anywhere near as much room as they used to. The downside is that most all-in-ones can run a little more on the pricier side.

Gmail smart replies may be creepy, but they're catching on like wildfire

This summer, Gmail's billion-plus users received a new chill-but-efficient way to answer emails: Smart Reply.Smart Reply is Gmail's suggested response feature. At the bottom of received emails, Gmail serves three short phrases that its AI has determined are appropriate and relevant responses.

An investigation: Does Harry Styles really dress like Gonzo from 'The Muppet Show'?

Harry Styles is nothing if not an excellent dresser. He is the prince of prints, a trailblazer in the world of floral printed mens wear. But has the singer actually been getting his style inspo from The Muppet Show all along?SEE ALSO:

Pixel 3 is supposedly available for pre-order from a third-party in China before Google has even ann

Google’s upcoming Pixel 3 phone has just popped up on an online store....well, on a third-party Chinese online retailer’s website that even admits in the store’s listing that the item is not available yet.Still, the listing on JD.com, a popular Chinese internet store,

The best visual gags you missed from 'BoJack Horseman' Season 5

Some of the very best jokes on BoJack Horseman happen in the background.The show's dynamite writers, illustrators, and animators squeeze in visual gags that happen faster than you can blink. SEE ALSO:

Best deals for Sept. 20: Save on MacBook Pro, Apple iPad, FitBit, KitchenAid, Amazon Fire HD 10, and

It may be Thursday, but we got #weekendvibes. We're gathering all the best deals from across the internet on the products you want, like computers, laptops, tablets, and kitchen gear. We also have deals on Amazon smart devices, Udemy online classes, and exclusive discounts at Target.SEE ALSO:

How foreign media translated Trump's 'shithole' comment

It's been a struggle for non-English speaking countries to properly translate the eloquent diction of President Donald Trump. Especially with his strong, stable grasp of the English language.

Family shares hilarious Photoshop fail from a photographer they hired

Heavy-handed photo retouching has come under scrutiny in recent years. But you've never seen a botched Photoshop job like this before.Pam and Dave Zaring shared a series of photos to their Facebook page on Friday of a family photoshoot they had taken last year. "We paid a photographer,

Netflix's new show about AI is blowing people's minds - literally

Altered Carbon, Netflix's new sci-fi thriller, is set in a futuristic world with limitless potential. Immortality is finally attainable—for the very wealthy, at least—thanks to AI tech that can download a person's consciousness and memories to a new body. Given the show's hyper techie premise,

iOS- 详解文本属性Attributes - 清澈Saup

1.NSKernAttributeName: @10 调整字句 kerning 字句调整 2.NSFontAttributeName : [UIFont systemFontOfSize:_fontSize] 设置字体 3.NSForegroundColorAttributeName :[UICol...

What Happens When You Strap a GoPro to the World's Largest Paper Plane

As kids, we all wondered what it would be like if you could climb on top of a paper airplane and coast into the sunset. Well, if you watch the latest video from GoPro—shot atop the world's largest paper plane—you'll know. It's about sixty seconds of bliss, followed by an awesome crash.



AT&T明年支持Wi-Fi通话 iPhone6用户要省钱了


BlackBerry Launches Square-Screened Passport Phone

New submitter Andrewkov writes: BlackBerry released its new Passport phone today. It has a square 4.5" screen and a physical keyboard, and it's aimed at corporate users. The company hopes the larger size, Siri-like voice recognition, 30-hour battery life,

耳機?耳擴?播放器?音響達人 Cato 教你點揀隨身音響過聖誕


麦当娜辟MV首播新径 - 阅后即焚Snapchat

据Billboard报道称,歌手麦当娜将在阅后即焚平台Snapchat上首播最新音乐专辑的首支MV--《Living for Love》。用户将可以在软件的Discover版块找到这段视频。

第四章SignalR自托管主机 - 珠海华仔

第四章SignalR自托管主机 SignalR服务器通常在IIS的Asp.Net应用程序上承载,但它也可以使用自托管库来作为自托管的主机来运行(就像控制台应用程序或Windows服务那样)与Signal2.0一样,自托管库是基于.

Sunday's Best Deals: Ice Balls, KitchenAid, Pet Supplies, and More

Here are the best of today’s deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best.Read more...

Windows 10将弃用“已安装应用和开始菜单布局”同步功能

微软希望在大家熟悉的Windows 7和界面更现代化的Windows 8的基础上,打造出更加完美的Windows 10操作系统。

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