This Ikea magazine ad is also a pregnancy test

Ikea collaborated with Medical Lab Mercene Labs to create an ad that doubles as a pregnancy test. Peeing on the marked area will show whether you're pregnant. If you are pregnant, a discounted price will appear right on the ad.

The Best Full-Size High Chair

Between bites of pureed peas and finger foods, you'll scrub down your baby's high chair hundreds of times. Rather than tear your hair out, buy a chair that makes cleaning simple, while offering a safe and comfy seat for your little one. I'd pick the OXO Tot Seedling,

Teachers say #ArmMeWith classroom resources instead of guns

In the wake of yet another tragic school shooting, teachers have started an eye-opening movement on social media to let the world know what preventative measures really need to be taken seriously to protect students.

Oh good, e-cigarette vapor contains toxic metals, too

Bad news, vapers. Your e-cigs might not be the healthier alternative to cigarettes you think they are.A new study has found that vaping may be exposing e-cigarette users to harmful toxins and carcinogens, like lead, chromium, and even arsenic.SEE ALSO:

Winter Olympic Google Doodles, ranked

The Olympics are a time for some of the world's best athletes to compete on the world's grandest stage. It's a time for the best humans on Earth to shine. But, you know, some times animals want in on the action too.Cartoon animals, rather. During the duration of the Winter Games,

Where's the Olympic French ice skater's medal for her mid-performance costume change?

Olympic ice skating doesn't have to be about the triple flips and double axels. French ice skater Maé-Bérénice Méité somehow worked in a small costume change during her performance Thursday in the ladies' single free skate program. 

Turn your hand into a keyboard with this strap of sensor-equipped rings

TAP helps you turn any surface into a keyboard, but it's going to take you around five hours before you actually master it. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Wireless, Computer, Laptop, and Type

Apple may release AirPower wireless charging pad next month

Apple will launch its own wireless charger that can charge and iPhone, an Apple Watch, and a pair of AirPods in their case — all at the same time — next month, reports Macotakara.Although Apple's Phil Schiller unveiled the device, called AirPower, at the company's September 2017 iPhone event,

Kylie Jenner is launching a makeup collection inspired by her daughter, Stormi

With both a new baby and a makeup line, it was only a matter of time before Kylie Jenner found a way to combine the two of them. No, don't worry—Kylie isn't coming out with lip kits for infants. Instead, she has just announced "The Weather Collection,

HODL becomes a rallying cry in the midst of cryptocurrency crash

Cryptocurrencies are crashing. People are panicking. The crypto faithful, however, abide by one word: HODL.HODL, an intentional typo of "hold," has become the rallying cry for cryptocurrency traders in the face of this recent Bitcoin crash,

Activist Patrisse Cullors sets the record straight about Black Lives Matter in new book

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Patrisse Cullors — activist, advocate, community organizer, and co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter — wants to set the record straight:

This ridiculous electric SUV concept is over the top in every way

Chinese EV startup 'BYTON' has an electric SUV concept in the works and it's packed to the brim with unnecessary tech—including a massive 49-inch gesture-controlled dashboard display and a fitness tracker that keeps tabs on your heart rate, blood pressure, and weight.

iOS 7.1曝新漏洞:可让第一方程序完全消失

寻找 iOS 新漏洞的脚步仍然在继续。威锋网消息,国外技术网站 iDeviceHelpus 今天曝光了一个存在于 iOS 7.1 的新漏洞。

传闻 Apple 将以 32 亿美金收购 Beats

分类: 智能手机Apple 经常指出他们常常会收购一些公司,这些公司通常都是较不知名,而且涉及的金额对 Apple 来说都是相对小,不过我们有可能在不久的将来看到 Apple 大手笔地买下一间知名的公司了。

[视频]宇航员Chris Hadfield首支太空MV即将下架

一年前,加拿大宇航员Chris Hadfield发布了首支来自太空的“音乐录像带”--《太空怪人(Space Oddity)》。当时,这位“热爱”表演的宇航员获得了这首歌1年的演唱版权。现在,1年时间很快就到了。

MongoDB安装及shell简介 - 无风听海

MongoDB安装 MongoDB具有跨平台的优良特性,提供了对主流的操作系统支持,我们可以根据自己使用的操作系统,选择下载对应的安装包。图1.

nodejs 模拟form表单上传文件 - _nil




蛇叔:「價錢平・熒幕解像度一般」 – Asus Transformer Pad

之前介紹過 Asus MeMO Pad 相信 讀者睇完都它們改觀,因為升級後性能達貴價手機水平。不過 8 吋還嫌不夠?它們還有一款 Transformer Pad,賣點除了換成更大的 10 吋屏幕,貴為 Transformer 當然還配備「合體」鍵盤設計。

阿里巴巴上市 外国人问:淘宝上能买到女朋友么?


重複犯錯! 外國 iPhone6 Plus 用戶不慎坐彎手機

根據外國著名蘋果新聞網站報導,越來越多 iPhone6 Plus 用戶反映經過一天的隨身攜帶使用後,手機出現了不同程度的彎曲情況.....(以下更多資料) The post 重複犯錯! 外國 iPhone6 Plus 用戶不慎坐彎手機 appeared first on UNWIRE.

9 ways the 2014 midterm elections made history

The 2014 midterm election was one for the history booksThe Republicans captured control of the Senate on Tuesday, but there were also many other notable results that came out of the electionLet's take a look at some of the biggest landmarks of the races.1.

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