Microsoft news recap: Build 2018 registration to open soon, Bing adds multi-perspective Instant Answ

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Cortana picks up brand new design on iPad, launches 20% faster iPad users are receiving a new update for Cortana.

Microsoft forms strategic alliance with data analytics giant Nielsen to accelerate retail innovation

Microsoft and Nielsen have together developed a new enterprise data solution that democratizes one of the largest consumer data sets in the world. The two companies will focus on helping Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and retail companies in today’s rapidly changing marketplace,

Microsoft acquires AI powered botmaker XOXCO

Microsoft has officially announced they are acquiring XOXCO, a company that specialized in conversational AI and bot-making though its core products, Howdy.ia and Botkit, repectively .

Workarounds to Microsoft’s A/B testing give Insiders access to features, but is that ok?

With the latest Windows 10 Insider release, build 18282, Microsoft is continuing a program of “A /B” testing for some features, this time for access to “window snip” a feature of the new Snip & Sketch that allows users to take a screenshot of an open window with just one click.

Microsoft’s Surface Studio 2 goes on sale in select markets today

Nearly two years after the launch of the original Surface Studio, its successor the Surface Studio 2 start shipping in select markets today.

Carnegie Mellon research into edge computing to get Microsoft hardware, Azure support

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) researchers will get Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud hardware and service credits for their research into edge computing. As noted in a report by GeekWire, CMU will be backed by Microsoft in a partnership with Intel.

Minecraft: Education Edition adds Code Builder in new update

Minecraft: Education Edition has received an update not long ago, and with the update comes its new Code Builder.

Play NBA 2K19 & Rainbow Six Siege for free on Xbox One this weekend

Starting today, November 15, 2018, you can play NBA 2K19 and Rainbow Six Siege for free on Xbox One. As noted in a post on Xbox Wire, Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download NBA 2K19 for free and play until Sunday, November 18 at 11:59 PST. If you like NBA 2K19, you can buy it […]

Xbox news recap: DayZ coming to Xbox this year, Pre-orders open for OG Xbox controller and more

Check out our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox.

Preview Program on a per-app basis is being tested for Windows 10 by Microsoft

Microsoft is testing per-app Preview Programs on Windows 10.

Windows 10 Mobile’s Microsoft Photos app receives major update

Microsoft Photos has received a new update on Windows 10 Mobile for Insiders.



How Two Women Made Your Watch Glow in the Dark

On December 21, 1898, Marie and Pierre Curie discovered the radioactive element radium (in the form of radium chloride), extracting it from uraninite. They first removed the uranium from the uraninite sample and then found that the remaining matter was still radioactive, so investigated further.


北京2014年8月8日电 /美通社/ -- 中国顶级滑雪、运动、旅游度假综合体密苑云顶乐园与全球四驱科技领航者奥迪今日共同宣布达成战略品牌合作,签约仪式在 Audi City Beijing 举行,双方高层及奥迪英杰汇进取先锋程丛夫莅临签约仪式现场。

卡西欧推新“自拍神器” Exilim TR50/TR500

威锋网 9 月 25 日消息,就在上月底索尼在上海发布了自己的自拍神器靓咔 KW1,作为这方面的先驱者卡西欧自然不会眼睁睁看着索尼抢走自己的市场份额,就在今天卡西欧发布了新一代的自拍神器——Exilim TR50/TR500。  

UK Gov’s “Independent” Review Of Sharing Economy To Be Led By Sharing Economy Startup CEO

Today the UK government threw its weight behind the so-called sharing economy, epitomised by companies such as Airbnb and Zipcar, with the stated aim to make the country “the global centre for the sharing economy” and ensuring it can compete with Silicon Valley.

Transforming The Conversation On Women In Computer Science

Barbie and Mattel made news recently in the world of computer science. While initial reaction to Mattel’sBarbie “I Can Be a Computer Engineer” book focused on all-too-common and inaccurate stereotypes,

拋開舊思維,開啟 Christoph Niemann 的「異」想視野

插畫家 Christoph Niemann 用簡單的幾筆水彩繪,輕鬆地造就出一幅幅令人玩味的幽默小品~閱讀全文

網購新衫前電腦幫你度 3 圍「驗證」 - On 智能度身器

相信不少讀者都有網購的經驗,無論是外國的限量時裝,或是日韓的潮流服飾都有可以要從網上才能買到。 但很多時不知道自己真正的尺碼,弄得經常買錯 over size 的衫褲,最後又要把它放到衣櫃底,永久保存。

27 songs that are all about that bass

Singers and guitarists get all the love, but music lovers know that a good bassist is an essential foundation for any band.See also: 33 Hit Songs With Killer Drum GroovesTo honor these unsung heroes of rock and funk,

This Is What a Mouse Brain Looks Like When It Rewires Itself

The function of neurons in a mouse’s brain isn’t as fixed as you might think. When they’re young, neurons can switch role, literally rewiring the brain—and in this image of a slice of brain, the yellow spots are neurons that have done just that.Read more...

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