Taming the audio and video 800-pound gorilla

Where does an 800-pound gorilla sit? Anywhere it wants. How do you move an 800-pound gorilla? You don’t. That 800-pound gorilla… is now a three-pound kitten.

Improving productivity through manufacturing skills and technology

How can the UK's engineering and manufacturing industries prevent falling victim to a skills shortage?

European digital transactions bombarded with cyberattacks

The increase in cyberattacks have led consumers to turn to mobile as the more secure channel.

What should be top of the agenda for mobile operators?

A lacklustre MWC, the slow advancement of 5G and security threats galore.

With GDPR upon us, here's what the C-Suite needs to know about cyber security

All members of your organisation should be properly prepared for the upcoming regulation, even the C-Suite.

Intel reveals first-ever 10nm chipset

Chipmaker was able to shrink its processors to 10nm but not its GPUs.

Make software audits unprofitable by fortifying your software audit castle

Preventing software audits can save your organisation both time and money.

How technology is shaping the future of work

Let’s look at the three aspects that come into play and how they can be employed to your advantage now.

What if AI made us talk to each other more?

AI can help employees collaborate smarter by making interactions quick, convenient and intuitive.

Poor data practices can ruin a company, research claims

People will not do business with companies known for misuse of personal data.

Dell signs up to power McLaren F1

Partnership will see "deep technology expertise" from Dell portfolio extended to all McLaren work, including Formula 1.



NVIDIA Adds Open-Source Gallium3D Support For the Tegra K1

An anonymous reader writes "NVIDIA's latest rare open-source contribution is adding Gallium3D support for the Tegra K1 SoC to the Nouveau Mesa driver. After they added support for the Tegra K1's 'GK20A' Kepler GPU to the Nouveau DRM kernel driver,





MFC窗口颜色的设置 - 高洪臣

本文主要介绍对话框背景色以及控件颜色的设置(SetDialogBkColor()不再被支持)。对话框背景色的设置1、重载OnPaint()函数,即WM_PAINT消息,代码如下所示:void CtestDlg::OnPaint(){ if (IsIconic()) { CP...



How to find volunteer work online

There's an infinite number of worthy causes and organizations eager to have volunteers, but if you're just getting started, it can be difficult — even discouraging — to weed through all the options.Luckily,

黑客組織 Anonymous 向攻擊 Xbox Live 及 PSN 的 Lizard Squad 宣戰

早前聖誕節期間 Xbox Live 及 PlayStaion Network(PSN) 遭遇Lizard Sq …The post 黑客組織 Anonymous 向攻擊 Xbox Live 及 PSN 的 Lizard Squad 宣戰 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

達成目標先可打開!kSafe 智能儲物罐幫您解決生活惡習


​YouTube 的免广告订阅计划将赶在年底前推出

YouTube 在去年底推出了 Music Key 音乐串流订阅服务,而今年则打算带来免广告订阅计划。根据 Bloomberg 的报导,参与这收费服务的使用者将不会再看到加插在视频前的广告。

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