Justin Timberlake admits he 'stumbled' during the Nipplegate controversy

The 2004 Super Bowl halftime show's 'Nipplegate' was truly the Watergate of sports broadcasting: Where were you when Justin Timberlake unexpectedly exposed Janet Jackson's breast to 143.6 million viewers on live television — seemingly, to her utter surprise?

Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dropped into a 'Donkey Kong 64' session on Twitch

It's not every day a member of Congress drops by a Twitch session.Streamers of a session of Donkey Kong 64 on Sunday were treated to a cameo from newly elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.SEE ALSO:

How do you draw an X? Twitter is divided over it.

Draw an X. I'll wait.Now, how did you go about it? The left stroke first, downward, then the right, or the right stroke first, upward? Turns out there are multiple ways.SEE ALSO:

Ja Rule claims he's a Fyre Fest victim too in a tweetstorm about the new documentaries

After the release of two documentaries about the ill-fated Fyre Festival former company co-founder Ja Rule took to Twitter to shed light on who the real victim of the whole situation was: himself.Over a period of hours on Sunday,

Jon Bon Jovi's restaurant will offer free meals to furloughed government workers

As Donald Trump's partial shutdown of the U.S. government approaches the end of its first (and hopefully last) month, every little bit helps. Jon Bon Jovi is doing his part.The '80s rocker — he's had quite an accomplished career,

Gillian Anderson will play Margaret Thatcher in 'The Crown' Season 4

The third season of Netflix's royal drama The Crown isn't even out yet, but one crucial role for the show's fourth season has already been cast, and it's a big one. Deadline reports that Gillian Anderson of The X-Files fame will play the UK's first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher. 

Kim Kardashian's daughter had the most extra first birthday party ever

Kim Kardashian took her Hidden Hills, Calif. mansion down an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole for her daughter Chicago's first birthday.Complete with elaborately dressed characters, an indoor maze, rose awnings, an arts and crafts section, and themed sweets like a Cheshire Cat cake,

New 'Shazam' trailer shows the fun side of being a superhero

Previous Shazam trailers have focused on the story of how Billy Batson gained the power to transform into a superhero, but new look at DC's upcoming movie has a little more heroic flair. Some of Shazam's powers look particularly awesome, like his super-fast flight and lightning beams,

This Ikea magazine ad is also a pregnancy test

Ikea collaborated with Medical Lab Mercene Labs to create an ad that doubles as a pregnancy test. Peeing on the marked area will show whether you're pregnant. If you are pregnant, a discounted price will appear right on the ad.

HODL becomes a rallying cry in the midst of cryptocurrency crash

Cryptocurrencies are crashing. People are panicking. The crypto faithful, however, abide by one word: HODL.HODL, an intentional typo of "hold," has become the rallying cry for cryptocurrency traders in the face of this recent Bitcoin crash,

Activist Patrisse Cullors sets the record straight about Black Lives Matter in new book

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work. Patrisse Cullors — activist, advocate, community organizer, and co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter — wants to set the record straight:



Minuum推出适用于Google Glass的输入法

Google Glass可以做很多事情,但到目前为止它的功能大多被以滑动、轻点和语音操作为基础的输入系统局限了。



2014年北京旅游发展报告 购物花费比例最高


Rip-off Britain: Tech firms making UK consumers paying over the odds for gadgets

Consumer group Which? has compared the prices (exclusive of tax) of 13 identical products being sold in the US and UK, and concluded that Brits are getting a "raw deal". Read more: http://www.itproportal.


今日早间,中证网等媒体报道了一篇标题为:《北汽董事长美国密会贾跃亭 欲携乐视共谋新能源车 》的新闻,稿件中透露重磅绝密消息:乐视CEO贾跃亭在美期间,除了布局海外市场,在美国创立两家子公司,推动乐视生态业务全球化全面启动外。

You Could Have the Chance to Own a Piece of Reddit

Reddit has announced a $50 million round of fundraising, as expected. But there's an interesting quirk in the news for average Redditors.Yishan Wong, CEO of Reddit, announced in a blog post that Reddit community members could soon have the opportunity to buy some shares in the companySee also:

New X-ray method could read scrolls burned in Mt. Vesuvius eruption

Hundreds of ancient papyrus scrolls that were buried nearly 2,000 years ago after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius could finally be read, thanks to a new technique.The X-ray-based method can be used to decipher the charred,



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