Google Assistant had a good CES

Celine Dion at Caesar’s, David Copperfield at the MGM Grand, Google at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company wallpapered the Vegas monorail and plastered the words “Hey Google” on every rentable screen in town. Take that, Donny and Marie. 

BlackBerry Classic Review: Good at Being a BlackBerry, and Not Much Else

Let's talk about the word "classic." Classic can mean "timeless," as in an ageless beauty that never fades or a joke with a punchline that always hits. It can also mean "old," like the candy red '57 Chevy you'll probably never see on a modern highway. Which one describes the BlackBerry Classic?

Microsoft says it is “dismayed” by the forced separation of migrant families at the border

Amid calls for a boycott and employee dissent over its cloud-computing deal with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Microsoft issued a statement saying that the company “is dismayed by the forcible separation of children from their families at the border.

ezCater raises $100M as it looks to own office catered meals around the world

Everyone at the office needs lunch (or in some cases dinner) — but for salespeople trying to entice a potential lead or convince an architect to pick up their project, they might need to use a free meal as a bit of a lure to get them in the room to make that pitch. It […]

Veriff raises $7.7M Series A to become the ‘Stripe for identity’

Veriff, the Estonian startup that wants to become something akin to the ‘Stripe for identity’, has raised $7.7 million in Series A funding. Leading the round is Mosaic Ventures, joining an impressive list of backers that include Taavet Hinrikus, Ashton Kutcher, Paul Buchheit, Elad Gil, SV Angel,

GameStop reportedly discussing buyout with private equity firms

Struggling retail chain GameStop is discussing a potential buyout with private equity firms, according to Reuters. The report says that one of the private equity firms is Sycamore Partners and that GameStop has hired a financial advisor to help with the talks,

What’s under those clothes? This system tracks body shapes in real time

With augmented reality coming in hot and depth tracking cameras due to arrive on flagship phones, the time is right to improve how computers track the motions of people they see — even if that means virtually stripping them of their clothes.

SurveyMonkey has filed confidentially to go public

The IPO window continues to remain open as SurveyMoney, which last raised money in 2014 at a $2 billion valuation, announced today that it has confidentially filed to go public. SurveyMonkey can file confidentially with the SEC through the JOBS act signed in 2012,

‘Gaming disorder’ is officially recognized by the World Health Organization

Honestly, “gaming disorder” sounds like a phrase tossed around by irritated parents and significant others. After much back and forth, however, the term was just granted validity, as the World Health Organization opted to include it in the latest edition of its Internal Classification of Diseases.

Apple says iCloud data migration notice sent to users outside China was done in error

Apple says that an email sent to users with Apple IDs outside of China that their iCloud data was being moved to a Chinese company’s servers was done so accidentally.

Google temporarily bans addiction center ads globally following exposure of seedy referral deals

Google is temporarily halting advertisements worldwide for addiction and rehabilitation centers, following a report last week showing it was acting as a platform for shady referral services earning huge undisclosed commissions. Read More

As David Letterman’s first Netflix guest, Barack Obama warns against the ‘bubble’ of social media

David Letterman seems to be taking the title of his new Netflix show very seriously: On the very first episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, he’s joined by former U.S. President Barack Obama. The episode has plenty of funny moments,

全球首款防水防尘电子书亮相 可在水下1米运行

近日,俄国电子书制造商PocketBook推出最新防水电子书PocketBook 640。据PocketBook公司称,PocketBook 640是世界上首款防水防尘的电子书,可在水下1米正常运行,所以雨中漫步、沙滩玩耍、浴缸泡澡都不会对它产生任何影响。

为什么 Visa 和 MasterCard 能够多年垄断非现金支付系统?


Adam Carolla Settles With Podcasting Patent Troll

Personal Audio has been trying to assert patents they claim cover podcasting for some time now; in March Adam Carolla was sued and decided to fight back. Via the EFF comes news that he has settled with Personal Audio, and the outcome is likely beneficial to those still fighting the trolls.


此文是Bessemer Venture的Jeremy Levine和Rafi Syed的文章,此文分析了市场(marketplace)在买家和卖家完成交易之间所扮演角色的变化趋势,认为以卖家为中心、已有300多年历史的列表市场(分类广告)必将被以买家为中心乃至于以保障交付过程为中心的新模式颠覆,交易型市场和端到端型市场将会成为新兴的重要趋势。

Facebook 不必为“年度回顾”功能道歉

Facebook 向我们提供了「年度回顾」应用。该应用非常便捷,它会自动生成用户一年的回顾,用户可以向他的所有朋友主动推送自动生成的年度回顾的内容。

Python、 R 语言、SAS、SPSS 优缺点比较?


Apple Store将可预约试戴Apple Watch

苹果在 3.9 春季发布会上宣布,Apple Watch 将于 4 月 10 日开始接受预定,并在 4 月 24 日正式发售。Apple Watch 首批登陆的国家包括美国、澳大利亚、加拿大、中国、法国、德国、中国香港、日本和英国。

IDDD 实现领域驱动设计-架构之经典分层 - 田园里的蟋蟀

上一篇:《[IDDD 实现领域驱动设计-上下文映射图及其相关概念](

首批Apple Watch软件界面曝光

虽然苹果已经在零售店中提供 Apple Watch 的试戴服务,但目前仍然有很多人没有看到 Apple Watch 的软件,不知道界面也不知道如何操作。不过在开发者的帮助之下,现在我们可以看到 Apple Watch 的软件截图了。


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