The top 3 technologies to prioritize in 2018

Organisations should highly consider incorporating AI, blockchain and microservices into their existing IT strategies.

Cybercrime could cost companies $5.2 trillion over next five years

As companies rush to enable digital business models as fast as possible, they leave the doors open for possible cybersecurity incidents.

Cybersecurity funding hit record levels in 2018

$5.3 billion invested into cybersecurity organisations last year.

IBM and Vodafone sign major new tech partnership

The two parties want to help businesses everywhere innovate faster and ultimately succeed in the digital world.

Three steps for avoiding devastating security breaches

With the cost of endpoint attacks climbing to a record average of $7.12 million, the stakes have never been higher. Companies must act fast.

Smarter and more connected technology will lead intelligent transformation in 2019

In 2019, the dawn of limitless connectivity, full automation and immersion into extended realities will inch closer than ever before.

China says Huawei 5G ban will mean "repercussions"

Trade war continues to heat up following latest Huawei warning.

Mis-valuation of data poses a huge threat to businesses

A business must fully understand the value of its data if it is to protect it properly.

Investing in business continuity: what it means to be proactive about risk

Developing business resiliency through integrated risk management must be a top priority for all businesses.

Demand for email security escalates consolidation of phishing awareness & training point solutions

Organisations must empower their employees with right tools and techniques to fight phishing at every phase of an attack.

Taming the audio and video 800-pound gorilla

Where does an 800-pound gorilla sit? Anywhere it wants. How do you move an 800-pound gorilla? You don’t. That 800-pound gorilla… is now a three-pound kitten.

咖啡店 Dumb Starbucks 对 Starbucks 构成商标侵权吗?


Apple Issues Patch For OS X SSL Security Vulnerability

Apple faced a considerable security threat with its SSL flaw, present in both iOS and OS X devices over the past few days. The iOS bug was plugged late Friday via the iOS 7.0.6 update made available to iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, but Macs with 10.9 went unpatched until now. The fix is out,

Soundfreaq开始出货Sound Rise蓝牙闹钟扬声器

Soundfreaq已经开始出货Sound Rise——1款基于蓝牙的电子钟+扬声器。该设备的设计相当简洁,内置双闹钟(可用于分别设置工作日/周末闹钟)。至于提醒方式,其支持播放和弦、FM电台、或连接的设备里的内容。

Waste Management: The Critical Element For Nuclear Energy Expansion

Lasrick (2629253) writes "As part of a roundtable on the risks of developing nuclear power in developing countries, Harvard's Yun Zhou explores the reprocessing of spent fuel.



This Vine Won the Shortest Film Festival in Australia

SYDNEY — The world's largest short film festival has decided 7 minutes — its normal time limit per movie — wasn't nearly short enough.This year Tropfest, which launched in Australia in 1993,


今天被400电话气死,在毫无征兆和提前告知的情况下,因余额不足就给我们暂停服务了。接到用户反馈后就第一时间联系 ...

Windows Azure Web Site (8) 设置Web Site时区 - Lei Zhang的博客

《Windows Azure Platform 系列文章目录》 许多已经使用Azure Web Site的用户已经发现了,Azure Web Site默认的系统时间是UTC时区。 比如我们在本地使用Visual Studio 2013创建Web Site项目,在Default.aspx.cs...

Windows 10 Redstone build 11082 rolling out to Windows Insiders now

Microsoft has just released a new build of Windows 10 for Windows Insiders to begin testing over the new year. Today’s build release is 11082, and is part of the Redstone development branch RS1...The post Windows 10 Redstone build 11082 rolling out to Windows Insiders now appeared first on WinBeta.


分体电视这个并不算新的概念,几个月前已经被小米拿出来重新炒玩了一次,没想到今天下午发布的乐视第四代超级电视,居然也采用了类似的设计,并且被冠上了「智能家庭中心」之名。具体来说,今天亮相的是 Max65 Curved 和 Max70 这两款产品。其中前者采用了三星产的 65 吋 4K 曲面屏幕,分体部份搭载八核心 1.8GHz 处理器、4G RAM 和 32GB 容量,同时还标配了 Harman Kardon 一同参与打造的 5.1 声道「影院音响」和无线低音炮。而 Max70 则号称「全球首款玻...

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