Passive Aggressive Notes, the Silicon Valley Way

Here's what can go wrong if you have a startup as a neighbor: sometimes they'll evict you when their next round of funding comes in, or you might just have to listen to their bullshit every day.Read more...

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Microsoft announces their cloud-based health service alongside their smartband

WTF: One third of cat owners Skype with their furry friends

Skype is often used to keep in touch with loved ones, especially when you are hundreds of miles away. But did you know that one in three British people use Skype to keep tabs on their cat? Yes, their cat. No, this is not made-up news.

Facebook Won’t Budge On Letting Drag Queens Keep Their Names

Facebook will not be changing its real-name policy for the drag queen community. San Francisco drag queens met with representatives from the company yesterday afternoon to talk through a recent mass deletion of their personal profile pages.

Women Increasingly Freezing Their Eggs To Pursue Their Careers

Lasrick (2629253) writes "Really interesting piece by Emma Rosenblum about women freezing their eggs in order to take 'biological clock' pressure off while they pursue careers: 'Not since the birth control pill has a medical technology had such potential to change family and career planning.

Windows Phone developers responding to reviews, aiming to improve their apps

Flipboard Users Can Now Add Their Own Voice, Opinions And Photos To Their Magazines

Mobile news magazine app Flipboard may be putting on a brave face in the wake of new competition from iOS 9’s forthcoming News app, practically a Flipboard clone.

The inspiring stories of three women who use Skype to pursue their passions and accomplish their dre

‘Following Heart’ is a series of stories of women from around the world who use technology to pursue their passions. Three inspiring video stories were created by brothers Jack and Finn Harries under their ‘JacksGap’ project in collaboration with Skype -- you check out the videos below.

Office Remote for Android - Allow users to manage PowerPoint slides from their devices

Microsoft has released Office Remote app for Android devices which give users the ability to manage their PowerPoint presentations from their smartphones. It's not just PowerPoint, users can manage excel worksheets and Word documents as well.To make sure the app works for you,

Google Play Store Now Lets Developers A/B Test Their App Listing Pages, Customize Their Catalog Page

Google today at its I/O developer conference in San Francisco announced a number of new features for developers who want to sell their apps in the Google Play Store. Developers who have a number of apps in the store can now customize their app catalog page that shows all of their apps in the Store,

Gartner names Microsoft as a leader in Cloud Infrastructure as a Service and more

Gartner does a study where they evaluate companies based on "Magic Quadrants." Microsoft is currently positioned as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, x86 Server Virtualization, 

The Extremely Shitty Way One Man Learned He'd Been Fired From Twitter

This morning, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey announced he’s laying off 336 employees, but would do so “with the utmost respect for each and every person.” Also this morning, Twitter engineer Bart Teeuwisse woke up, checked his phone,

No One Wants to Admit It, but Reddit Can't Be Saved

It’s looking more and more like Ellen Pao was, in some sense, set up to fail by her male board of directors. Her predecessor Yishan Wong says it. A top Reddit engineer said it right after quitting . It might sound conspiratorial if it weren’t about this particular site.http://gawker.

Burning Man Riddled with Brutal Pest Infestation 

Burning Man, favorite summertime gathering place for Silicon Valley’s VC-funded shirtless mollybros , is combating a large-scale pest infestation at Blackrock City, Nevada. Crawling over every surface of the pop-up desert city—biting,

Did Reddit's Former CEO Just Reveal a "Long Con" to Sabotage the Site?

After Reddit’s surrender to white supremacy this week, users and observers alike have been trying to figure out how exactly we got to this nadir. How could something so popular get so much wrong, over and over again? A new post by Reddit’s ex-chief suggests it’s all been an inside job.http://gawker.

'Everything Really Hit Rock Bottom': How Nasty Gal's Culture Went Nasty

“Be a nice person at work,” Sophia Amoruso writes in her 2014 book #GIRLBOSS, a combination memoir and self-help book for hungry millennial feminists looking to get ahead in life and business. “If you are a total terror to work with, no one will want to keep you around.

Inspiring: A Full 0.56% of Facebook's 2013 Hires Were Black

Love Facebook or hate Facebook, you’ve got to respect the company’s commitment to inspiring everyone else in America to do worse. Read more...

All the Trash Verizon Now Owns

AOL Desktop for PC 9.7

Paleofuture The Uncanny Valley of Old Futurism | Defamer George Clooney Wants to Shed His Bachelor I

Paleofuture The Uncanny Valley of Old Futurism | Defamer George Clooney Wants to Shed His Bachelor Image and Become a Senator | Regressing Chart:

Twitter Won't Disclose Their Diversity Numbers

Silicon Valley famously spent years refusing to talk about its diversity problem . But in the last month, some of the nation's biggest tech companies became more transparent about their demographics: Google , Facebook , Yahoo —even LinkedIn—all released diversity reports. However,

CNBC Show Implodes After Co-Host Outs Tim Cook

The problem with treating the truth like a dirty secret is that it leads to situations like today's, where a CNBC panelist brought his own show to a halt after stating the obvious: "Tim Cook is fairly open about the fact that he's gay at the head of Apple, isn't he?" Silence.Read more...



机器也能识别情绪,英特尔推 RealSense 3D 摄像头


毕业5年,职业瓶颈,该何去何从 - 东方瀚海

毕业5年了,发现对自己的职业规划越来越迷茫了不像以前还是很有冲劲,对未来充满了期待,发现对未来几年的规划非常迷茫本人做Oracle ERP咨询,待过很多咨询公司,Infosys,TCS,凯捷咨询公司虽然不是太知名,但是都还算是比较正规的公司,国际化咨询公司,做做技术顾问不过发现做技术的路越来越窄,可.

Hubble Images Turned 3D Are Your Best Chance To Fly Through A Nebula

The Hubble telescope has been responsible for showing us some of the universes most incredible sights. But as lovely as they are, sometimes seeing them flat just isn’t enough. Which is why we love this 3D nebula fly-by so much.Read more...

怪AMD太弱没压力 英特尔10nm工艺又推迟了

相信很多 PC 用户对英特尔芯片技术 Tick-Tock(工艺年-构架年)的发展战略模式并不陌生,“Tick”指每隔两年的奇数年推出核心面积更小、制程更先进的处理器,“Tock”指每隔两年的偶数年推出新架构的处理器。


对于即将到来的Nexus设备,有消息指出韩国LG负责生产Nexus 5(2015),而国内手机厂商华为则负责生产Phablet尺寸的大屏幕Nexus设备。

前苹果 CEO 主导的手机公司刚刚推出了两款新品

两款手机新品都运行了 Android 系统,CEO 表示还会推出廉价的 WP 手机。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。

Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows now shipping for your Windows 10 PC

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows, as we first reported back in June, is now shipping to retailers and will soon be available for purchase. The Xbox Wireless Adapter for...


上海2016年1月7日电 /美通社/ -- 2016年元旦之夜,“蓝天下的至爱 -- 安利之夜 -- 新年慈善音乐会”在上海大剧院隆重上演,向一年来为上海慈善事业作出贡献的爱心人士表示节日的问候和衷心的祝福。 (浏览多媒体新闻稿: )   jwplayer('myplayer').setup({file: '', image: 'http://www.

O2O 生鲜电商路在何方?重模式不烧钱的“我厨”想承包家庭用户的餐桌

与大部分水果生鲜类 O2O 打某个单品爆款的思路不同,36 氪今天报道的全品类生鲜电商 我厨 想承包的是家庭用户的餐桌,通过全品类、自建冷链物流、中央厨房等几大核心优势,为用户提供比菜市场更便宜、品类更全的菜品。举个例子,一个三口之家通过 “我厨” 平台选菜、买菜、送菜,不仅能实现上午订下午达,如果买的是净菜(免去洗切配等下锅前工序),能在 20 分钟内搞定四菜一汤,平均成本却仅在 30~40 元 之间。为什么从家庭用户的餐桌切入呢?

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