SpaceX’s Dragon capsule returns from the International Space Station

SpaceX’s Dragon capsule has returned from the International Space Station as planned, after spending around a month docked at the orbital facility. This Dragon spacecraft was previously flown on an ISS resupply mission, meaning it’s done the round trip successfully twice in its lifetime now.

SpaceX Cargo Capsule Leaves Space Station For Home

An anonymous reader writes "The commercial cargo ship Dragon left the International Space Station, and is heading home with nearly two tons of science experiments and old equipment. From the article: 'The unpiloted Dragon departed the International Space Station at 9:26 a.m.

Shaking Off Scrubbed Launch, SpaceX Celebrates A Dragon Spashdown

Despite yet another delay in the launch of their first-ever deep space mission , SpaceX still had reason to celebrate today. After a month attached to the International Space Station, the SpaceX Dragon capsule returned to Earth, splashing down with a load of scientific supplies.Read more...

SpaceX Successfully Delivers Supplies To ISS

Reuters reports on the successful SpaceX-carried resupply mission to the ISS: "A cargo ship owned by Space Exploration Technologies arrived at the International Space Station on Sunday,

Boeing's New Space Taxi Has the Cleanest Cabin on Earth

With NASA's rather surprising decision to split the Commercial Crew Program prize between Boeing's CST-100 and SpaceX's Dragon 2 capsule, America is officially back in the manned space exploration game! Woohoo! And even better,

Understanding The Aftermath Of SpaceX’s Failed Falcon Launch

While there were no humans on board and no accidents on the ground, the lost cargo contained over 4,000 pounds of food, water, and science experiments for the crew on station. William Gerstenmaier, NASA associate administrator for human exploration and operations,

The Weirdest Stuff We've Launched Into Space

From the minute we started sending humans into space, authorized and unauthorized paraphernalia have gone with them. Even unmanned spacecraft hauled oddities to the far reaches of our solar system. Here are a few items that have reached where most of us will never go.Read more...

Fall Science Preview: So Much Science is Headed Right for Us!

‘Tis the season for dwarf planets with an impending flood of Pluto flyby data and Dawn just about to point its spectrometer at the weird white spots on Ceres. Add in ocean floor explorations, a pair of weights in perpetual free-fall,

Mars One Is Still Completely Full of Shit

After watching a two hour debate on the feasibility of the Mars One mission last night, I think I finally understand its problem. It’s not that the company is broke. It’s that we don’t yet have the technology to sustain human life on Mars, and Mars One still won’t admit it.Read more...

Google unveils its News Initiative, with tools for subscriptions, security and fighting fake news

Google today announced a multi-pronged News Initiative, which Chief Business Officer Phillipp Schindler described as a way to bring together all of the company’s efforts to work with the journalism industry.

Cleo, the chatbot that wants to replace your banking apps, has stealthily entered the U.S.

With little fuss or fanfare, Cleo, the London-based startup that offers an AI-powered chatbot as a replacement for your banking apps, has begun quietly offering its service to U.S. customers. Just 21 days in, I understand the U.K. fintech is already signing up 1,000 users across the pond per day.

FTC reportedly eyes probe of Facebook over data violations as UK and US pols summon Zuck to testify

The fallout from the story concerning Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, the misuse of personal data and how much Facebook knew about all this, has quickly made its way into the halls of government.

Insta360 One gets a massive upgrade with FlowState stabilization

One of the better 360-degree cameras out there just got a lot better: The Insta360 One, a standalone 4K 360 camera with a built-in iPhone or Android hardware connector now supports FlowState onboard stabilization.

Ford could change Detroit by buying its defunct train station

According to this report, Ford is pursuing a deal to purchase the abandoned Michigan Central Station. Located just outside downtown Detroit, the massive transit station has set empty for about 30 years and recently became a symbol representing a decaying Detroit.

CoEdition raises $4 million from NEA and others for its plus-sized shopping site for women

The average American woman is plus-sized, but only 18 percent of clothing sold in 2016 was size 14 or higher. This disconnect in the world of fashion looked like an opportunity to a team of four former Gilt execs, who are today launching a new e-commerce site, CoEdition.

Rachio announces a new smart sprinkler controller, raises $10M

Rachio, the company that builds WiFi controllers for your garden sprinklers (think Nest Thermostat, but for watering your plants instead of heating your house), is back with a new one. They’ve also raised $10M in a Series B round. So what’s new in this Gen 3 version? A new hardware design,

Google Assistant had a good CES

Celine Dion at Caesar’s, David Copperfield at the MGM Grand, Google at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company wallpapered the Vegas monorail and plastered the words “Hey Google” on every rentable screen in town. Take that, Donny and Marie. 

Apple says iCloud data migration notice sent to users outside China was done in error

Apple says that an email sent to users with Apple IDs outside of China that their iCloud data was being moved to a Chinese company’s servers was done so accidentally.

Google temporarily bans addiction center ads globally following exposure of seedy referral deals

Google is temporarily halting advertisements worldwide for addiction and rehabilitation centers, following a report last week showing it was acting as a platform for shady referral services earning huge undisclosed commissions. Read More

Report: Russia Will Shut Down All U.S. GPS Stations Within Its Borders

Russia Today has unconfirmed reports that Russia announced today a plan to shut down all 11 American-run GPS stations within Russian territory starting June 1st. Russia has also threatened to stop supplying the rocket engines the U.S. uses to launch military satellites into orbit.Read more...


Mozilla上月发布的Firefox 29引入了新的同步系统Firefox Accounts,Mozilla的Brian Warner在其个人博客上介绍了Firefox Accounts同步帐号的技术细节,解释为什么他们要放弃旧的设备配对同步方式。

Opera 23终极版发布 添加新功能提高稳定性

Opera已经发布了Opera 23终极版,适用于Windows和Mac。和之前版本相比,唯一可见的变化是地址栏右侧心脏按钮的行为。

吉隆坡Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon服务式公寓庆一周年开业纪念

香港2014年8月27日电 /美通社/ -- 为庆祝开业一周年纪念,吉隆坡 Lanson Place Bukit Ceylon 服务式公寓于8月13日举行“国际生日派对”,邀请众多住客及员工一同参加分享喜悦,管理层并藉此机会感谢大家过往一年的支持。

Anonymity protesters besiege GCHQ, drink own urine

Privacy rights activists laid siege to GCHQ in protest against the alleged "Tempora" computer system that allows access to large amounts of personal data.Read more:

软件开发入门学习的个人看法。 - 蓝色天梦


The wearable drone camera, for when you just can't manage a selfie

It's a drone that doubles as a wristband, and it's one step closer to being around your wrist.Nixie takes your GoPro's vantage point one step further: On your command, you can unstrap the band from your wrist; it then transforms into a quadcopter and takes flight. Then, from above,

A dog and this mini horse are already the cutest friends of 2015

We're setting the bar high in 2015These two unexpected friends, a Jack Russell Terrier named Daly and a miniature horse named Spanky, are stealing everyone's hearts with their adorable tricks.

智能手帶 Razer Nabu X 三粒 LED 簡約提醒

穿戴式的 Fitness Tracker 選擇很多,有不少都結合了手機訊息提示功能,使用起來不但複雜,但需要經常充電。Razer 的 Nabu X 則反其道而行,採用簡約設計,即是沒有多餘的功能,訊息提示只靠 3 顆 LED。


线上零售巨头亚马逊在周四宣布在 Mac 上推出一个全新的应用- Kindle Textbook Creator,这个应用可以让任何人在 Kindle 上创建和发布教科书。

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