New bipartisan CLOUD Act could provide a final answer to Microsoft’s Ireland data case

Positions regarding the US political climate is contentious, to say the least. The past two years of partisan rhetoric has created a visible rift among citizens and continued tribalistic devotion looks to widen that divide for some. However,

Microsoft patents reveal continued interest in bendable devices

Microsoft is continuing its development of a folding device, as can be seen in a recent patent, which shows off a mechanism that allows a single display to be folded shut by a hinge from inside the device.

Google plans big gaming news at GDC, will Microsoft respond?

Google is apparently planning to make some big gaming announcements at the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco in March.

How to create a Windows 10 recovery drive

Having a Windows 10 recovery drive should be a key component of your backup and recovery strategy. While not a backup itself, a recovery drive can be used to repair and recover your PC in the event of a startup failure.

London Microsoft Store to open this Summer according to reports

New details have emerged online as to the grand opening date of the Microsoft Store in London.

Lenovo Yoga C630: A promising future on an interesting evolution

The Lenovo Yoga C630 sits in the shadows of its predecessors eagerly awaiting the engineering and technology to catch up to its future promise.

Images leak of Microsoft’s new Remote Desktop Preview app

This new Remote Desktop Client will go a long way in convincing hesitant IT Admin holdouts

Deal: Video editing apps discounted in the Windows 10 Microsoft Store app this week

The Microsoft Store app store is currently having a Create, capture and play sale which has discounted a variety of Windows 10 video editing and media apps. Among the apps discounted are PowerDirector 17 Ultra (with a $30 discount), PowerDVD 18 Standard ($10), PhotoDirector 10 Ultra ($30),

Three new Xbox Play Anywhere titles come to the Microsoft Store

Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition, Little Triangle and Samsara are the latest Xbox Play Anywhere games to be released on the Microsoft Store, and they all seem to be pretty fun.

Hands on with Windows 10 build 17093 (video)

Windows 10 build 17093 is Microsoft’s latest release to Windows insiders on the Fast ring and to those who opted in to Skip ahead. It’s another of a handful of Windows Insider builds announced recently ending in the number ‘3’. While this build doesn’t include any flashy new app experiences,

EA Sports UFC 3 Deluxe Edition is now available to play on Xbox One

The Deluxe Edition of EA Sports UFC 3 is now playable on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles. This Deluxe Edition bundle features the main game (which has been out for a week now) plus the legendary Bruce Lee as a playable character and 3,000 UFC Points to spend in-game.


早报导语 今天真坑爹,全部都是京东的消息,让小编我的早报都无法做出来,幸好小编我天之聪颖。哇哈哈。今天小编主要 […]

每人送1亿 陈天桥对高管性情大变?

摘要 : 一夜之间,盛大游戏的几位制作人一下子全部成了亿万富翁,更重要的是,被外界视为对公司高管一向严苛有加的陈天桥,怎么一下子变得这么nice了?   

U.S. Army's Hypersonic Weapon Self-Destructed Right After Lift-off in Alaska

The U.S. Army had to self-destruct a device while testing a military defense project at its Kodiak Launch Complex in Alaska on Monday.The Department of Defense was testing its Advanced Hypersonic Weapon when a “flight anomaly” forced a termination “near the launch pad shortly after lift-off,



This Samsung Washer Has Its Own Built-in Sink For Pre-Treating Stains

In a perfect world every stain and spill would come out of your clothes after just a single wash. But the same way a dish washer works best after you've scraped the plates clean, pre-treating your clothes is the only way to help guarantee a stain comes out.


上周后台@bear007 向嗅哥提问:鲸鱼岛乐队是一支怎样的乐队?他们又是怎么样运营的呢?简单来说,这是一支虚拟乐队——用二次元形象去传达音乐,而创作者隐身幕后的乐队。

LG 發表 55 吋 OLED 超薄「牆紙」顯示屏

有沒有想過電視屏幕可以像牆紙般薄薄的貼在牆上呢?LG 日前展出了全新的 OLED 技術,55 吋面板的厚度只有 0.97mm,重量僅為 1.9kg。由於這塊 OLED 面板非常之薄,安裝的方式亦與別不同。



装饰器模式及JAVA IO流例子★★★☆☆ - 风一样的码农

一、什么是装饰模式 通过关联机制给类增加行为,其行为的扩展由修饰对象来决定; 二、补充说明 与继承相似,不同点在于继承是在编译期间扩展父类,而装饰器模式在运行期间动态扩展原有对象; 或者说,继承是对类进行扩展,装饰模式是对对象进行扩展; 三、角色 抽象构件 具体构件 抽象装饰类 具体装饰类 说明:具


浪漫樱花,和谐大金 上海2016年4月13日电 /美通社/ -- 4月2日,以“浪漫樱花,和谐大金”为主题的第3届大金樱花节在常熟工业园区内开幕,吸引了大金公司员工家庭以及周边社区居民及各方来宾共4000多人慕名前来。初春伊始,虽是春雨绵绵,大金樱花园却是游人如织,樱花飞舞的景象伴着淅淅沥沥的小雨,看起来也是别有一番风味。 大金樱花园始建于2011年4月,起初是作为员工工作之余休息放松的场所,后持续扩建,到目前为止,占地约2万平方米的园区内共栽种有日本晚樱680株。

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