Huawei and ZTE could be banned from US government

A proposed Senate bill would ban all devices made by the Chinese firms from being used by government employees.

Improving productivity through manufacturing skills and technology

How can the UK's engineering and manufacturing industries prevent falling victim to a skills shortage?

European digital transactions bombarded with cyberattacks

The increase in cyberattacks have led consumers to turn to mobile as the more secure channel.

What should be top of the agenda for mobile operators?

A lacklustre MWC, the slow advancement of 5G and security threats galore.

With GDPR upon us, here's what the C-Suite needs to know about cyber security

All members of your organisation should be properly prepared for the upcoming regulation, even the C-Suite.

Intel reveals first-ever 10nm chipset

Chipmaker was able to shrink its processors to 10nm but not its GPUs.

Make software audits unprofitable by fortifying your software audit castle

Preventing software audits can save your organisation both time and money.

How technology is shaping the future of work

Let’s look at the three aspects that come into play and how they can be employed to your advantage now.

Google Chrome will name and shame insecure websites

Chrome 68 will continue the push for sites to use HTTPS encryption by default.

IoT tech most likely to disrupt IT risk management

Compliance with government regulations is top area for improvement among businesses.

Qualcomm rejects Broadcom's acquisition offer

Current proposal "inadequate" and "materially undervalues" US chipmaker, Qualcomm board says.



This Week's Top Comedy Video: Mark Zuckerberg vs. Pat Cassels

Mark Zuckerberg turned 30 this week, which gave all of us nearly-30-somethings a reason to reflect on our chances of becoming the next social media billionaire. But not everybody's willing to admit that Zuckerbergian success is probably not in their future.Read more...

吾修叫板微软,QMVC说比MVC5快! - jsm官方BLOG

下面是使用Visual studio 2013带的测试项目执行结果,添加了一个Web 性能测试项,一个负载测试。在mvc5中和qmvc项目中同样显示一样的Razor页面和母板和起始页。执行结果如下:

Maybe Amazon Should Make the Smile on Its Boxes a Little More Honest

Dominating the world of retail isn't easy: you have to be mean, merciless and cut-throat—and Amazon certainly is that . So, maybe you shouldn't be too surprised if it starts shipping you stuff with a new, more honest design on the side of the box. [Joy of Tech]Read more...



Kepware 发布旗舰产品最新版本

支持大数据分析、推进工业物联网发展 -- KEPServerEX 5.16版与 Splunk Inc.

硅谷风投信心指数掉头向下 泡沫论抬头


hdu1002 A + B Problem II(大数题) - 若忆_star

题目链接: + B Problem IITime Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others)Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others)Tota...


北京2015年4月29日电 /美通社/ -- 当“互联网+”从民间智库上升至国家战略,O2O火热程度再度升级。产业巨头纷纷涉足O2O,不仅京东、苏宁深化O2O布局,58同城更是与赶集“一笑泯恩仇”携手并肩作战。

新谍照显示摩托将有4款新品 包括新版Moto X/G及Droid产品


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