Not all digital threats are created equal

The challenges of discovering, investigating, assessing risks, and mitigation and prevention require urgent attention.

Digital Dark Matter: The Unseen Forces That Influence Innovation

Around AD 150, the Egyptian astronomer Claudius Ptolemy compiled a model of the universe that accurately predicted the movements of the sun, moon, planets, and stars. It was a remarkable achievement, diminished only by the fact that it happened to be entirely wrong.

#Gamergate Shows Tech Needs Far Better Algorithms

If Gamergate teaches us anything — beyond, of course, vastly obvious observations about the toxicity of certain Internet demographics (which is hardly new news) — it’s that algorithms and formulaic behaviour can and are being gamed. Read More

iTunes Radio does not justify Pandora rate hike, judge says in major royalty decision

Are digital services like Pandora paying their fair share to support musicians? A new ruling will add fuel to the debate: here's all the details.    

A Connected Planet, Digital Telepathy And Other Passions Of Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam started his career in technology at Microsoft in 1995, where for six years, he worked on early versions of Internet Explorer and Outlook before launching a nanotechnology company in 2001.

The First Battle In The Mobile Payments War Is Over

While the war to control mobile payments has been broadly covered over the last several years, it seems that the tactical warfare that has been at play is less understood by most observers. It’s been a tale of conflict, closed door bargaining,

Apple’s Tim Cook Delivers Blistering Speech On Encryption, Privacy

“I’m speaking to you from Silicon Valley, where some of the most prominent and successful companies have built their businesses by lulling their customers into complacency about their personal information,” said Cook.

This Cool Kinetic Sculpture, and Everything Else You Missed This Weekend

Sculptures that make your brain feel stupid, more and more smartwatches, a security-conscious tablet that looks pretty familiar. All the news and rumors you missed while lax-ing the weekend away.Read more...

Infrared Search And Track Systems And The Future Of The US Fighter Force

Lockheed has a new modular sensor system for combat aircraft dubbed the "Legion Pod" that aims at plugging a major hole in US air warfare capability. It provides a bolt-on Infrared Search and Track (IRST) system for optically hunting down enemy aircraft, especially stealthy ones,

Interview: John McAfee Answers Your Questions

A while ago you had a chance to ask John McAfee about his past, politics, and what he has planned for the future. As usual, John answered with extreme frankness, with some interesting advice for anyone stuck at a checkpoint in the third world.

10 Reasons an Artificial Intelligence Wouldn't Turn Evil

We all know the story. The moment that computers with their lightning-quick processing power and interlinked systems gain sentience - it's judgment day. But would that really happen? Here are some psychological reasons why digital super-intelligence isn't going to be evil intelligence.Read more...

Spotting vulnerable customers – How quality assurance can help

Vulnerable customers are hard to define, hard to legislate for and even harder to identify. This is reflected in much of the diagnosis and provision targeting vulnerability in the financial sector.

What to expect from Mobile World Congress 2018

The transformative forces of digital solutions do not recognise industry boundaries

Business success stories of digital transformation that will leave you thinking

Companies are now progressively launching more and more digital enterprises in order to grow. There are many success stories related to business who invested more in digitalisation.

Everything became code (and why that’s good)

In a world where businesses have to deliver high-quality software fast in order to remain competitive, IT organisations are turning to practices such as continuous delivery and DevOps.

The Land Rover Explore is a rugged smartphone inspired by the road

Land Rover Explore draws inspiration from the Discovery, promising to survive virtually anything you throw at it

Five reasons why companies should be worried about click fraud

Your competition could be using click fraud to undermine your business' online advertising efforts.

Tech innovations and trends for digital marketing in 2018

The most recent digital marketing trends and advances not only prepare you for any changes within your specific market but help to establish a comprehensive marketing strategy - designed to increase visibility and maximise revenue.

Creating the right culture and environment for employees to thrive in a digital age

A more human approach is needed to hire and retain employees as we move into a completely digital era.

Huawei and ZTE could be banned from US government

A proposed Senate bill would ban all devices made by the Chinese firms from being used by government employees.

Google Chrome will name and shame insecure websites

Chrome 68 will continue the push for sites to use HTTPS encryption by default.

[多图]Kopin Pupil 智能眼镜上手评测







移动互联网App测试点包括:  1.安全测试  1)软件权限  -扣费风险:包括发送短信、拨打电话、连接网络等  -隐私泄露风险:包括访问手机信息、访问联系人信息等  -新增风险项  2)开发者官方权限列表信 ... ...

Chinese Company '3D-Prints' 10 Buildings In One Day

Lucas123 writes: A company in China has used additive manufacturing to print 10 single-room buildings out of recycled construction materials in under a day as offices for a Shanghai industrial park. The cost: about $5,000 each. The company, Suzhou-based Yingchuang New Materials,


威锋网讯,据 InfoWorld 的 Paul Krill 表示,基于最近两个月编程语言的受欢迎程度来看,苹果新推出的 Swift 语言的热度似乎有一定的下降。  

中华网参展BIRTV 一展新媒体魅力风采

北京2014年9月1日电 /美通社/ -- 中华网作为新媒体代表,应邀参展今天在此间开幕的第二十三届北京国际广播电影电视展览会(BIRTV),一展新媒体魅力与风采,饱受观众欢迎与好评,不时有观众驻足在中华网展台前,浏览中华网多语种页面,体验中华网新上线的移动产品。

腾讯QQ 6.7.13443 体验版发布

感谢N软网的投递今天,腾讯QQ体验中心惯例放出了QQ 6.7第三次维护体验版,具体版本号为:6.7.13443;新版主要收藏支持再编辑,同时可以将离线文件一键轻松收藏。

【产品】微信摇一摇iBeacon技术 实现O2O模式新玩法

正如腾讯去年一直倡导的“连接一切”理念,微信“摇一摇”功能开始承载着连接人和服务的使命。 微信新升级的6.

俄罗斯 Siri 被指歧视同性恋:苹果紧急修复

Siri 如今已经遍布在每一代新生的 iOS 设备当中,这项语音服务自从 2011 年面世至今已经取得了长足的进步,其支持国家和语种也越来越多。无论是中文还是英语,我们经常都看到 iOS 用户晒出一些 Siri 的“机智”对话。

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