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Windows 10 news recap: Microsoft and Fujitsu working on vein authentication, per-app preview program

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Microsoft and Fujitsu partner to let you log in with the veins in your palm As Microsoft continues its work on Windows Hello,

Windows 10 Twitter PWA picks up ability to upload videos, see profile cards with hover

The Twitter PWA on Windows 10 recently picked up both the ability to upload videos and also see a profile card with a hover

Microsoft takes Store shopping cart feature offline, says it will return in the next few weeks

Microsoft's Brad Rossetti just announced today that the feature is now going offline, and will return in the next few weeks.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Redstone 5 build 17741, here’s what’s new

The preview build 17741 is bringing more minor fixes and improvements today, and Microsoft highlighted that it's now easier than ever to get started with the Your Phone app with a new desktop pin that will take you directly to it.

Skype Preview app adds new option to archive conversations

Microsoft is adding a new Archive feature to its new cross-platform Skype app, for the times when you want to hide conversations instead of deleting them.

The Wider Web: Google’s Location History, Twitter tightens 3rd party access, and more

As usual, there’s lots happening in the tech world, and not all of it involves Microsoft. Of course, there was some big cross platform news that did involve Microsoft and Amazon, as the long awaited connection between Alexa and Cortana is finally live in preview.

Microsoft fixes log in and activation issues in Office 365

Microsoft announced that it has fixed an issue preventing Office 365 users to log in or activating their Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft Edge Beta on Android also gets book annotations, breaking news alerts

Microsoft Edge Beta on Android is also getting book annotations, breaking news alerts, and other features from the iOS version.

Microsoft news recap: Build 2018 registration to open soon, Bing adds multi-perspective Instant Answ

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Cortana picks up brand new design on iPad, launches 20% faster iPad users are receiving a new update for Cortana.

Xbox news recap: DayZ coming to Xbox this year, Pre-orders open for OG Xbox controller and more

Check out our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox.

Preview Program on a per-app basis is being tested for Windows 10 by Microsoft

Microsoft is testing per-app Preview Programs on Windows 10.


这里有一条关于Misfit Shine的轶闻。Misfit Shine是Misfit Wearables公司推出的运动追踪设备。 大约一周前,我见到了Misfit Wearables的CEO宋尼·乌(Sonny Wu)。他拿出了一个Misfit Shine,并指出了所有人都没有注意到的一点。

Do You Want Facebook Listening to Your iPhone?

Sometime within the next few weeks, your iPhone is going to start recording everything it hears when you begin tapping out a Facebook status update, hoping you'll include what you're listening to or watching. But do we want to carry around a hot mic for Mark Zuckerberg?Read more...


来到 20 岁这个“临界点”时,华谊兄弟已经不再只是影视的造梦者。这个娱乐帝国背后的掌门人王中军,在电影之外,还想尝试游戏和实景娱乐的搭界玩法。


法國設計團隊 Impulsion360 設計了一系列很有趣的對照圖,將發展至今的科技生活簡易粗略的分成昨日與今日,好比說以往我們聯絡感情,轉發有趣資訊的電郵也逐漸被臉書的通知取代,手錶計算機電話等等日常用品也通通被結合在一隻手機裡了,很多有趣的現象都再再證明了科技發展真的很迅速啊!

Jimmy Kimmel wants you to talk to your rabbits about marijuana

For all of the reasons states have given not to have marijuana legalized, this is one of the most feeble.With legalization of medicinal marijuana imminent in Utah, the opposition is looking for ways to destroy the bill. One DEA agent spoke out about his worries stating that, if the bill passes,


很多人都会和我说,网站中的滚动切换设计一般都是弊多利少,尽量不要使用。但是,本文会告诉你并非所有情况都是如此。 […]

黑暗森林法则 | 互联网格局体系下的降维攻击

最近老周和酷派又折腾上了,抛开这些斯逼不看,来聊聊为什么360必须做手机?这其实是在占领互联网的高维阵地,实现降维攻击,借此我想用一种降维攻击的视角重新解读互联网格局体系。  什么是互联网的降维攻击?  

微软正在为不支持Windows 10 Mobile的手机准备“修复方案”

本周早些时候,微软推出了最新版的Windows 10 Mobile预览版(build 10536)。其实早在上一周,微软就曾准备好发布,只是在最后一分钟因显示错误的问题而挂起——即使有大约200部手机可以安装这个有问题的版本。

iPhone 6s/6s Plus评测与教程——更快的UI效果

A9 芯片和其他硬件的提升,使得 iPhone 6s 和 iPhone 6s Plus 整体处理速度得到了提升。一个明显的区别是,iPhone 6s 和 iPhone 6s Plus 的 UI 动态效果比上一代更干脆利落。  


91征信(下文简称91)的团队起步时间算早的, 2011年就做出了类征信产品,然而征信业务起步本就很艰难,用他们自己的话说,后来行业里进入了一些“有钱有势”的竞争对手,出于品牌背书的需求,很多用户倒向了他们。

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