Preview Program on a per-app basis is being tested for Windows 10 by Microsoft

Microsoft is testing per-app Preview Programs on Windows 10.

How I learned to stop worrying and love the Windows Phone 8.1

Of all the mobile platforms out there, Windows Phone 8.1 was literally the absolute last option I ever thought I would land upon. I had a burning hatred for Windows on the mobile side.Read more:

Microsoft announces new product badges for Microsoft Store apps and games

Microsoft's new product badges feature makes it easy to promote apps and games from the Microsoft Store.

Sprint to offer free, unlimited data for Windows 10 on ARM devices until the end of the year

Sprint is offering free, unlimited data for Windows 10 on ARM devices until the end of 2018.

Microsoft Edge Beta updated on iOS with new hub design, developer options menu, and more

Microsoft has just released an update for Edge Beta on iOS, and it adds in a new hub design, a developer options menu, and more.

Xbox 360 SmartGlass app is being retired on all platforms today

Microsoft is retiring the Xbox 360 SmartGlass apps for all platforms today, encouraging users to switch to the more modern Xbox app for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

Details of Gates’ science and innovation meetings with president Trump surface, and they’re not good

Unfortunately, Gates' session with Trump is more like bad stand up than an enlighted discourse about leading world change.

Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things to take the Xbox Game Pass Challenge

Caleb McLaughlin, also known as his character on Stranger Things, Lucas Sinclair, will be taking the Xbox Game Pass Challenge on May 20.

Former Microsoft exec Qi Lu steps down from leadership role at Baidu

Lu joined last year with the express intent to evolve the Baidu platform into an AI first solution as well as center the company around a similar mindset moving forward.

Windows 10 Mobile’s Microsoft Photos app receives major update

Microsoft Photos has received a new update on Windows 10 Mobile for Insiders.

Users of Bing’s Webmaster Tools can now login with their accounts on Google and Facebook

Bing Webmaster Tools users can now login with their social accounts on Facebook and Google.

India’s online lending platform collaborates with Microsoft to enhance customer experience through A

As part of the partnership, will move its entire infrastructure to Microsoft Azure.

A 2560x1440 VR Headset That's Mobile

New submitter oldmildog writes: "GameFace Labs may very well be the furthest along in the quest to create a mobile VR headset. It's based on Android, and their latest prototype latest is the first VR headset (mobile or tethered) to include a 2560x1440 display,

宋卫平批马云牵手恒大:不爱浙江爱美人 嫌贫爱富


海信 CTO 王志浩:传统电视厂商如何看智能电视产业链变革

“令人沮丧的是,电视的开机率已经从 70% 锐减至 30%,但另外一个数据又让我们倍受鼓舞——互联网 80% 的流量来自于视频。


看来ELF velomobile很快就要迎来它的竞争对手了。近日,位于美国圣地哥亚的Virtue Cycle Solutions公司在2014年美国国际自行车展览会上展示了由其打造的电力、人力混合三轮代步车--Pedalist。

Video Released, Crowdfunding Underway For Axiom Open Source Cinema Camera

New submitter atagunov writes "Video clips have been released as crowdfunding starts for the world first open source cinematic videocam. "I am a filmmaker myself ...I would like to have powerful tools that I know to have full control over and that I can tune and tweak,




这么多赞吓一跳。。看来还是很多人关心页岩气这个话题,我会尽我所能为大家释疑,但我并不是石油工业业内人士,所以有些具体的生产问题可能无法明确回答,不过 @云舞空城学长应该会补充给大家。有什么问题欢迎吐槽!

Windows 10 大致轮廓已现 即将揭开新的篇章

微软在过去的几个月里一直在辛勤的工作,致力于让 Windows 10 成为一个完美的操作系统。

Windows 10斯巴达浏览器目前有两种标题栏

微软在将在未来几个Windows 10测试板当中提供斯巴达浏览器,不过现在这些版本当中斯巴达浏览器运行截图已经公布出来,对比1月份Windows 10大会上微软公布的斯巴达浏览器运行视频,我们发现2者在浏览器标题栏界面上存在不同。


注:谷歌人力运营高级副总裁Laszlo Bock刚刚出版了一本新书叫《 Work Rules! 》,谈了谷歌招募人才的秘密 。

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