The top 3 technologies to prioritize in 2018

Organisations should highly consider incorporating AI, blockchain and microservices into their existing IT strategies.

Huawei unveils Mate20 and Mate20 Pro with boosted AI and in-screen fingerprint sensor

New Mate20 and Mate20 Pro devices look to target “young entrepreneurs” with souped-up AI power.

MoD secrets exposed in major cyberattack

Secrets of the Ministry of Defence have been exposed in numerous cyber security incidents last year.

The future of commerce will be the human touch

Bringing emotion and empathy to the online experience will be the defining characteristic of a successful eCommerce retailer.

Contactless becomes most popular form of in-store payment

Worldpay study sees 30 per cent increase in contactless as consumers drop cash payments.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies

Allen died in Seattle due to complications caused by the non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

The future of the fintech will require security, not just innovation

To stand a chance of remaining successful in the future banking market, financial services companies must ensure IAM policies are thorough, while guaranteeing API security. Any lapses here will cost a company dearly.

GCHQ demands companies shape up their IoT security

Security protector publishes rules to be followed by tech firms, with the likes of Hive already on board.

Investing in business continuity: what it means to be proactive about risk

Developing business resiliency through integrated risk management must be a top priority for all businesses.

Demand for email security escalates consolidation of phishing awareness & training point solutions

Organisations must empower their employees with right tools and techniques to fight phishing at every phase of an attack.

Taming the audio and video 800-pound gorilla

Where does an 800-pound gorilla sit? Anywhere it wants. How do you move an 800-pound gorilla? You don’t. That 800-pound gorilla… is now a three-pound kitten.

传苹果7月开始量产大屏手机iPhone 6

传苹果7月开始量产大屏手机iPhone 6腾讯科技[微博]悦潼2014年04月10日05:36 BI中文站 4月10日据日本媒体EMSOne援引中国台湾媒体的消息称,苹果将从今年7月开始量产新款大屏幕手机iPhone6。据称,这款所谓的iPhone 6智能手机将配置4.



新Surface Pro 3平板i3/i7机型发货时间提前

微软曾在 Surface Pro 3 发布会上宣布,配备酷睿 i5 处理器的新平板机型将于 6 月 20 日率先在美国发售,而 i3 和 i7 版本机型则推迟到 8 月底才会发货。

Notebook 自加提示燈!email、行事曆、訊息提示即知

現時不少手機服務都提供發送通知,提醒用戶去查閱各種新消息,不過電腦在訊息通知方面卻顯得不夠方便,因此有人就設計出一個 USB 通知顯示燈 blink(1),只要插在電腦上,一有各種通知就會即時著燈提醒大家。

The Apple iPad Air 2 is proof that tablets are dying

Tablet sales are slowing, and a large chunk of the reason for that can be laid squarely at Apple’s door, or at least that's what Wayne Williams thinks.Read more:

Bose 的产品要重新在 Apple Store 上架了?

之前苹果可能是为了给自家的 Beats 报专利战场上的一箭之仇,自十月末起,就没有再将 Bose 的产品摆上过旗下零售店的货架。不过时至今日,双方的矛盾似乎有所缓解。

Breweries Ran Out of New Names (and Hop Puns) For Craft Beers 

Hoptimus Prime. Smooth Hoperator. Hoptical Illusion. If a brewer has the chance to make a hop pun (and odds are good, thanks to the hop boom ), they'll make it. But NPR's The Salt says that the explosion of craft beer over the past decade has led to a legal problem: There are no new names left.

Triptease Raises $2M To Help Hotels Increase Direct Bookings

I’ve often wondered why hotels don’t do a better job at direct selling, rather than letting a plethora of travel sites and hotel booking aggregators, such as and Expedia, cream off the top of their profits by means of affiliate revenue.

一个java页游服务器框架 - 永志

一、前言 此游戏服务器架构是一个单服的形式,也就是说所有游戏逻辑在一个工程里,没有区分登陆服务器、战斗服务器、世界服务器等。此架构已成功应用在了多款页游服务器。



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