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This Ikea magazine ad is also a pregnancy test

Ikea collaborated with Medical Lab Mercene Labs to create an ad that doubles as a pregnancy test. Peeing on the marked area will show whether you're pregnant. If you are pregnant, a discounted price will appear right on the ad.

The Best Full-Size High Chair

Between bites of pureed peas and finger foods, you'll scrub down your baby's high chair hundreds of times. Rather than tear your hair out, buy a chair that makes cleaning simple, while offering a safe and comfy seat for your little one. I'd pick the OXO Tot Seedling,

Ken Jeong talked some kids into seeing 'Crazy Rich Asians' — and Jon Chu got it on film

If there's anyone out there who can shame you into buying a ticket for Crazy Rich Asians, it's definitely the director of the blockbuster film and one of its many stars. Director Jon M. Chu showed up to a movie theater with Ken Jeong in tow this weekend.

Here's the app you need to make your iPhone photos look good enough for Tim Cook to share

It's World Photography Day, which means Tim Cook is celebrating in a very Tim Cook way: sharing #ShotOniPhone snapshots.On Sunday, the Apple CEO tweeted the breathtaking work of John Bozinov — a photographer who focuses on wildlife and portraits. Bozinov is a master of iPhone photography,

We tried avocado chocolate toast, the new 'it' food according to at least one pop star

Like any good millennial, there are a few things I enjoy: #catsofInstagram, '90s nostalgia, and the overwhelming sense of entitlement that comes with contributing to the demise of entire industries, like soap. But if there's a stereotypical millennial trait I identify with most,

'Truth isn't truth': Giuliani coins perfect phrase for the internet nightmare that is 2018

Another day, another Trump aide gaslighting the American public.The latest: Rudy Giuliani's declaration Sunday that "truth isn't truth," which is mind-numbingly WTF and yet somehow perfect for our post-"fake news" era.SEE ALSO:

No, you can't just text your last will and testament to someone, court rules

Dear friends and family: If you've ever gotten a drunken text from me about one day owning my prized possessions when I'm outta here, unfortunately, that's all null and void. According to a recent ruling from a French court,

'Crazy Rich Asians' absolutely dominated its first week at the box office

There's yet another reason to celebrate the historic release of Crazy Rich Asians. Not only is it the first studio film in over 25 years to star an all-Asian cast, but in the five days that Crazy Rich Asians has been in theaters,

Jack Dorsey says Twitter's 'left-leaning' bias doesn't affect content decisions

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is still trying to convince conservatives that his service treats them fairly.Speaking to CNN's Brian Stelter in an interview that aired Saturday,

HODL becomes a rallying cry in the midst of cryptocurrency crash

Cryptocurrencies are crashing. People are panicking. The crypto faithful, however, abide by one word: HODL.HODL, an intentional typo of "hold," has become the rallying cry for cryptocurrency traders in the face of this recent Bitcoin crash,

Activist Patrisse Cullors sets the record straight about Black Lives Matter in new book

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Patrisse Cullors — activist, advocate, community organizer, and co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter — wants to set the record straight:

This ridiculous electric SUV concept is over the top in every way

Chinese EV startup 'BYTON' has an electric SUV concept in the works and it's packed to the brim with unnecessary tech—including a massive 49-inch gesture-controlled dashboard display and a fitness tracker that keeps tabs on your heart rate, blood pressure, and weight.

新兴市场迎来更多低端Windows Phone设备

Windows Phone 设计与开发的领军人物微软Windows Phone部门环球副总裁 乔·贝尔菲奥利(Joe Belfiore)日前接受了《纽约时报》的采访。


苹果证实它正督促亚利桑那州州长Jan Brewer否决一项反同性恋法案,这项法案允许有强烈宗教信仰的企业业主拒绝向男女同性恋提供服务,许多人认为这类似于几十年前餐厅拒绝为黑人提供服务,是非法和不道德的。


日前,市场调查机构NPD DisplaySearch在最新的调查报告中指出,小尺寸平板在与大屏手机(也就是phablet,俗称平板手机)的较量中败下阵来。报告显示,2014年Q1,全球平板出货量首次出现下滑。

Oracle NVL和DECODE函数的漏洞 - 书虫之梦

在Oracle中,即使条件不符合, NVL函数也会执行条件不符合的选项,对于DECODE函数,如果里面有自定义函数,则decode不会执行不符合条件的函数,但是如果decode里面有sequence.nextval,不管条件是否符合,sequence都会自增。

SmartWatch 3: Sony Finally Opts for Android Wear

Ahead of IFA, there were rumours that Sony was to release a third SmartWatch that would still be running on the company's own wearable operating system. On the basis of our experience with previous efforts, that would have been a very bad idea indeed. Thankfully,

微软:Windows 10 用户已经达到 280 万

2014 年 10 月,微软发布了第一个 Windows 10 技术预览版,同时通过 Windows Insider Program 会员计划让一切感兴趣的用户提前尝鲜,并帮助塑造 Windows 10。所以,从那时起,体验或参加测试的人员数量也越来越多。  


6月16日 一些事 晚报 | 汇总今日最热资讯:  1.【雷军,你的敌人为啥那么多?】上周,雷军又飞上了风口。先是360董事长周鸿祎对小米狂轰滥炸,紧接着小米跟乐视进入“撕吧”第二季,雷布斯和贾布斯猛烈对喷。

Orphaned baby wallaby has his own teddy bear to hug

Doodlebug is an orphaned wallaby who has taken the Internet by storm, thanks to his adorableness.Tim Beshara tweeted a photo of the little wallaby on Tuesday, telling everyone that his wildlife caretaker mother sent it to him. The pic featured little Doodlebug hugging his beloved teddy bear.


之前在 Reddit 網站上有位 noveltysin 女網友利用 Fitbit 智慧手環,來記錄與男友恩愛的過程所消耗的熱量、心跳,這樣的應用方式應該是開發廠商想都想不到的方式!

过亿用户数据疑遭泄露 网易邮箱据不认账

上个星期开始,微博等社交平台传出网易邮箱已经被暴力破解的消息。陆续有用户反应,通过网易邮箱账号注册的其他服务的密码邮箱遭到了更换,Apple ID、微博、支付宝、百度云盘等纷纷躺枪。       

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