The top 3 technologies to prioritize in 2018

Organisations should highly consider incorporating AI, blockchain and microservices into their existing IT strategies.

Improving productivity through manufacturing skills and technology

How can the UK's engineering and manufacturing industries prevent falling victim to a skills shortage?

European digital transactions bombarded with cyberattacks

The increase in cyberattacks have led consumers to turn to mobile as the more secure channel.

What should be top of the agenda for mobile operators?

A lacklustre MWC, the slow advancement of 5G and security threats galore.

With GDPR upon us, here's what the C-Suite needs to know about cyber security

All members of your organisation should be properly prepared for the upcoming regulation, even the C-Suite.

Intel reveals first-ever 10nm chipset

Chipmaker was able to shrink its processors to 10nm but not its GPUs.

Make software audits unprofitable by fortifying your software audit castle

Preventing software audits can save your organisation both time and money.

How technology is shaping the future of work

Let’s look at the three aspects that come into play and how they can be employed to your advantage now.

Investing in business continuity: what it means to be proactive about risk

Developing business resiliency through integrated risk management must be a top priority for all businesses.

Demand for email security escalates consolidation of phishing awareness & training point solutions

Organisations must empower their employees with right tools and techniques to fight phishing at every phase of an attack.

Taming the audio and video 800-pound gorilla

Where does an 800-pound gorilla sit? Anywhere it wants. How do you move an 800-pound gorilla? You don’t. That 800-pound gorilla… is now a three-pound kitten.


logo由两个元素组成 1 。雨维斯的首字母大写 2.一把翻过来收的雨伞形状logo本身即代表了商品的特性同时以显著的特点作为商品的标示易懂的基础上加以创新元素展现出商品所代表的企业的勃勃生机和创新意识。

720p高清大屏四核 4G版Moto G或将上市

在过去的 2013 年,摩托罗拉发布了两款人气智能手机,其中一款即为 Moto G。由于不错的配置和极其亲民的售价,Moto G 受到了众多消费者的青睐,不过美中不足的是它并不支持 4G 网络。

Coding如戏,自娱自乐,认真你就输了 - DoNetCoder


Jass 技能模型定义(—):半人马酋长的反击光环 - 小尧弟

Jass是什么? 先阐释一下什么是jass吧,百度:JASS(正确地说是JASS 2)是魔兽3的程序语言,用于控制游戏和地图的进行,也是魔兽游戏和地图的基础。

想玩Xbox One和PS4 以后去网吧就有!

对现在的不少人来说,网吧怕也是一个略遥远的回忆了。有没有一个理由让我们重回网吧?Xbox One!  



Message Systems Buys Rival Port25 Solutions To Create Email Infrastructure Giant

In a marriage of two email infrastructure rivals, Message Systems bought Port25 Solutions today for an undisclosed mix of stock and cash. With it, they have created a company that covers every email infrastructure need from small business all the way to mega messaging clients like social networks.

Julius Caesar likely suffered mini strokes, not epilepsy

Roman general Julius Caesar may have suffered a series of mini-strokes and not epilepsy, according to a new review of his symptoms.Ancient sources report that Julius Caesar (100-44 BC) had episodes of vertigo, dizziness and limb weakness.

透过分析师的双眼来看Windows 10

微软的Windows 10明天就要到来了,想必很多用户都等不及去亲身体验它。在我们看来,这款操作系统迎来了重新 […]

Report: Apple Pay is hitting a wall with Australian banks

Apple Pay, Apple's first foray into mobile payments, was announced by the technology heavyweight in September last year, but its global roll out hasn't been all smooth sailing.It ran into multiple problems on the London Tube after its UK introduction, while take up in the U.S.

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