Users of Bing’s Webmaster Tools can now login with their accounts on Google and Facebook - 云聚网

Users of Bing’s Webmaster Tools can now login with their accounts on Google and Facebook

Bing Webmaster Tools users can now login with their social accounts on Facebook and Google.

Windows 10 Twitter PWA picks up ability to upload videos, see profile cards with hover

The Twitter PWA on Windows 10 recently picked up both the ability to upload videos and also see a profile card with a hover

Microsoft takes Store shopping cart feature offline, says it will return in the next few weeks

Microsoft's Brad Rossetti just announced today that the feature is now going offline, and will return in the next few weeks.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Redstone 5 build 17741, here’s what’s new

The preview build 17741 is bringing more minor fixes and improvements today, and Microsoft highlighted that it's now easier than ever to get started with the Your Phone app with a new desktop pin that will take you directly to it.

Skype Preview app adds new option to archive conversations

Microsoft is adding a new Archive feature to its new cross-platform Skype app, for the times when you want to hide conversations instead of deleting them.

The Wider Web: Google’s Location History, Twitter tightens 3rd party access, and more

As usual, there’s lots happening in the tech world, and not all of it involves Microsoft. Of course, there was some big cross platform news that did involve Microsoft and Amazon, as the long awaited connection between Alexa and Cortana is finally live in preview.

Microsoft fixes log in and activation issues in Office 365

Microsoft announced that it has fixed an issue preventing Office 365 users to log in or activating their Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft Edge Beta on Android also gets book annotations, breaking news alerts

Microsoft Edge Beta on Android is also getting book annotations, breaking news alerts, and other features from the iOS version.

India’s online lending platform collaborates with Microsoft to enhance customer experience through A

As part of the partnership, will move its entire infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.

VLC Media Player 3.0 is out with support for HDR, Chromecast playback and more

In addition to more than 1,500 bug fixes, VLC 3.0 brings many new features including hardware decoding and display on all platforms, HDR 10 support and even Chromecast streaming.

Someone is using HoloLens to create superpowered version of Batman’s iconic Cowl

In the latest episode of Full Sail University's Hacker Labs, a talented team uses HoloLens to create a superpowered version of Batman’s iconic Cowl.

三星Galaxy Note Pro 12.2及Tab Pro 10.1正式开售

三星的高端平板电脑Galaxy Note Pro 12.2以及Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1已经登陆美国各大电商网站,包括亚马逊、百思买和新蛋等都已开售相关产品,目前Galaxy Note Pro 12.2(32GB)的售价为749.99美元,Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1(16GB)的价格为499.

City Cycling: Health Versus Hazard

Are the fitness benefits of riding your bike worth the risk of an accident? Lesley Evans Ogden takes a tour of seven cities on two wheels to find out.Read more...    

消息称Lumia 930和Lumia 630将于4月2日亮相BUILD大会

本周四外媒My Nokia Blog报道称型号为“Lumia 930”和“Lumia 630”两款设备有望在今年4月2日召开的BUILD大会首日亮相,尽管文章中称该消息来自于“可靠消息源”,但是在博文标题中依然打上了“谣传”的标签。



Ukrainian President Poroshenko Declares Ceasefire Over: 'We Will Attack'

DONETSK, Ukraine – Ukraine waited late into the night for word from its president as to whether a fragile ceasefire with pro-Russian separatists in the country’s restive east would continue, or the active phase of the government’s counterinsurgency operation would restart.

Software Patents Are Crumbling, Thanks To the Supreme Court

walterbyrd writes: In June, when the U.S. Supreme Court invalidated a software patent, many in the tech industry hoped it would be the beginning of sweeping changes to how the patent system handles software. Just a few months later, lower courts are making it happen. Quoting Vox:




小白叨一叨:许多人做梦都想去谷歌上班,因为那里有许多才华横溢的工程师,有令人难以抗拒的巨额津贴补助,有免费而可 […]


如果要说O2O大热的话, 那么如今的社区O2O就应该叫做狂热了. 从14年开始, 叮咚小区, 小区无忧, 社区 ...

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