Patching: The forgotten hero

Take the time to update and patch your system on 'National Clean Up Your Computer Day'.

Spotting vulnerable customers – How quality assurance can help

Vulnerable customers are hard to define, hard to legislate for and even harder to identify. This is reflected in much of the diagnosis and provision targeting vulnerability in the financial sector.

What to expect from Mobile World Congress 2018

The transformative forces of digital solutions do not recognise industry boundaries

Business success stories of digital transformation that will leave you thinking

Companies are now progressively launching more and more digital enterprises in order to grow. There are many success stories related to business who invested more in digitalisation.

Everything became code (and why that’s good)

In a world where businesses have to deliver high-quality software fast in order to remain competitive, IT organisations are turning to practices such as continuous delivery and DevOps.

The Land Rover Explore is a rugged smartphone inspired by the road

Land Rover Explore draws inspiration from the Discovery, promising to survive virtually anything you throw at it

Five reasons why companies should be worried about click fraud

Your competition could be using click fraud to undermine your business' online advertising efforts.

Tech innovations and trends for digital marketing in 2018

The most recent digital marketing trends and advances not only prepare you for any changes within your specific market but help to establish a comprehensive marketing strategy - designed to increase visibility and maximise revenue.

Not all digital threats are created equal

The challenges of discovering, investigating, assessing risks, and mitigation and prevention require urgent attention.

Creating the right culture and environment for employees to thrive in a digital age

A more human approach is needed to hire and retain employees as we move into a completely digital era.

Huawei and ZTE could be banned from US government

A proposed Senate bill would ban all devices made by the Chinese firms from being used by government employees.

'Instead of paying too much for an iPad, I got the Surface 2' (video)

Microsoft wants you to be brave in a new advertisement promoting the company's Surface 2 tablet. In the video, we are introduced to a man who decided to purchase a Surface 2 rather than an expensive Apple iPad.


安锋网消息 据国外媒体报道,英国零售商 Clove 称索尼为 Xperia Z2 推出了两款无线充电配件—— WCR12 无线充电外壳和 WCH10 无线充电板。由于 Xperia Z2 不内置无线充电功能,因此需要官方配件来实现。  

WPF非轮询方式更新数据库变化SqlDependency(数据库修改前台自动更新) - 未雨先惆


[图]未来钻石或可速成 研究人员创造出类似晶体



Google赞助的一个教育项目希望女生能爱上编程。可汗学院(Khan Academy)称,Google希望公立学校的学生,尤其是女生,能发现编程的魔力。


@十萬個為什麼 :作为设计师,我想大家都体验过个人项目的难处,包括制作作品集。你在photoshop中投入了无数个小时,尝试了上百种不同方案,两个月后...

Bill Gates is once again the richest man in America, according to Forbes

Forbes has released their '2024 Forest 400,' their ranked list of the wealthiest Americans. And Bill Gates sits comfortably at the top, with a net worth of $82 billion.The 58 year old Microsoft-founder and self-made billionaire is followed by Warren Buffett, who is worth $67 billion.

Global Pacific & Partners 将举办第21届南非开普敦能源展

Global Pacific & Partners 将于2014年11月3日至7日举办第21届南非开普敦能源展 南非开普敦2014年10月3日电 /美通社/ -- 非洲最著名的年度石油、液化天然气和能源行业大会即将召开,敬请参与。


随着Facebook的日益强大和人们对个人隐私的关注,社交网络中出现了一股Anti-Facebook的力量,即反对社交网站搜集、利用个人信息进行商业化,比如Ello。网络杂志Slate最近发表科技作家Will Oremus的文章对此进行了探讨。



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